A slutty ride in a train

I'm a 22 years girl living in Delhi, India. It was about a day when I was in a metro train travelling to my home. The coach was quite a bit occupied and I was a part of it. I was wearing a bodycon dress that day when a bunch(4) of teenage school boys saw me. They were probably 16 years old. They kept staring at me for next 15 minutes. I heard them talking to each other about my booty(looks like they really were enjoying the view lol). After staring few minutes they started surrounding me. 1 was standing next to me, 2 behind me and 1 on my left. They were acting as if they are innocent and have no bad intentions. I felt something poking me from behind. I knew this is one of them tryng to touch me and turned back. Their hands were in their pockets so I ignored. Once again something touched me. As i again turned myself towards them i saw them both smiling with their hands in their pockets. They were looking somewhere else when I noticed their zip was open. I dont know what happened to me I dropped my pen intentionally and bent over to pick it up. I know they were looking at my bottoms and were whispering something. I gave them a sultry look followed by a wink. My station arrived and I de-boarded. They followed me in some expectations. I headed towards the elevator, so did they. As the doors to the elevator got closed, they came closer to me and started touching me with a bit of confusion. They did it in the presence of a old man who probably wasnt aware of what was going on. 8 hands are trying to touch you all over your body and you are not sure whats coming next it makes me wet. They were constanly whisperering "Giv me your number... Lets meet somewhere else". I was breathing heavily and my eyes were almost closed. I got so turned on that after coming out of the elevator I went back to it. This time it was me with 4 hungry wolves alone. I lowered my top to show them what a real pair of b**** looks like. They got crazy and grabbed them. I kissed one of them(a lip-lock). withing a few seconds the door of elevator got opened and 4th guy was pushing me down to go on my knees. I came out side of the elevator and took stares. They were following me as usual. Most of the people on station already realised something weird is going on but i didnt care.Then i came out of the station after giving them my number. They kept sexting me from that day. They even sent a few clicks of me from different angles which was unexpected but i am enjoying this. That night I masturbated while thinking of the elevator .

I'm not asking for anyone's opinions, its just a regular confession.

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  • Should i feel guilty. I was on a long train journey yesterday and a little girl know older than ten or eleven was in few seats down from me. She was very prettie and was not aware off me watching her and i beleave she thought she was in carrige on her own and before my eyes. She lay accrosse the seats and took down her shorts and panties and took her top off and began too rubb and finger her hairless p**** and rubb her tiny little breast buds and nipples. I could not take my eyes off her and went even closer. She looked so beautifull and her p**** looked so tight. I took my c*** out and began masterbateing allmost beside her. I shot my load so many times and put my c*** back and then went up too her and coufghed and asked if she was ok and the little doll went even redder and tried too cover everything. I told her its ok that i have daughter het age. But she was so embarassed and was saying sorry. I assured her its know harm and said she was prettie and kissed her cheek. What a journey..

  • You make me so wet darling ! you can have s** with them because your little v***** needs pleasure ! and they are four boys , you must definitely do s** with them with all of them together .

  • Bahut he bada chutiyapa post hai, F****** FAKE POST

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