That backfired

First of all my husband and i have been together since grade 10 and are very much in love, We went to his company Christmas party last weekend and then to the club after, We brought a co-worker, Stephanie who i have become friends with over the past 7 years and she is now divorced and has recently started "Shopping around" While at the club we met up with my husbands friend Mark who we grew up with and is probably his best friend, I had mentioned to my husband about maybe setting Steph and Mark up since they are both single and Steph had one time asked about him after seeing a picture of him and my husband in my summer photos.
We all ended up sitting at a table together and they seemed to be getting along so i invited them back to our place for a drink thinking the quieter atmosphere would be better. We caught a cab and got to our place, Our kids were at my parents so i turned on some music and we all sat around the breakfast bar drinking and laughing, Steph is similar in physical stature to myself with the exception of the fact that she realized her husband was a d********* before they had any kids so her...Upper body looks better, Well in a bikini anyway since i had never seen her in less than that.
We are all in our late 30's and I know Steph wants kids but is concerned she is getting close to 40 and she is always worried she is too old, My husband and i have 3 and even with healthy eating and working out every week i still think i could lose 10 pounds but my husband constantly tells me i look great but i know my chest is not what it once was or what he would like it to be, mark made some comment about my dress showing a lot of cleavage which it didn't but considerably more than my normal attire and after that i was a bit conscious of myself and turned the attention to Steph by mentioning that hers were in better shape than mine and even a bit bigger.
Not that either of us is overly large chested but we are both a solid C-cup and hers when unsupported are more impressive than mine, My husband always tries to get me to show more than i am comfortable with and made a comment about how my butt was my best "A$$-et" and talked me into standing up and turning around, My dress was tight and did show it off nice, As i looked back over my shoulder all three of them were looking at it and i bounced up and down making it jiggle, Steph looked at my husband and commented that when we go to the beach she spends more time watching guys watch me than her and i laughed saying "As if, guys constantly stare at your cleavage" and we all giggled and carried on, My husband was pushing me to show more and more and i ended up showing some leg then more leg and eventually a LOT of leg, Steph hiked up her skirt and showed hers as well and we were both pretty tipsy by the time my husband talked me into flashing my bum.
Steph grabbed my bum and then gave it a playful smack and Mark sat not saying a word, Just staring. I looked at him and said "hey sailor, My eyes are up here" and he just shook his head saying "Wow...That's all i have is...Wow" My husband urged him to grab a squeeze and i let him, He said "You have always had the best ass", Again i turned the attention to Steph who's bum is about the same size but a little firmer and she was more than happy to show it off which surprised me a bit since she is normally a bit more reserved than i am, She quickly flashed it and i urged her to stick it out but she said she couldn't and after me pushing a bit she said "I can't, I'm commando" which caused my husbands eyes to get wide.
Somewhere along the way my husband pushed me into sitting on Marks lap and had passed out a couple rounds of shots. Inhibitions were low and the booze was plentyful as somehow Steph ended up on my husband lap across the counter from me. my husband reached across and took my hands pulling me toward Steph and pushing her toward me, We giggled and had a quick kiss then another and another and both ended up standing kissing across the breakfast bar, Not even close to the first time my husband has seen me kiss another girl but he was standing behind Steph leaning in and watching intently, I could feel Mark was doing the same and somehow forgot that i was initially trying to set him up with Steph, My husband took Steph's hand and put it on my breast and i went with it, I had never let anyone but my husband touch them even though i had often flashed them when i was a bit younger.
Me and Steph ended up kissing and playing with each others b******, I had maybe drank too much by this point but was kind of caught up in the moment and when Mark unzipped my dress and pulled it down off my shoulders i didn't even try to stop him. It wasn't long and Steph and i were standing across from each other with our dresses around our waists and our b****** exposed, My husband and i hadn't done anything in a while and i had planned on doing something since our kids were at the grandparents so i had been a bit excited all night. The mixture of booze and shots and excitement and everything just kind of kept things going the wrong direction and while we kissed i could feel Mark hike my dress up and start pressing his bulge against me.
I know i looked at my husband at some point and he looked back smiling at me so i knew he approved and i figured he was probably doing the same on his side of the counter anyway, I have never been a jealous person but i also have never been super adventurous with stuff like this so my mind was going a hundred miles an hour. Mark was doing everything right as he squeezed and played with my bum and i am sure my husband has over the years filled him in on what i do and don't like. I had my feet apart a bit and Mark was copping a feel of stuff i never would have ever thought anyone but my husband would touch and i was so into it that i didn't even care when he pulled my thong to the side and had dropped his pants, He slid his p**** between my thighs and it was rubbing on my you know what.
I looked at my husband and he looked back at me, I was breathing heavy and he took hold of both my hands then looked at me and nodded his head and i bit my bottom lip, Reached between my legs and guided Mark into me, Steph ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me as i tilted my head back and moaned, I was having thoughts i have never had before and knowing that my husband is blessed with the gift of girth i actually wanted to see the reaction from Steph when it happened. Mark was doing everything right, Going slow, gently rolling my nips, Softly pulling my hair and i couldn't take my eyes off my husband as he looked down then i looked Steph straight in the eyes as they got huge and she opened her mouth as he put it in, Her eyes went from wide to almost looking like she was going to pass out as she moaned some softly moaned a swear word and said "Oh god that's huge", He was going slow also and she winced every time he pushed forward but she soon was taking it all and first time he pushed all the way in she arched her back and tensed up saying "Too much, Too much" and he pulled back.
I couldn't do it anymore and spun around taking Mark to the bedroom and soon all 4 of us were naked and in bed side by side, I have to admit that i was a bit self conscious after seeing Steph naked as her b****** look like she is 20 but i think i more than made up for it in enthusiasm, Steph couldn't do some positions and i heard her whisper "I can't, I want to but i can't...Its too big" more than once, I don't remember how long it went on but it was crazy, I did every position Mark asked for and i'm not sure but i think he got off twice, I remember the grande finale with me doggy, Knees as far apart as possible, Mark behind me reaching around rubbing me, Steph on her back with me leaning over her as we kissed and pinched and pulled and twisted and bit and licked and sucked and, and ,and with each others b**** and my husband in Steph. Mark finished and leaned back but kept rubbing me as i bounced h****** him before he could go soft with him thrusting forward which did the trick and with Steph pulling hard I had one of the most intense big O's ever and she finished right behind me wrapping her legs around my husbands waist and using her feet to pull him into her, Her legs went floppy and fell to the bed and he started going fast, Pulled out and knelt beside her face and she opened her mouth and stroked him fast until about 10 strokes in he moaned and mark leaned over me while both of us watched it shoot right into her mouth then she sucked it hard until he finally grabbed her head and pulled it back then flopped down beside her.
Thank god i was drunk or it would have been super awkward right after but me and Steph rolled to face each other and kissed as the guys laid behind us both reaching back and forth groping our b**** and eventually we all got out of bed and mark pulled me close kissing me some more, My husband and Steph were doing the same and eventually we all got dressed and Mark invited Steph to his place which she accepted, They walked to Marks which is only a block and a half or so but as soon as they were out the door me and my husband were in the shower, After a quick scrub we were back in bed and going at it, I looked at my husband and bit my lip saying "Do you think they are doing it yet?", He said "I don't know but i hope so".
We had a marathon session and didn't pass out until the sun was almost up but we went again in the morning and again before lunch, By the time my parents brought the kids back we had defiled almost every room in the house and we were just laying on the couch snuggled up watching a movie.
I spoke to Steph yesterday and we went for lunch, as it turns out her and Mark did hook up but she is not interested in taking it any further for whatever reason but...We did make a plan to surprise my husband this Saturday!!!


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  • So what is happening ?

  • So is there going to be a next time? Would be really cool if you could post some photos of your next adventure. No faces necessary. Just a candid shot of you and Steph.

  • OP: Ok, Here is the birthday story.
    Me and Steph surprised him after everyone else left, We both had a lot of fun and are both good with everything, Tried to have my first time oral with a girl both giving and receiving but being a first for both of us it ended up being kind of weird and awkward but both had a first time fingering a girl...Maybe oral next time...Maybe not, Who knows.
    As for your comment, No she is not banging him unless i am there, yes i know for a fact and yes we discussed that it is not a free pass to bang her on the side and everyone involved knows the rules.
    No it has not happened since due to timing constraints but yes me and Steph have been trying to make something work.
    No, Mark has not been involved since, although my husband says he wants to.

  • Very hot story

  • Love to hear the follow up birthday surprise story.

  • She is obviously still f****** your husband

  • Tl; dr: OP and her husband tried to set up Stephanie with Mark. OP and Stephanie started playing, then OP and Mark f***** while OP's husband f***** Stephanie. Mark and Stephanie hooked up later, but decided not to date again.

  • Who are you talking about?

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