Baby Daddy Drama

I was so certain about who the father of my daughter was that when I got the DNA test results that said he wasn't, I just started crying. If that isn't bad enough, there are 3 other possibilities now. I feel like such a pathetic w****. I was just having fun and now I don't even know who the father of my child is :(

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  • U dont need to kno u had ur baby u are great girl good luck

  • Put it behind you. You do not need to know who the father is. All you need to do is love the child knowing it is yours.

  • Yeah, put it behind you-- next to your ankles :)))

  • you sound so sexy

  • I agree with ^this^. You are sexy as h***!!

  • Please don't take any of the morons seriously: they just enjoy kicking someone when they're down. You sound like a nice girl, and you sound like someone who is going to be a good mother. You should, as one other poster said, find out who the father is, whether it's one of three or one of another group. You don't need to tell any of them how many others there may be: just tell each of them that you want to eliminate him from consideration because the guy who you actually believe to have fathered the child is being uncooperative and mean. They'll respond to positive contact more than accusation, and you want them to maintain a good feeling about you, because one of them is going to be in your life for the next eighteen years or more. If you think you can develop a long-term relationship with any of them, all the better. Even better if you actually have true feelings for them all and can see a family growing out of this situation. Admittedly, that's not likely under these circumstances, but stranger things have happened, and you don't seem like a girl who would spread her legs just for the party: you probably cared about each one before you went to bed with them. Try to keep looking up, and try to be positive about everything. It will go better for you, and your child will see what a positive mother is like. I wish you nothing but the best.

  • Crying over spilled milk? Bit late for that isn't it? Time to put on your big girl panties and become an adult and come to the realization that the adults did know what they were talking about. Perhaps abstinence does work?

  • Your are getting what you deserve , no one cares , what stupid woman you are . you just destroyed another humans life and the chance to have a normal father and normal mother relationship and to grow up with and have them love and protect them . any idiot can f*** ,but it takes real humans to raise a child with a father and a mother whom actually loves them. Now you will be very lucky to find a guy whom loves you and to love your child like it was their own . For sure they will always think you will cheat on them cause s** means nothing to you , getting pregnant means nothing to you , You have reduced your life to a second rate Person , when you could have really done well , but that would have taken a real brain that you do not have

  • Do u not think this girl did well not to abort baby and baby wil hav a loving mothr that is enough

  • Why are you condemning another sinner, look at yourself sinner and if you take care of your own sins the other sinners will take care of theirs.

  • Were all the condemnations necessary? What an a&&.

  • What a pathetic existing life you live,because none of that bs you believe and wrote is true.You love a person for who they are not by their past,and the past makes them for who they are today.Sadly you don't know how to love someone or how to forgive,perhaps someday,someone will forgive you for your past mistakes my "Condemning Friend" .

  • Call Maury.

  • Find out who the father is, you don't have to go through this all alone: he has responsibilities, too.

  • When you play you pay , You know telling a guy touse a condom isn't a bad thing nor is using birth control for your self . I know girls your age say you gain weight with birth control but how much did you gain now that you have a baby , goodluck in life you live and you learn

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