i love my wife she is a good mom and

i love my wife she is a good mom and wife, but as partner well lets say is been realy frustrating,we have s** like once a month,this start been like this 7 years ago, before this all was good,she is 100% to the kids and i felt like our relation is not important any more she is always to busy and tired,i love her but iam getting tired of this,what should i do?thank you for reading.

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  • Get a w****

  • why are you discussing your personal s** life online with a bunch of total strangers.This is you and your wifes business,and no one elses.

  • Judging from the above comments, women want different things. Most people (women and men) want to feel loved, but they also want to feel desirable and attractive, so show your wife that you WANT her. If it takes holding her down and eating her until it hurts, do it! I mean she may not like for you to shove your d*** in her, but it should feel good for her to feel like you CANNOT go another minute without having her! I know that would make me feel good!

  • Eat her out until it hurts, then hold her down and shove your d*** up her ass. This is a woman's point of view.

  • Yep! Woman don't like thinking that it's all about the s**. Because it shouldn't be. They want to feel loved. Try and find some time together when the kids are in bed, even if it means sacrificing something else, and do something bonding. Just spend regular time TOGETHER. ALONE. And you'll see the difference!!

  • Yeah, it's the old "I did the dishes, so suck my d***"..."I bought you flowers, so suck my d***"...I was nice to you today, so suck my d***"...

  • The problem is, she KNOWS that everything you're doing (the romance, dinners, get-aways, etc.) is so that YOU can get more s**. S** has become something she owes you...something you've earned. I'm sure this is stressing her out and turning her off even more. If I were you, I'd have a talk about this with her, and tell her for the next month, the pressure is off. no s**, no matter what. Then continue to be helpful, kind and loving, and show her that you care about HER and appreciate her. I'll bet she'll be the one asking for it next.

  • have u been spontaneous maybe ask if how shes doing like last poster said she could be depressed. Have u talked to her about this?

  • dang, you do the housework, take care of the kids, and work a day job and you still can't get laid?

    maybe your wife is depressed. if she is suffering from depression that could explain a loss of s** drive. and the exhaustion for that matter.

  • from the person "with the above comment", YOURE AN IDIOT. GROW SOME B**** DUDE!!

  • I have done it all, from earning the big bucks, to spending on her/us, getaways, dinners, jewelry, romance. Yes, I even do as much, no more, housework than she does. While she sleeps, I work, for her and the kids. Yet, I don't get extra s**. What planet are you living on woman? That just isn't my reality. Sorry to disagree with your position, but it's not accurate...

  • Have you forgotten how to romance her? Do the unexpected. Hold her. Tell her why you love her so much. Women love this!

  • omg that is so sexy.

  • They did a study and found that what turns women on most is men doing housework. Do the dishes and clean the bathroom and she'll come in and f*** your brains out.

  • do you help out with all the stuff that makes her too busy and too tired?

  • F*** that romance s***!!
    Shove a c*** in your wife's ass, that'll solve all your problems.

  • Ok men, let me tell you all something as a woman. It's not that we don't like s**, as a matter of fact it's usually the opposite, but once real life starts - children, responsibilities, etc - it's hard to have time and energy for everything. Here's a question: do you try to be romantic? Or do you just try to jump her? You should surprise her with a sudden getaway, even just a night out and away from the kids, and then see what will happen. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • for the person with the comment above your ass

  • Sounds like my life, dude. Welcome to the club... If only there were truly a solution. I am afraid you're stuck man, once a woman becomes a mom, NOTHING will become between her and her kids, not even HER man!! That's reality! Get used to it!

  • Sit your wife down and tell her how you feel.Its just going to get worse if you dont say anything.She cant read your mind.I wish the best for you.

  • Shove a c*** in your wife's ass, that'll solve all your problems.

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