A nice weekend

My husband is going on an out-of-state hunting trip this weekend, so I'm on my way to take the kids to my sister's house. I've invited my boyfriend to come spend the weekend with me alone at my house. My sister knows about the boyfriend and she'll keep my secrets. I'm so ready for this quality-time with my lover that I'm sitting here dripping while I type this. Finally, a nice weekend for a change.

Dec 20, 2013

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  • Sounds like you need to carry a bucket wherever you go

  • How is Moreno Valley treating you Cynthia?

  • And you have no husband ur a spiteful two timing fool

  • S*** i hope your husband leaves you with nothing

  • I have been having a deep, dirty and depraved affair with one of my husband's business partners. It's been going on for almost two years. My husband hasn't a clue about what's been going on right under his nose! I'd had my eye on Rick for some time before we actually started s*******, but was too afraid to jump him, although I knew he was suuuuuuuper hung and I knew he played around on his wife with a close friend of hers. Finally I got drunk at an office Christmas party and my lowered inhibitions let me make a move on Rick, which he MORE than reciprocated. Like you, we've been on trips together, and he's come over when my husband is out of town. I'm with you, girl!

  • Good for you Cynthia

  • I love the way you described the affair: "deep, dirty and depraved"!!! That's so perfect!!! And he reeeeeeeally sounds yummy!!! You have to admire a man who is ready, willing, able and eager to f*** you in your husband's bed!!! Thanks for the post, baby!!! Keep on s*******!!!

  • Yessss! there is something extra super exciting about getting laid by a total stranger in the bed where you sleep with your husband! love it! you go girl!

  • .....there are too many fine d**** in the world to limit yourself to just your husband......waaaaaay too many...............so we all need to go out and get more d****!!!!!

  • F*** off h***** scank ex

  • I can totally go for that!

  • My wifes sister is a common visiter when my wife is away for work im breeding 2 sisters who know about sharing i cant wait till they both have are kids

  • Think about all that child support daddy

  • Niiiice. Is the sister married to someone else, or are you her one and only? Just curious.......

  • My best girlfriend watches my kids when i go to f*** on the d.l., and I watch her kids when she goes out to play. :) my situation is a lot like yours. and I love it like you do.

  • Really Cynthia you b**** had better leave Norwalk

  • ..... have lately been dating a younger manoutside my marriage........my husband has no idea.... my lover has a big huge d*** and he's pretty....... but he's dumb as dirt....... and hes a typical melinial.........its ok.......i'm not interested in what he can do with his brain...............

  • When I started the affair I am in now -- my first ever -- I was nervous and scared. It was wrong and I knew it and that bothered me too. But now that its been going on for almost a year (Thanksgiving will be our one year anniversary) I am so comfortable with it and so confident of myself (the affair and my partner have made me so incredibly self-confident!!) that I really can't believe I am the same person, but I am the same person......only better. Much better.

  • Sounds like it’s Woking pit for u - still going good 3.1yrs later?

  • I started having an affair about 7 months ago but I had never had him to my house until I read this and thought how sexy it was to bring him home to the bed I share with my husband. Thanks for encouraging me so much and making me brave enough to do that! It was wonderful! I owe it all to you!

  • I love having affairs. I don't do it often, and I'm not as committed to it as you are, but I still love those relationships, whenever they happen. They're so warm and comforting and fulfilling and beautiful. Thanks for posting this: it encourages me greatly to read your thoughts.

  • I'm cheating now, too, and loving it! My husband is so so so so clueless, and my boyfriend is so so so so hung!

  • Do you ever feel a little guilty? Do you know for sure if your husband is being faithful while he's away?

    I only ask because my husband goes out fishing with his friends frequently, sometimes with their wives/girlfriends. I'm always invited, but I hate camping and roughing it, so I stay home.

    I always thought he was just enjoying the outdoors, until he contracted chlamydia on one of his trips. Evidently he dipped it into one of his friend's wives or girlfriends (he never would tell me who). He got it treated, but it took a toll on our relationship. We spent a good year in counseling to re-establish the trust between us.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty, though I'm glad you managed to save your marriage. I've ever had any indication that my husband was anything but faithful, and he's never shown any signs of interest in anybody but me. I do love him, but I'm just one of those women who need all the sexual attention I can get. I also need some roughhousing from time to time (as well as actual beatings) and some sportfucking that my husband just isn't into. Did you ever find out who the woman was he had the fling with? Is it possible that it's somebody you know? Are you into group action at all, where you and your husband might invite her and her husband into a relationship or just some occasional fun? Does that interest you at all? Would your husband be in favor of it? Sometimes that can save a marriage going bad. Best wishes and thanks for writing to me and sharing your personal thoughts and experiences.

  • I never figured out exactly from whom my husband contracted the STD, but it was one of three women who were there (wives of my husband's friends). I don't know any of them very well. I'm not into group s** at all. I'm very committed to my husband.

  • I do understand that. It's not for everyone. I've done it several times, but I really prefer the one-on-one action, man-on-woman. However, I do have a girlfriend whose marriage was going bad and the spice added by bringing other people into their s** lives really kept the marriage alive. I'm glad to hear that your marriage is back on the tracks and you and your husband are committed again. Love is what this is ALL about, no matter how it happens. I wish you only the best in your loving.

  • I agree.....cheating is the best!!!

  • I started my first affair about a month ago and I've never been this happy in my life

  • Right now I've involved in an affair with one of my husband's best friends and my affair partner and I love those times when we can be together over night or for a lengthy time. It doesn't happen often, of course, but that just makes it so much more special. So I know how you feel when you can really connect with a man who knows how to take care of your body in ways that your husband doesn't even know exist. Keep on keeping on!

  • ..... i wish i could have that kind of relationship outside of my marriage...... it would make my marriaged more bearable......

  • I do the same thing as you in my marriage but not nearly as often as you. I wish I was as brave and bold as you. And I wish my husband would go out of town more often!!!

  • You sound like a dream c** true. Keep up all the good work, and keep pleasing all those men. We love you!

  • Hi.long time ago. What happened. You together with your husband? You still fooling around

  • "Yes" to all. :) Still with hubby. Still fooling around and loving it. I'm not with the same boyfriend now, however; I found a rich guy with a huge d*** and we are f****** like rabbits. Oh Jesus GOD you cannot imagine how good this man can F***!!! This is the best affair I've ever had. EVER! Thanks for writing and thanks for asking! You are the best!!

  • I used to be married to a woman like you. Once I caught her, I changed the locks on the house, took away her car, and divorced her nasty w**** ass. That's what's coming your way, too.

  • I doubt it, but thanks for writing. :)

  • Have you had a child or children for your boyfriend? Have the two of you considered your getting pregnant by him while you're still married to your husband?

  • No, that hasn't happened. I would totally consider having an affair baby but not with this boyfriend: he's just not smart enough. :)

  • Do you provide the same cover for your sister and her extracurricular activities?

  • Oh, yes yes yes. We cover for each other all the time. She has two lovers but she doesn't cheat as often as me. So we always help each other out.

  • I love married women who cheat. They are all sexy. But you may be the sexiest. Would love to have an affair with you!

  • Wow! Aren't you the sweetest thing! Thank you! I bet you could find somebody closer, though. Maybe a neighbor, or a friend at work, or a lady from church? Their everywhere!!

  • I f*** around a lot, too, so I know how you feel. For me, I am never as alive as when I have a new man between my legs. And in my husband's bed.

  • That s hot

  • She's^ right: cheating is fun. Why would anybody ever stop? I never will!! NEVER!!!!

  • I do the same exact thing when my hubby is out of town. The kids go on sleepovers or to my parents, and I have playdates with my boyfriends!

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