I was differed from the one college I applied to. I only applied to one because I knew it was the one I wanted to go to, and my parents didn't want to pay application fees if they didn't have to. They were 100% positive I would get in. My friends were accepted and keep asking me when I'm gonna get my response, and I made up that they wanted me to send in a "special essay" or something. I haven't told anyone. Not my friends, not my boyfriend, not my siblings, not my parents. Definitely not my parents.

If I don't get accepted, I'm not going to college.

I'm so scared.

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  • Deferred is not a no answer. Have you called the college to find out why your admission has been deferred? That should be your first step. Then do what needs to be done to get on the yes list. Stop being so concerned with what others think. You're about to step foot in the real world, and there are going to be disappointments. You're smart, you will find a way. So your path may be different from that of your friends, but you will still be a college graduate. Okay, and worse case scenario if it does become a no, you go to a community college for a couple of years and transfer over. Sometimes, it's easier to transfer in. But again, you did not get a No answer so find out what you need to do to make it a Yes.

    Here read this:

  • What do you mean differed? Did you get in or not?

  • Think she means deferred.

  • No wonder she was "deferred"

  • Just letting you know, I was accepted to Vanderbilt University a few days ago. Thanks for your wonderful comment, but I'm afraid you just look rather silly now.

    Have a nice day!

  • Congrats! Vandy is a damn fine institution.

  • Well that's great they're accepting students with special educations needs. Have a nice day!

  • Just looking at your comments, Sir,I pray to God you don't have children....

  • I don't have children but if I did they would be raised properly. They would know the difference between differed and deferred. They would not be a failure!

  • Dude, chill out. She or he is obviously just a kid, as this is a post about applying to college. I'm assuming you're older. Calm down and let it go, do you have to go yelling at teenagers to get your kicks?

  • anybody actually able to get accepted to vandy should already know the "difference" between "differed" and "deferred". i think that's all he was saying.....

  • I mean at least whoever wrote the post can capitalize correctly.

  • pissy little b******

  • LOL x2

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