Exposed myself on propose

It was summer time and I got a call of a old lady I help out around her house when she needs so I said I'd drop past after I have a swim and I have a pair of old shorts that are to small and since there white with out jocks there's not much to hide and soon as I got to her house i got the garden hose to wash the sand of me but really to wet the shorts to give the naked look as you could see it all and I was a half hard we both went to her lounge and started to talk sitting across from me I was scared and turned on with knowing she could see 100% I noticed her checking lots and asking If I could get her something out the next room I found the fact I was hard as a rock kind of hard to move she did not say anything about my exposed c*** so I just done the thing she asked and went home the next day she called again i wanted to show it more so put on shorts with no jocks and real open leg holes that I could give her a great view as we sat I opened my legs and moved my c*** out the bottom and moved forward and pushed my c*** all the way out she was looking straight at it as we chatted I had to hide it now and then as my c*** was going to stand up I spent a lot of time to do things like lay on the floor legs wide what ever I could to expose myself but now I'm scared what she thinks but she still ask me over and I show it every time some how

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  • I've also exposed myself to a older lady and used shorts to acted like it was not on propose thought your story was bit of a fantasy but some truth in it thanks for sharing


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