I hate my mum

I hate my mum and her side of the family. I love my dad and his side of the family. They're all fair and nice... Unlike my idiot of a mother. You may think I'm being completely unreasonable but seriously? Spend a week in my mum's house and you'll understand... No wait just spend a day. That'll be more than enough!
Anyway back to the confession. The reason I hate my mum so much is that she calls me lazy, though I work very hard at school, look after all our animals with my sister and clean up after myself. Those are just a few things I do. Not only does she call me lazy, but a liar as well though I can't lie! I find it hard to hide my facial expressions and I go bright red when I do try. Our recent fight was that I never looked after my horse. She was on the yard looking after my sister's horse and I was doing my own. Anyway earlier we'd had this fight about giving the horses anymore bedding (shavings bales). I said it was a waste of money because they already had loads. So yeah this fight carried out and then we didn't talk to each other. When I was finished with my stable she was still faffing around with the water so I decided to take one bucket over to help. She forced me to drop it (she had a knife in her hand) and shouted at me that I was, and I quote 'stop trying to sabotage me!' which she then held up the knife. I knew she wasn't going to actually used it so I grabbed her hand and squeezed so she'd drop it - to be safe. She went back to her stable, me behind her carrying the water bucket with the hose inside. I accidently forgot about the hose and it overflowed, making the stable wet. She started mimicking me 'oh it's better to overflow the stable...' etc. in a stupid voice. I was so angry with her, after years of mocking me and calling me an idiot I saw red and sprayed her with the hose until she was soaking. I'd finished my part on the yard so I dropped the hose and walked off to the woods around our house so I could do some target practice with my bow, what I do to clear my mind. I was so angry... I won't tell you what I pretended. I don't feel a bit regretful of my actions. It's been a while now and she's kind of forgotten but not before she let everyone know how she has such a horrible child, a disapointment and how horrible her life is. I didn't really come on here for advice, just to confess so say whatever you like. I doubt any of you will understand. Because of her I don't trust anyone, I have friends but I keep thinking they're going to do something to me. I've never told them how I feel and I don't plan to. They know nothing...


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  • How would you feel if you lost your mom tomorrow? Do you really think she doesn't love you? Do you really think you hate her? Her behavior isn't perfect and it sounds like she her serious issues but she is still your mother. Parents are people too and far from perfect. Be happy your mom is still with you. A lot of people aren't that lucky.

  • It sounds like your mother is mentally ill. This doesn't excuse her behavior but it might be easier to deal with if you realize it has nothing to do with you.

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