I am racist

Like i said i am racist, and i am racist against white people. i will say i didn't used to be like this or i was as hardcore racist as i am now. before it used to be i would see one on the streets and stare or ignore them, because in my neighborhood they are a rare species. But it didn't really matter to me what the h*** they did as long as they left me alone. I would have to say this change came about when I spent some time on the web reading the yahoo articles (i know boring but it was news and i liked to read the comments, insightful stuff) and i have to say that yahoo has the racist viewers on it possible and it has a mostly white population (fact known because whenever there were comments talking bad about whites those comments were always the first to be marked down until they hidden). Now there reason i give for being racist or angry (they kinda amount to the same thing for me) against them is because of the ignorant views they have about minorities(hate that word but will use it for lack of a better word). And when i say ignorant, i mean ignorant, they go around spouting stuff about other races without first looking into it. i know it seems like i am just doing the same thing, and maybe i am, but the difference is that i used to give them the benefit of the doubt, i would take things in and look it up before saying what i wanted. with them they just repeat the same damn things over and over again that their ignorant great great great granny said over two hundred years ago and act like if they say it enough times it will become true. ha like the color yellow can turn blue if you call it that. They seem to think that poor people want to be poor. i mean only a person who thinks that would tell them to stop being lazy and get a job. i would like to say this right now poor people are the most hard working people out there that i know, i mean can you three jobs and know that at the end of the day it will be barely enough to pay for what you need it. The truly lazy ones are the white people who have middles class jobs or higher. Have you noticed that as you move up in jobs the less work you have to do until you are doing barely anything to get a check with a lot of zeros on it. And i'll say what a lot of people have probably thought of before, most of them have the way paved for them with the references they have. Do you know how hard it is for a poor person to get reference good enough so that they can get that high paying job to not be poor, i mean in a poor area you have nothing but other poor living near you most of them unknown. so yeah they can say that they worked their way up to where they are today but i say they carried there on someone else's back. Another thing about white people i don't like is that they don't seem to understand other races and nationalities, or should i say they want to stay stupid and keep saying the same boring things that aren't true. To start their views on the women and men. the first is that they believe that all Spanish people (not the european Spanish but the ones from South America) are immigrants and they always think they are stealing their jobs from them. first they are doing the jobs no one else wants to and if they work their way up to a better position whose fault is it but yours for thinking you were above doing a job, and second they fail to remember that america is country made up of immigrants and that they have less of a right to be hear then any of the races who came after because their ancestors forced their way onto american soil through blood shed while others have been arrive on this land the right and normal peaceful way. They also seem to be offended when they see a Spanish person walking down the street talking in their language instead of in english. I mean come on they know damn well that if they knew another language and had someone to talk with it in they would use that language. seriously i think its jealousy. for some reason they always have the audacity to try to tell them that they are in america so speak english, i fail to see what business it is of theirs to tell someone what they can and cannot do when they are not harming anyone.
Another are the Asians, for some reason they have it in their minds that Asians are pusharounds especially the women, i am tired of hearing them talk about how all Asian women are submissive. that s*** is naturally impossible because that would mean they all have the same type of personality and its just not happening. The race they seem to hate the most are the blacks. its just r***** the hatred they have for them. ( i mean anyone can see that even though hate them so much they try to be like them a lot, ie the music, tanning, the way they dress, cook and a lot of different things) they seem to think blacks are still complaining about the slavery thing. (see retarded) any bozo could see that blacks are complaining about things happening today. i'm done no more space to write. had to let it out.

Dec 3, 2013

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  • Too bad were the wealthy ones right?

  • I agree that there are some of both black and white who can be ignorant and write stupid things.
    But the fact is although white I have never said anything bad about black people.
    The only way to help cope with stupid comments is not to comment back.
    Its only a small amount of black and white that are racist.
    But I am not racist.

  • You know I used to think I wasn't racist either, until I started thinking little things that all piled up to be hateful and mean about another race, and once I noticed, I started to notice other things I would think of other races, that wouldn't necessarily be mean, but could be hurtful all the same because they weren't true. I think that is the main problem people of today have, they say they aren't racist and then will say things that sound alright to them but it does not mean it sounds alright to the people hearing it. I am trying to keep an open mind, and I am trying not to judge all whites as the same, but it gets hard when most of them that I come across either give me dirty looks or have something nasty to say. So, I will give you the benefit of the doubt, just, I want to give you a little warning, if you meet someone who is of a different race from you, throw out all of the things you heard about them before you speak to them, because the fastest way to get on their sh*t list is to bring up one of those stereotypes that aren't true, and then those people Will write you off as a racist whether you mean it that way or not. Also, I have been trying to fix this problem of mine (the being racist) because I do know that it is senseless to take my anger out on people who have nothing to do with it, but really I wrote that above not to bash against people (not really) but because I was mad at all of the idiot ideas going around in the world and that people seem to think it's ok to repeat them but not refute them, like they are just happy in believing in the dumb instead voicing views that make better sense.

  • Your ignorant and a a****** , any intelligent white person would have nothing to do with you , you cause racism , your an example of the black culture in america. with millions like you walking around filled with hate you show the world what black people are like , we get as far away from idiots like you as we can

  • Who said i was black? oh is someone racist against black people? at least i have the b**** to stand up and admit that i am racist. i can't say the same for your ignorant race.

  • Grammar in this post sucks b****.

  • Well excuse me for not wanting to go back and check my grammar. I was in a bit of rage, venting which is the section this confession was posted in and I was mad when I wrote it. If you want I can rewrite it so it better suites your tastes in the English language, though I doubt me rewriting it will make it any easier for you to take in.

  • We can call this the Al Sharpton school of thought.

  • Well if that isn't a racist comment just now, automatically assuming I'm black, while implying all black are Illiterate and can't read or write. Let me let you in on a little nugget of knowledge about myself, I'm part white myself, so based on what you wrote, does that mean that because my writing is crappy that other whites are just as bad at writing as I am?

  • Ah does the truth hurt?

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