Why cant I

Why cant I be satisfied, happy, content. I'm always looking. can never get comfortable. except when I'm alone. I need lots of time alone. and a woman doesn't want a man that doesn't want to live together and get married and all that s***. I can do all the things....provide for my partners needs and wants. be a good friend. but on the inside...I frustrate myself I feel like a fraud yet some days i feel fine totally fine. is this all there is. everything was fine FOR ME in our relationship before my gf moved in. But moving in was her heart's desire and I couldn't keep putting it off. so now its all good for her....and I am .... I am regretful and that makes me feel guilty...and I don't wanna lose her....and since I have this restless cant get content thing about me...why not just leave things as they are. accept who I am and be glad I can make someone happy. I'm just not wired right. ive vented on here before. I will again. until something maybe gives me an epiphany.

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  • Oh and you can have her on the odd occasion when you need her. Forgot that bit.

    Provided she still wants you that is

  • Send your gf to me.
    I'll hug and cuddle her.
    Make her coffee and pour her a glass of wine. Sit on the verandah and watch the sunset with her. I'll be there for her when she cries or's feelin low.

  • I think you have to be honest with her. There are couples who each have their own bedrooms. Relationships are about compromise. There are women who are okay with not getting married or moving in together, but you have to express this at the get go. With your current gf, maybe you talk to her and explain your need to be alone and private time. Maybe you can look for a larger place where you can have a room for yourself. But prepare yourself, that that may not be what she wants and she may leave...

  • You are so right my. I truly appreciate your feedback m

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