I've given up

This is nothing new for those who know me but just so any of you that might read my comments will know where I stand.

I am 354 days away from 60 years old. I've never been married and that is not entirely because I didn't try. At least in the years between 18 and 45 I did try. To no avail though.

I have dated a number of women throughout the years. Of them all, and that's NOT a huge number, I found one that didn't want something of me. Whether it be changing myself to fit their ideal or something more substantial like expectations of more material items. More than not though women just ignored me as a potential husband or father prospect.

By the time I reached 45 I was completely jaded. More than a dozen times I had been told what a really great guy I was... how I was the kind of man that should be shared... how I was loved like a brother. All the typical cliche's that mean No way would I ever consider marrying you or letting you impregnate me or even get close!

So, there you have the synopsis. When you might want to criticize me for my harsh words and blunt outlook read this and realize... we are just the product of our experiences. Then do your worst. You can't match what's already been done.

The best one was the one that wanted me to take care of her and her girls till her convict husband made parole....funny how that didn't come up the first 6 dates we had.

There is more to the story.... like the girl that worked in a sensitive security position at a company in the 70's who needed a cover story to hide the fact that she was a lesbian. That one lasted 18 months before she finally told me the truth... not because she respected me or anything but because the finally felt comfortable to come out... and she had lost her high security job.

I grew up in the era of the feminist movement. The empowering of women. God how I hate the F*** out of that g******** word "empowering". It's just a damned excuse for s******* on people so you can pursue your own desirtes guilt free.


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  • I am almost literally in the exact same place you are, in terms of age, marital status and experience, and I frequently find myself as pessimistic as you are about the possibility of finding and connecting with someone. All I can tell you is that neither of us (and actually, not even both of us together) has had enough of a sample size to say that there isn't someone out there in the whole wide world who'll be what we need. Even if the odds are long (I'm not saying they are long, but just positing that as a fact), the possibility nonetheless exists and is sizeable enough to warrant optimism and pursuit. Don't give up. Finding real love will more than make up for the previous lack of it, and will crowd out all that sad experience with joy. I know, I know: it sounds polyannaish and sappy, but I consider it a real possibility, and I hope you can find a way to consider it so, as well. Good luck to you.

  • I was in your shoes until I decided to retire in a country where my money would go farther. I decided between Thailand and the Philippines when I was about 5 years older than you. I did an online dating site directed at women from both countries. Met a beautiful lady from the Philippines and have been with her in the Philippines for 4 wonderful years. However, with foreign women you meet online, you have to be careful. Scammers and opportunists live and breath to prey on lonely men. If you get in a relationship and move to one of these countries, you have to be on guard against getting used like a walking ATM Machine. But, many have found love and happiness with women from these countries with no hassles or bullshit games.

  • Are you familiar with MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way)? I think you'll find you're not alone.

  • Hey dont feel bad i gave up on the thought of a relationship myself and im only 21. ive learned to distrust people at a younger age and just decided they werent worth the hassle of being in a relationship with, my plans for the future are to live in a house by myself with no phone and only internet to read and watch p*** when im h****. i find that to be a more worthy dream then the american dream. good luck on your new outlook on life, keep with it and youll find yourself asking why you didnt start sooner.

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