I want answers Karnaaj and I want them now.
Why is your hair blue.
Why is it such a terrible shape of blue.
Why is that pink car running into your head right now.
Why are you letting it happen.
Why are you making that face at me.
Why is the R is Karnaaj blue, while the other letters are not.
Why does Jaleco keep making games.

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  • Im a girl and really h****,

  • Ding d***! Meow is gone!

  • WTF?

  • FTW?

  • really love to embarrass people and make them blush. I can't help it, it's just so funny. Especially the really shy sensitive people. I enjoy doing it to both guys and girls but its even better when you make a guy blush and you watch their face get redder and redder in front of everyone. Those with blushing problems get even more embarrassed and their faces get even redder. I then say "oh look at .... blushing, I'm sorry did I embarrass you?" and start laughing. It's hysterical especially in front of a bunch of people. I try to find out the most embarrassing secrets about people and then confront them with it to watch them squirm. I've even made a few people cry. I'm not really hurting anyone because some people are just too damn sensitive.

  • Semper ubi sub ubi.

  • Fake as a bad b*** job.

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