can't explain it but......... me although there are millions and millions of beautiful women all over the world i think that nobody is more beautiful than nettie stanley on the tlc tv-show 'my gypsy sisters'. i cant stop watching her. everything about the way she looks is just perfect. i cant tell anybody at work or any of my friends or family because they would think i am nuts but i just think she is waaaaaaay more beautiful than anybody i have ever seen anywhere. o--m--g!!!

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  • I agree with the OP. The show is a dumpster fire but I cannot stop watching Nettie. She is amaaaaaaazing and it's worth wasting my time on that show just to be able to see Nettie. She should have her own program, all to herself and without that bunch of feces-slinging retards she's related to.

  • Nettie is way too fine.

  • Anybody know if she is married?

  • Nettie is too hot to handle. Damn that woman is fine!

  • I would have disagreed with you a few months ago, when their first program was being aired: that was when she was a brunette and just looked so plain. But now that she's a hot blonde on the new show, she just looks f****** amaaaaaazing and I can't get enough of her. She's just so f****** beautiful, and I would marry her in a New York minute, even with all those kids. She really is incredibly f****** beautiful.

  • totally true. nettie is unbelievably beautiful. wow!!!!!

  • Your nuts: she's crazy and stupid and an object of deserved ridicule.

  • agree. she is an amazing woman.

  • I get wet just thinking about her. She is soo beautiful!

  • I agree. Her sister Mellie is a nasty hot mess, but Nettie is the bombay!

  • You are absolutely right. The dumbasses posting stupid comments about her are half wits and probably dog-ass ugly.

  • Well, you posted this in the right category cause it's sure enough embarrassing! I wouldn't look twice at that pig. She's a s*** times 4! That whole tv show is one long running justification infomercial for birth control!

  • You need eye glasses.

  • i realize that she has nine kids (or so she says) and doesnt appear to be married at the present time but that doesnt make her a s*** in fact it makes her even sexier and i think it makes her even more unbelievably beautiful. i cant help how i feel i know the show is crazy and the other girls are batshit but i just think shes perfect.

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