Not really sure if this the right category but who cares- I confessed.

I have the biggest thing for a teacher at my school- everything about him just suits me. He's f****** gorgeous. I daydream about him all the time and it's honestly one of the most annoying things ever. Not to mention of the dirty thoughts I have about him- he just looks like he'd be great in bed. I just want to get him out of my head- but he's every f****** where. I see him every morning before class, when I'm walking down the hall in between classes, and after school. Every time I see him we always make eye contact and it's just like 'f***'. It's like my mind is subconsciously aware of him- I look a certain direction for whatever reason and there he is looking at me or turning to look at me. And it's always a lazy 'I'm too cool' look which also drives me crazy. I can't pinpoint if it's the way he just looks at people or if he's figured out my crush on him and is just like 's***, not this girl again' or if he's like me and puts it on to hide he has any interest. That's what I do, I act like I don't even notice him, but yet I feel like my crush is written all over my face. My friends say he looks at me sometimes when my backs turned and I just have this feeling that it's not all that crazy for him to be interested. Is it possible he could be into me in some way or am I just some crazy cliché teen? I'm just crazy, right?

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  • It's fun to conspire and think a teacher has a crush on you, ( trust me I'm experiencing the EXACT same thing right now) but just know that he either 1. Has no clue you like him and you might just be looking for signs too hard or 2. He can tell you have a crush in him. And if so I really doubt he's like "oh s*** not this girl again". He's probably very flattered. (: All in all it's fun, and totally normal, but please don't try and pursue anything. It's bad for both of you. And if he thought of you that way even mildly, he wouldn't act on it. Because not only would he loose his job, he'd be put in jail, and once out never able to get a teaching job again. Sorry to totally rain on the fantasy, I just don't want anyone to get in trouble including you. But hey, while he's still your teacher you might as well enjoy the view(; haha

  • He's into you. Smile back and look deep into his eyes.

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