I'm scared but admit it...

I can't really take flirting... For some reason, it makes me turn so red my face itches and feels numb. Help me.

Dec 16, 2013

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  • What a nasty little man that spammer is. Disgusting. Why isn't he banned?

  • I think it is time I tell you what people are saying behind your back. Nice Ass!

  • I'll be Burger King and you be McDonald's. I'll have it my way, and you'll be lovin' it. wink, wink.

  • Girl are you tired? cause you been runnin' through my mind all day.

  • Really?

  • Why are they called "hemorrhoids". They should be called "asteroids"?

  • Did anyone ever say you were a h*** of a kisser?

  • Absolutely.

  • Have s** with anyone that flirts with you and the embarrassment and flirting will stop

  • You are experiencing anxiety. Work on that.

  • If you receive it as truth, it can be unsettling, and that's why you get embarrassed about it. But if you recognize that's intended either as idle flattery or as a false premise (that is, that it's untrue), then you can more easily dismiss it as something insubstantial (flimsy) or incorrect and not be quite as bothered by it. On the whole, though, flirting is usually meant to be playful and not serious, so a thing that you don't consider to be serious shouldn't be a thing that could bother you. I don't offer this as an absolute, but simply as one way of looking at it. Good luck.

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