Its her mother

I have been dating my g/f for 1 yr and 2 mths, but for the last yr the only reason I have stayed with her is that I want to be around her mom. I know its wrong but I am truly in love with her mother. Its not like shes hot or nothing like that but she really has this nasty sexual thing about her that I cant describe but that makes me think about her and m********* for her all the time like every day at least once. Even when Im having s** with my g/r Im really thinking of her mother and wishing I was doing her. I wish I was doing her mom every day of my life and I cant stand the idea of not being around her. Nothing has ever hapened between her and I and probbaly nothing ever will hapen between us but I really hope it does. I hope that every day of my life and I hope it every second of every time Im around her and my g/f. I hide my feelings really good and my g/f even thinks that I hate her mother not because of anything I say like that but just because I try so hard not to let anybody see that I am in love with her mom and much less not to let anybody see that I get a erection every time I see her or think about her. I want her mom and I will never ever stop wanting her. I even pray that god will let me have her and even marry her one day. I dont even tell my freinds about how I feel or that I love her mother bcuz they would totaly rat me out but I still love this woman more than anybody or anything. I really dont even care about my g/f anymore. Just her sexy nasty mother who I want so bad that it hurts.


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  • This is simply called a childish obsession , our still so immature and obviously are not ready for real love, but you want more and more s** . s** with an older woman is powerful , but it is a idea developed in H*** , with stupid consequences . If you must have her , tell her , so you can act normal again . naturally she will either reject you or give you some p**** , probably reject you , then you can move it and grow up .

  • Bump into her mom with a b****. The poke action

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