A nice weekend

My husband is going on an out-of-state hunting trip this weekend, so I'm on my way to take the kids to my sister's house. I've invited my boyfriend to come spend the weekend with me alone at my house. My sister knows about the boyfriend and she'll keep my secrets. I'm so ready for this quality-time with my lover that I'm sitting here dripping while I type this. Finally, a nice weekend for a change.



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  • How is Moreno Valley treating you Cynthia?

  • And you have no husband ur a spiteful two timing fool

  • Why have a husband?

  • Look Cynthia cant be with just one man

  • S*** i hope your husband leaves you with nothing

  • I have been having a deep, dirty and depraved affair with one of my husband's business partners. It's been going on for almost two years. My husband hasn't a clue about what's been going on right under his nose! I'd had my eye on Rick for some time before we actually started s*******, but was too afraid to jump him, although I knew he was suuuuuuuper hung and I knew he played around on his wife with a close friend of hers. Finally I got drunk at an office Christmas party and my lowered inhibitions let me make a move on Rick, which he MORE than reciprocated. Like you, we've been on trips together, and he's come over when my husband is out of town. I'm with you, girl!

  • Good for you Cynthia

  • I love the way you described the affair: "deep, dirty and depraved"!!! That's so perfect!!! And he reeeeeeeally sounds yummy!!! You have to admire a man who is ready, willing, able and eager to f*** you in your husband's bed!!! Thanks for the post, baby!!! Keep on s*******!!!

  • Yessss! there is something extra super exciting about getting laid by a total stranger in the bed where you sleep with your husband! love it! you go girl!

  • .....there are too many fine d**** in the world to limit yourself to just your husband......waaaaaay too many...............so we all need to go out and get more d****!!!!!

  • F*** off h***** scank ex

  • I can totally go for that!

  • My wifes sister is a common visiter when my wife is away for work im breeding 2 sisters who know about sharing i cant wait till they both have are kids

  • Niiiice. Is the sister married to someone else, or are you her one and only? Just curious.......

  • My best girlfriend watches my kids when i go to f*** on the d.l., and I watch her kids when she goes out to play. :) my situation is a lot like yours. and I love it like you do.

  • Really Cynthia you b**** had better leave Norwalk

  • ..... have lately been dating a younger manoutside my marriage........my husband has no idea.... my lover has a big huge d*** and he's pretty....... but he's dumb as dirt....... and hes a typical melinial.........its ok.......i'm not interested in what he can do with his brain...............

  • When I started the affair I am in now -- my first ever -- I was nervous and scared. It was wrong and I knew it and that bothered me too. But now that its been going on for almost a year (Thanksgiving will be our one year anniversary) I am so comfortable with it and so confident of myself (the affair and my partner have made me so incredibly self-confident!!) that I really can't believe I am the same person, but I am the same person......only better. Much better.

  • Sounds like it’s Woking pit for u - still going good 3.1yrs later?

  • I started having an affair about 7 months ago but I had never had him to my house until I read this and thought how sexy it was to bring him home to the bed I share with my husband. Thanks for encouraging me so much and making me brave enough to do that! It was wonderful! I owe it all to you!

  • I love having affairs. I don't do it often, and I'm not as committed to it as you are, but I still love those relationships, whenever they happen. They're so warm and comforting and fulfilling and beautiful. Thanks for posting this: it encourages me greatly to read your thoughts.

  • I'm cheating now, too, and loving it! My husband is so so so so clueless, and my boyfriend is so so so so hung!

  • And you're so so so homely.

  • Do you ever feel a little guilty? Do you know for sure if your husband is being faithful while he's away?

    I only ask because my husband goes out fishing with his friends frequently, sometimes with their wives/girlfriends. I'm always invited, but I hate camping and roughing it, so I stay home.

    I always thought he was just enjoying the outdoors, until he contracted chlamydia on one of his trips. Evidently he dipped it into one of his friend's wives or girlfriends (he never would tell me who). He got it treated, but it took a toll on our relationship. We spent a good year in counseling to re-establish the trust between us.

  • I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty, though I'm glad you managed to save your marriage. I've ever had any indication that my husband was anything but faithful, and he's never shown any signs of interest in anybody but me. I do love him, but I'm just one of those women who need all the sexual attention I can get. I also need some roughhousing from time to time (as well as actual beatings) and some sportfucking that my husband just isn't into. Did you ever find out who the woman was he had the fling with? Is it possible that it's somebody you know? Are you into group action at all, where you and your husband might invite her and her husband into a relationship or just some occasional fun? Does that interest you at all? Would your husband be in favor of it? Sometimes that can save a marriage going bad. Best wishes and thanks for writing to me and sharing your personal thoughts and experiences.

  • I never figured out exactly from whom my husband contracted the STD, but it was one of three women who were there (wives of my husband's friends). I don't know any of them very well. I'm not into group s** at all. I'm very committed to my husband.

  • I do understand that. It's not for everyone. I've done it several times, but I really prefer the one-on-one action, man-on-woman. However, I do have a girlfriend whose marriage was going bad and the spice added by bringing other people into their s** lives really kept the marriage alive. I'm glad to hear that your marriage is back on the tracks and you and your husband are committed again. Love is what this is ALL about, no matter how it happens. I wish you only the best in your loving.

  • I agree.....cheating is the best!!!

  • I started my first affair about a month ago and I've never been this happy in my life

  • Right now I've involved in an affair with one of my husband's best friends and my affair partner and I love those times when we can be together over night or for a lengthy time. It doesn't happen often, of course, but that just makes it so much more special. So I know how you feel when you can really connect with a man who knows how to take care of your body in ways that your husband doesn't even know exist. Keep on keeping on!

  • ..... i wish i could have that kind of relationship outside of my marriage...... it would make my marriaged more bearable......

  • I do the same thing as you in my marriage but not nearly as often as you. I wish I was as brave and bold as you. And I wish my husband would go out of town more often!!!

  • You sound like a dream c** true. Keep up all the good work, and keep pleasing all those men. We love you!

  • Hi.long time ago. What happened. You together with your husband? You still fooling around

  • "Yes" to all. :) Still with hubby. Still fooling around and loving it. I'm not with the same boyfriend now, however; I found a rich guy with a huge d*** and we are f****** like rabbits. Oh Jesus GOD you cannot imagine how good this man can F***!!! This is the best affair I've ever had. EVER! Thanks for writing and thanks for asking! You are the best!!

  • I used to be married to a woman like you. Once I caught her, I changed the locks on the house, took away her car, and divorced her nasty w**** ass. That's what's coming your way, too.

  • I doubt it, but thanks for writing. :)

  • Have you had a child or children for your boyfriend? Have the two of you considered your getting pregnant by him while you're still married to your husband?

  • No, that hasn't happened. I would totally consider having an affair baby but not with this boyfriend: he's just not smart enough. :)

  • Do you provide the same cover for your sister and her extracurricular activities?

  • Oh, yes yes yes. We cover for each other all the time. She has two lovers but she doesn't cheat as often as me. So we always help each other out.

  • I love married women who cheat. They are all sexy. But you may be the sexiest. Would love to have an affair with you!

  • Wow! Aren't you the sweetest thing! Thank you! I bet you could find somebody closer, though. Maybe a neighbor, or a friend at work, or a lady from church? Their everywhere!!

  • I f*** around a lot, too, so I know how you feel. For me, I am never as alive as when I have a new man between my legs. And in my husband's bed.

  • That s hot

  • She's^ right: cheating is fun. Why would anybody ever stop? I never will!! NEVER!!!!

  • Just curious. Do you still love your husband at all? Or is he just the guy you're married to?

  • I do the same exact thing when my hubby is out of town. The kids go on sleepovers or to my parents, and I have playdates with my boyfriends!

  • Trailer trash.......

  • I actually live in a very nice house, although I have done my share of f****** in trailers. I don't care where I f***. I just love to f***. LOVE to f***. Don't you?????

  • You better believe it if its going in and out its great.

  • You better believe it, if its going in and out its great

  • Jesus, you are an incredibly sexy lady! I wish you were my wife: if you were, I'd let you play -- and would WANT you to play -- as long as you always came home after. Everything about you makes me h****!!!

  • Aren't you sweet!! Thank you for your very kind words, and I wish you luck in finding and marrying a woman just like me. There are lots of us out here!

  • You must really adore your boyfriend and how he makes you feel or you wouldn't jeopardize your marriage this way. Why not get a separation or a divorce and live out your full time happiness with your boyfriend? Take care now.

  • Yes I really do adore him, but we aren't in love: we're just s** partners. And we're both really really really good at s**, which is why we continue the affair. :)

  • I'm a wife and I have urges to just have a fling now and then. It is good for the soul and the marriage. It perks up my life and gives me new energy to get things done in a more timely manner. A little strange s** now and then is great. Nothing romatic, just plain hard s**, no strings attached.

  • I totally LOVE the attitude: "nothing romantic, just plain hard s**, no strings attached". It's been the story of my extramarital relationships on the side, and I hope it remains so.

  • I'm the OP and I agree. And my affairs and flings, and even my one-night-stands, have always invigorated my s** life at home. They make me hornier, they make me more aggressive, they make me MUCH more skilled and inventive, and nobody benefits from my infidelity more than my husband.

  • Stop rationalizing you s***.

  • It's not rationalizing. It just happens to be the truth. :)

  • I understand completely, been married 30 years. I haven't remained faithful. I get turned on other men still look at me with sexual desire. If I am attracted to the guy or sometimes it just about the c***, I flirt letting them know I am interested too. Lately just have 2 different guys I enjoy having s** with on a regular basis. I love my husband and would never leave him, would rather have s** with other men.

  • How would you feel/respond if your husband was doing the same thing> what a way to steal all those lovely emotional experiences from your husband. most people know they are not that special to allow there other to play with that kind of fire.

  • Ignore ^this^ negativity, please. I'm the OP and I really appreciate your perspective and I completely support it. I feel the same, and even though I cheat frequently, I'm always honest with my boyfriends and tell them that I have no plans to leave home . . . except for a few hours at a time. :)

  • Yet you lie to the man who supports your fat ass, your husband.

  • Nothing fat about my ass.......I get plenty of exercise......the FUN way!!! LOL!

  • I read your narration with deep sense of empathy. A lot of folks have had enough confusion from a "confused world" to last for a life time! Lack of "personal identity" can bore oneself sick even to having suicide thoughts . Have I once considered suicide in my life? Yes and indeed, many folks you see that walk the streets are full of challenges and pains that were inflicted or innate. In my own case, in my teens , I thought I will not be able to achieve anything because I was abused as a child , lived in a home that always felt like an explosive device was about to ignite. I struggled with these feelings and tried to fill the void via alcohol and "street smokes". I found fake boldness that was transient. I envied and wanted to be like others. I began to steal. Well, I am an adult now, well educated, employed, married, had kids, drug/alcohol/smoke free, and really free from all my demons. How? Yes, I know that this will be the question in your heart. It sounded foolish and dreamlike but it was real. Someone gave me a copy of "New Testament and Psalms and proverbs"; a little blue covered book which could fit into my pocket. It was published by Gideon international. I began to read it from "The Gospel of John" like he advised me. I love reading and it made sense. Well, I may not be able to tell you all that happened to me but I discovered that as I read it daily, I began to be attracted to and talk to the main character in the story; Jesus and it seemed like and old self of mine was dropping off daily. At some point , I was shocked when I was out with my friends and realized that I hadn't touched alcohol in the past 2 weeks! And the stranger thing was that alcohol lost its appeal to me. In fact, it disgusted me. My friends told me that they will "give me just three months" and I will drink myself to stupor like before. well it has been years and I keep getting better; more pleasant than the person I ever tried to be. Jesus is beautiful.

  • This is probably a standard note this lady replies to every single poster that she things needs salvation. It's her I pity, not the lustful lady.

  • I love your attitude, and I wish I could be as brazen as you are. You GO!!!

  • Another Warning about Immoral Women

    6While I was at the window of my house,
    looking through the curtain,
    7I saw some naive young men,
    and one in particular who lacked common sense.
    8He was crossing the street near the house of an immoral woman,
    strolling down the path by her house.
    9It was at twilight, in the evening,
    as deep darkness fell.
    10The woman approached him,
    seductively dressed and sly of heart.
    11She was the brash, rebellious type,
    never content to stay at home.
    12She is often in the streets and markets,
    soliciting at every corner.
    13She threw her arms around him and kissed him,
    and with a brazen look she said,
    14“I’ve just made my peace offerings
    and fulfilled my vows.
    15You’re the one I was looking for!
    I came out to find you, and here you are!
    16My bed is spread with beautiful blankets,
    with colored sheets of Egyptian linen.
    17I’ve perfumed my bed
    with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
    18Come, let’s drink our fill of love until morning.
    Let’s enjoy each other’s caresses,
    19for my husband is not home.
    He’s away on a long trip.
    20He has taken a wallet full of money with him
    and won’t return until later this month.”
    21So she seduced him with her pretty speech
    and enticed him with her flattery.
    22He followed her at once,
    like an ox going to the slaughter.
    He was like a stag caught in a trap,
    23awaiting the arrow that would pierce its heart.
    He was like a bird flying into a snare,
    little knowing it would cost him his life.
    24So listen to me, my sons,
    and pay attention to my words.
    25Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her.
    Don’t wander down her wayward path.
    26For she has been the ruin of many;
    many men have been her victims.
    27Her house is the road to the grave.
    Her bedroom is the den of death. PROVERBS 7

  • Stupid f***

  • My bedroom is the house of fun!

  • Don't lose forever to a one night stand. Stick with the man who is always going to be there don't s*** around with guys who will give you herpes then leave.

  • Love s**** like you. I wish more married women were ho's. I love f****** another dude's b****.

  • :) Oooooh, baby, baby. I love your attitude. It's exactly the attitude my boyfriend has and it's why he gets those weekends like the one I described above. Most men don't get how hungry women are to cheat!!! I hope you have several nasty married gals in your f****** stable, baby!!!!!

  • I'm meeting one tonight. She's a real dirty b**** and s*** .she gives me mouthfuls of her liquid and p*** and it tastes so good.. look out, tonight she's on her period....
    I love you married s****..

  • Why not just divorce your husband and then marry your BF? Not only will you have a nice weekend but every day will by nice for a change!

  • Just go for it

  • :) To be honest, I like having both. My BF would marry (or so he's said), but I have a couple kids with my husband (and one with another man) and he's a good father to them. The BF is spectacular lover and incredibly well-hung, but I don't really consider him marriage material. C'est la vie!

  • I don't like to think of myself as condoning cheating but I have to admit, your post is really h****

  • Thanks! I love my outside relationships. I hope you are having one yourself, or that you soon begin one. Nothing is sweeter.

  • Are all three of you white or is there any other races involved?

  • NO N******

  • . . . . . . . racist f***.

  • I like be a racist f***, no effect BRO.

  • Its been a long time... The free world held its breath that the F***** Alliance had died off of that evil disease... HIV. That deadly silence that fell over America would soon be shattered...

  • The guy in this confession should leave the gravy balloon to the beta males. Stay with his bit on the side. Fat chicks like the op are the kiss of death socially and professionally. if people see you with one you are forever branded a loser.

  • So very true this^. When I was a younger man, I had a LTR with a married woman who, while an incredible f*** (really mindblowing and unbelievably nasty), was only so-so-looking and was quite a bit overweight. I had a girlfriend for show at the time who was about a nine, so I only used the married b**** for the rough and filthy stuff I needed: that b**** would never say "no", not ever. The married b**** showed up a few times at the office, and although she never told anyone what our relationship was, apparently it became evident we were banging regularly. I broke it off after a couple years of hard f******, because my new regular girlfriend took up the slack, but by then the damage to my career was done. I missed making partner and had to go elsewhere for work, and one of the managing partners confessed to me later that it wasn't my work that caused me to fail at the firm: it was the embarrassment of the trailer-trash w**** I was f******. So the observation about long-term effects is totally true. F****** a tramp like this one can cost you, both socially and professionally. Excellent comment. I wish I had known this fifteen years ago.

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  • Bahahahaha ruined, the OP did that I simply made it better enjoy.

  • Actually, you made it suck. Like you.

  • The OP will never learn now that sucks.

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  • Yet another pathetic attempt by the desperate OP to resurrect his dead, s*** confession. No matter how many bogus comments you write, it's too late. You are yesterday's news, a flavor of the month gone sour, a somebody reduced to a nobody. In brief, a LOSER. Wake up and smell the doom OP. P.S. Quit being so stupid, you sick minded shriveled c** dumpster who slobbers on the sewer dwelling infidel and the mutilated gorilla.

  • You are so funny! Seriously! You have a wonderful sense of humor! And I think another few years riding the short bus to and from your little school and you'll be able to function (albeit marginally) in normal society. Congratulations! And keep up the good work.....r*****.

  • You never left the short bus. Merry Christmas, kisses.

  • I f****** Hate The Chinese
    I hate Chinese people with a passion. They're everywhere with that pathethic dough face and small eyes and small beady eyes and even more horrible accents.

    never in my life have I met a more lowly, cunning, cheating, heartless, humanless, greedy m*********** in my life. I have good reasons to hate the Chinese.

    1) They think they are superior. If you cant speak their language even if their are in YOUR country, they wont accept you. UH HELLO??? You are in MY country So YOU have to speak MY language f****** yellow skinned c***.

    2) The females of these species is unbelievably shallow and stupid. My Goodness, I have never girls doll themselves up like that till they look like a blow up doll. No probs with the guys I bet dont they have anything better to do? Preening on makeup and eyes and whatever not? Wont any Chinese girl simply wear a sweatpants and shirt and for crying out loud be NORMAL FOR ONCE! I have only seen Chinese girls put so much effort into this, Caucasian girls are better in looking natural. African American women are beautiful why cant anyone see that? They like this pale skinned waif skinny b**** who looks underaged.

    3) They bring sickness to others. Swine Flu, Bird Flu(Avian Flu?), SARS, and God knows what else. Can they NOT look at an animal and think whether they would look good better as soup or stir fried??? Why are they eating everything??? I bet if given a chance, they would eat s*** as well.

    4) About animals, THEY HAVE NO ANIMAL CRUELTY ACTS in China! So yeah, you can see a man skinning a dog alive at the curbside and people would encourage the man. These people have no hearts.

    5) All goods from China are questionable. H***, have you read the news recently? They distributed FAKE EGGS in Malaysia. WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT FAKE EGGS WHEN THE PRODUCTION OF EGGS IN MALAYSIA HAD ALWAYS BEEN OPTIMUM??? The milk scandal, the writing utensils, their handphones and h*** anything that was made in China - im sire as h*** not

  • Fake as f***, wrote by an old man jerking off while typing this bullshit.

  • I know you'd love to believe that, but you're wrong. Eat your heart out, you ass-licking f*****.

  • Fake as f*** comment wrote by the same 70yo w*****. Guess wankers are going to w***.

  • I wouldn't know if wankers are going to w*** . . . but YOU certainly would.

  • Says the ass licker.

  • You're a freakin' sicko!

  • Not really......I just love s**.

  • Fake as f***

  • I doubt it's fake. She's just a w**** is all. There are lots of them around.

  • I know exactly how you feel. Well. almost. I'm a guy and I wasn't dripping. My wife was out of town with her mother. Our kids are grown and all on their own. I picked my girlfriend up and brought her to our house. We spent the afternoon together. Walking around the house naked, Enjoying each other's bodies. My girlfriend is 30 years younger than me and she always want s**. I have been with her and her husband several times also. I have tried to get my wife to get into swapping, but she says that I can find another lover if I need to, and maybe she will get a new lover as well. But, so far she hasn't. Oh How I wishe she would join the swapping community and go with me.

  • (From the OP - ) That's a really wonderful feeling, isn't it? To have your s** partner occupying the space normally occupied by your spouse? It's just so hot and nasty! I love being able to do that, I just don't get to do it very often. Good luck with your relationship!

  • I am a good husband and I let my wife f*** her lover whenever she wants. I work long hours and have to attend monthly meetings for business so why should my wife go without s**?

  • (From the OP - ) Wow! I wish my husband had your attitude! And I hope your wife knows how lucky she is! Thanks for sharing your situation!

  • What a s***. You remind me of my ex wife. This doesn't really look like a confession but a dirty story you wanted to share with us.

    Divorce your husband and you can have s** with all the men you want. He deserves better.

    I hope your husband gets the kids.

  • I have done some really dirty things with guys outside my marriage but I wasn't sharing them here. :) But divorce? No I'm not interested in divorcing my husband. He's a good provider and a good father so I intend to keep him. But I also intend to keep seeing my current boyfriend who knows what I need sexually and he knows how to give it to me. How he gives it to me would be some truly dirty stories, and waaaaaaay too dirty to share here. :)

  • Nice

  • Your a s*** and I hope your husband finds you with your bf and shoots you both

  • Good for you. I like a woman who knows what she needs.

  • What happened to all the F***** Alliance stories?? Does anybody know? Did they go to another site? I loved each and every installment and looked forward to them. Are they in another thread here, or are they on some other location?

  • W****. Cheap trash. Common s***. Dirty tramp. Diseased trick.

  • Are you going to soak your bed in cumm and leave it for when hub gets back?? that's what I do:)

  • That's soo hot

  • That's my kind of girl

  • You go girl!!! I did the same thing. I was the boyfriend in the situation. My older, SEXY lady friend was 35 and I was 27. Her 40 year old husband took the son on a weekend hunting trip 2 states away. She sent the daughter away to stay the night at a friends house. Best weekend of my life!!! It just so happened to be the same weekend Princess Diana was killed. We were laying there in bed and she was blowing me. The phone rang. It was her husband. I could hear him talking. As he was talking, she was going down on me. She was like "uh huh" "Yes, dear" "Blah blah blah..." Slurp slurp slurp.... Coming up long enough to give him another "uh huh" and right back down again. When she finally got off the phone with him, I went down on her and then we f***** like h***.

  • Thanks for returning this thread to its original purpose and original theme (the "extraneous" stuff is horrible and horrifying and should ALL be deleted). Thanks, too, for sharing your own special experience, which was an incredibly hot one! Wow! I mean WOW!!!!!!!! So, please do tell: did you continue the relationship behind the husband's back after he returned from his trip? Did the wife enjoy her liaisons with you? Did she get off on the cheating?

  • Vaguely similar. I was 18 and on court bail to reside at an address out of town with a middle aged couple and son my age. She was in her mid 50's and unbelievably c*** starved.After a while I'd hope her husband would stay home as I knew the moment his van had driven off the drive she'd be frantically tearing at my belt etc. I even got. 3 year jail sentence and she visited me weekly under the official social services so she didn't require a V.O and picked me up and needless to say wasted no time in getting back at it. I've since moved and she's in her 70's now.

  • Will one of the alliance writers please write a series about the mother of the two boys converted on the highway?? I know somebody else already asked but that is a story all to itself and it needs to be told. Please, won't one of the authors please tell that mother's story? Please???

  • I really love reading the alliance stories. Makes me want to go out and get raped.

  • Love u

  • Love u, too. Much........

  • I miss the rabid faggots.........

  • More c*** sucker stories inbound...

  • Can't wait! Really love those nasty suckers of filthy c****! Damn those boys are hot!

  • I wish you the best of times. You go girl!

  • Request for more c*** sucker stories...

  • LOVE those zombie cocksuckers. DAMN hot!!!

  • Same here. I really love them and they make me hard and then they make me c**. I wish I could get raped by that nasty f****** gang!

  • Where are the new f***** stories!!!!

  • they are all up your ass........

  • I've asked this before but it obviously didn't get through so I'm trying it again.......... Please I'm begging you all! You really HAVE to stop writing all this filth! It's nauseating and it's perverted and it's horrible and it shows a mental disease! Please stop! All of you! PLEASE!!!!

  • ^ totaly agree ^ please stop this nasty-ass s***!

  • The evil group of HIV contaminated faggots who f*** fresh ass meat in the name of the "FAGGOTS ALLIANCE" (FA) have been busy celebrating their latest cabbie f*** conquest. They know there numbers are gaining in HIV strength every-week they ram raid a fresh virgins (s***-only)ass pipe. The FA's old itchy AIDS decrepit nut sacks are twitching with pelvic inflammatory disease they need to unload there g***** into a straight guys s***-street. They diseased minded f*** have heard about the cabbies plans for globally f**-nation and are not happy in fact the ones that are still in half decent physical condition are having a AIDS-Rage (like roid rage), They hear the cabbie-alliance is growing in younger, fitter HIV contaminated meat. They know the game is up they all decided to join a gym to try and get fit in order to compete with there younger counter parts, all 30 of the faggots turn up to the gym on 8th and 9th Avenue (flushing queens) in NYC and bust down the gyms back-door (I mean nobody wants to see 30 HIV ruined old toothless f*** entering the front door, it gives the wrong impression)one inside the a gym instructor asks alpha f***** if they need any help (like maybe a doctor). The faggots are growling with rage and decide the best form of exercises is to face f*** the gym instructor into the next life. They have not f***** a nice clean piece of ass-pie since the cabbie f*** last week and they have heard of his sexual encounters with younger cleaner men and how lucky he is that he infected a much younger s***-alley then his own when they f***** him. They grab the gym instructor in rage and force him to his knees and tell him that he will swallow any unclean Trichomoniasi infested c** they give him. One of the weaker omega faggots locks the gym doors and pulls down the shutters so the cops don't see there HIV assault on this 21 year old gym instructor, even thought the gym instructor is fit in is no match for 30 angry HIV populated faggots, all ready to f***...

  • This is some of the dirtiest posting I have ever seen. Why do the monitors or moderators allow it to continue? How do these sick morons get away with this?

  • With the passion of 1000 burning sons, they promise him that if he comply with there requests they will not shoot the HIV ridden c** into his ass slot and give him a 50/50 chance of dodging a life of pure f***** HIV s**. He is quick to comply and take the mouldy old HIV destroyed c**** of at-least 5 faggots into his mouth one after another each one shoot a nice thick warm load of pure AIDS / Trichomoniasi s**** into his mouth is mouth is flooded with pure HIV loaded c** they slap his cheeks together and the s**** fires out all over his body, this making the FA more h**** and cannot take any more waiting for a piece of fresh ass pie. That weaker faggots tell the stronger homos to tie him in reverse to the bench press with the cable ties wrapped around his wrist and ankles they rip his shorts off violently and part his smooth

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  • OMG!!! They clogged up his ass with that nasty c**! How hot is that!!!!

  • God you are so ruining this thread, which was interesting and fun, and you are so ruining this entire site! Please stop! Please stop NOW!

  • If you would like so e more c*** just let me know! I'll split your p**** and have your cumin running.
    Fuc I'm so hard right now I better go f*** my wife.

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  • Gross. Disgusting. Perverted. Diseased.

  • When it's given this way, yes, HIV is a gift.

  • Oh my dear sweet mother of Christ! I would GLADLY take the HIV and AIDS and gonorrhea and syphilis and hepatitis just to get a f****** like this one! These boys know what they're doing and they know how to take care of a man, and a man's ass. I mean, S***! Now THIS is a real f******!!!!!!!

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  • God, this is even more delicious........to be manhandled "like a used up piece of meat". Yeah, that's how I wanna get used.

  • Evil old nasty HIV f***** needs more clean straight c*** fun. He stalks a nice young leather jacket wearing straight guy following him home on a daily bases. One night the aids infected f** decides to break into the straight guys house while he fast asleep. He finds his heterosexual prey asleep in bed, the f***** unzips his jeans really slow and rubs his mouldy old c*** across the straight guys faces and taps softly over his mouth slowly getting himself hard, the straight guy as no idea what is happening and start licking his lips. The HIV destroyed f***** cannot hold on any-more and forces his rock hard c*** into his mouth slowly pushing in back and forward util he explodes! leaving him with a huge nice warm load of pure HIV infected c** in his mouth.

  • What the f*** is wrong with you.

  • God, that is so delicious, to have all that cream given to you as a gift! I hope the straight guy appreciates all that cream, and that he repays the incredible favor by giving up the ass, too. That's what I would do. Yes, I would GIVE UP THE ASS.

  • sick f***

  • I don't agree with this unless you KNOW that your husband doesn't love you too. Cause if he does love you, try to work things out in the marriage!

  • Nasty b****. Be ashamed.

  • No, no, no. A weekend cheater chick? THAT's a man, baby!

  • Bogus confession written by a twenty something dweeb.

  • Bogus comment written by a decrepit and incontinent old fool.

  • Listen, you hope-hating sociopath, you're such a disaster, even FEMA couldn't s**** you up more.

  • Um, "hope-hating"? And "disaster"? Sorry, but my life is sooooooo much better than yours, you would never even begin to understand.

  • Another la la land Obama supporter.

  • ^ another weak ass bush licker ^

  • Tell me, you beer-swilling tart, does your mental handicap come with preferred parking?

  • You crazy mother b**** f*** who post s***

  • You suffer from libidinous infantile energies.

  • The OP is a man.

  • Wrong.......the OP is a W****.

  • No, no, no. Miley Cyrus? THAT's a man, baby!

  • Say it isn't so!!! Miley is my idol!!!

  • If freedom-loving Americans can't freely mock a shameless, cave-dwelling dingbat like you, then the terrorists have already won.

  • Tell me, you soulless, science-denying secessionist, do you Tweet your insanity too?

  • Huh??

  • So, OP, how was your romantic getaway weekend?

  • P.S. Feel blessed that I am even acknowledging you. I am a handsome dude who can get any woman I want including you. But, I have six women standing in line now waiting for me to s**** them. I'll get back to you after I do these lucky ladies. Later, Baby.

  • Meow!

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • No freakin' way! She's babalicious!

  • OMG! That's blasphemous! I am a straight girl but I want to go to Lesbian city with her. Don't wreck my fantasy! Please!

  • The OP should do a continuing adventures confession.

  • Yes she should and with details about the weekend.

  • This is the result of giving women equal rights. They get a little freedom and become amoral and flighty unlike in the past when patriarchal measures kept their wayward a**** in check.

  • I agree with this totally. You look back in history and you don't see women with fake t***, yuck! and female teachers in the news practically daily molesting students and dimwitted women acting like ass clowns flashing their silicone t*** everywhere and supposedly intelligent, college women getting drunk as skunks all the time. Pathetic! They were far better off and better behaved before women's lib screwed them up and turned them into mindless alcoholics and immoral s****.

  • ^ ....s***-crusted chauvinist a******. ^

  • That dribble has s**** written all over it.

  • And you have "self-righteous a*** cavity" written all over you.

  • Yeah, I see you ain't saying s*** now, P****!

  • I'll be t you couldn't even get that ass of yours off the floor without the use of a Saturn 5 rocket. I bet flying for you means pushing your scooter to its limit in a bid to be first to the potato chip bowl.

  • WTF????

  • Kiss my t***, T*** Face!!! That's WTF??? What?!

  • Another loony chick.

  • I could eat a bowl of alphabet soup and s*** out a smarter statement than that.

  • I love what you've done with your hair. How did you get it to come out of one nostril like that?

  • You sound like a little s** kitten. What are you wearing?

  • My male babe radar tells me you have a smoking hot body.

  • Yur babe radar ain't working. She is a little chubby, but not bad in the face. A Miley Cyrus on a bad day.

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • Are you a parking ticket? Because you've got FINE written all over you. Imaginary roses to you, Love, Billy

  • I want to be your love slave. I'm Josh. I work out and I'm handsome.


  • Hey everybody! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssss UP!

  • Hope yur husband kicks yur ass when he gits home.

  • Bad. Bad. Bad. When the cats away the rats will play.

  • They don't make women like they used to. TRAMP!

  • If I was your sister, I would slap that s******* around out of you and cut off all your hair to embarrass and publicly shame you. That's what I would do. I would not be a g****** accessory to your infidelity. No way.

  • My sister plays a little, too, so it's not like she has room to point any fingers at me or try to embarrass me. I mean, she certainly has more s*** on me than I have on her, by a long long way, but we are sisters and she loves me and she wants me to be happy and I want happiness for her, too. Maybe you have a different relationship with your sister, but secret-keeping is an important part of any relationship, isn't it?

  • This is haram. This right and just punishment should even apply to infidel women who don't live in merciful Allah's blessed countries: "Standard Sharia Law punishment for adultery for a woman is slowly stoning her to death..." This is best. Husband's honor restored. Problem wife no more problem. In western countries the men are the p****** and the women can do anything they want. This is what happens when Allah is not obeyed and the perfect Sharia Law is not the law of the land. Immoral, disgusting infidels!

  • You wouldn't think it was disgusting if you caught a whiff of my t***: you'd be wanting to f*** all three holes, like most males do, regardless of where they come from. Immoral? No, it's just pure pleasure and it's exactly what a man like you needs: you need to learn how -- and why -- to submit to a woman who knows how to take care of her men. All of them. And you wouldn't care how many men I was f******.......so long as I was f****** you, too. You'd stop worshiping Allah and start worshiping my t***. You know it's true.........

  • I wanna see what this woman looks like. I'm picturing long, brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, a smile to die for and a smoking hot body.

  • You sound so hot. I wish I was your boyfriend. Or your husband. Either one would be fine with me. I just want to be one of the guys you do.

  • I got wet reading this. I am so damn h**** that I hope I don't break my d****.

  • Same here. I wish had her s** life. Even half of it. :)


  • I would love to spend a sensuous weekend with you. I am a very attractive, well built bi woman who knows what another woman wants. Trust me, I can make you feel better than any man and give you the biggest O of your life. Imagine my soft hands caressing your b****** and kitty, my wet tongue licking every beautiful inch of you. P.S. I am married too, but what the hubbys don't know wont hurt them. Wink. xxx

  • You crazy b**** in my country we put in the jail and whip you 50 times and shut up you cheat with dumb p**** and lie to head house man husband.

  • Interesting place, where you live. :) Well, in MY country, a woman would shoot you in the head and claim that you had been abusing her and she would get off on self defense. And your sorry medieval ass would be dead. LOL!

  • Yeah sure. Everybody get laid.

  • What the h*** are you gonna do when your hunter husband finds out and your house of cards comes tumbling down? Huh? How you gonna deal with that. It will be bye bye to your house of lies and deceptions. Yeah, I know, forget about accountability and morals. Just go with the all about you flow and forget the consequences. You must be one of these anything goes women who fried her brains on alcohol and destroyed her moral compass. You will one day come to understand the saying payback is a b****. That's right. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Remember that and the fact you will have no one but your selfish self to blame when you immoral world falls apart. Good luck with that.

  • Your problem is you need to grow up. You are emotionally immature and that is why you are fooling around and defiling your sacred marriage vows. Know this. Jesus knows your every deed and thought. He's got this book where he keeps score of the good and the bad things people do. At this point, you are in the s*** list part of that book and a step away from eternal damnation. Get right with Jesus or burn in H***.

  • She should be reading the Bible when her husband is away rather than fornicating with some gigolo.

  • I'm not fornicating with some gigolo: I'm being f***** by a man who is ALL man and who knows how to f*** a woman like me and has the f****** equipment and stamina to reeeeeeeeally give me what I f****** need. He's single but he knows I'm married and he doesn't care about it or ever threaten my marriage. My boyfriend makes me happy and I make him happy, so much so that he doesn't have to go elsewhere for s**: what he gets from me is more than enough to satisfy him, so he doesn't look around. And my husband is more than happy with our s** life, and he has no suspicions about my liaisons. I don't see anybody getting hurt here and I don't see the harm. Everybody is happy. Especially me. :)

  • SINNER, FORNICATOR! REPENT!......Jude 1:7 - Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.......1 Corinthians 6:9 - Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

  • You're just saying that because you want my p****......:)

  • A computer once beat me at chess, but it was no match for me at kick boxing.

  • Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies.

  • Yes. This is true.

  • I have a guy on the side too but so far I have never been able to bring him to my house. I love how you were able to make that happen.

  • To Cutie Meow: Are those space pants you are wearing? Because your ass is out of this world! Kisses, Veronica

  • If i had a wife like you I would let her mess around with other men. It would make me so h****. But, she would have to tell me what she did with the other dude.

  • =^_^= <(cuck, cuck, cuck)

  • ,,,

  • INDICATIONS Meow is a p**** who has erectile dysfunction and t*** burglaritis.

  • I could use a weekend like that. I haven't had a lover in a year.

  • I like what you are doing. I wish I was strong enough to do the same.

  • I love kicking boys in their b****. i get away with it because i make the boys think they made me mad and because i am a girly girl but i really do it because i love to see boys faces when they get a good one in the b****. so funny. makes me laugh when i think of it. i am good at it too. before a boy knows it I get my foot in his b**** and he goes down holding on to them, lol. more girls should try this. it is so much fun and so funny. i am laughing now thinking about it. i kicked a big boy in the b**** today and made him look like a sissy. he wanted to kill me but because i am a sweet girl he did not do nothing. if you are a girl reading this you should try it to. it makes you feel like the queen of the world and you have power over all those boys just by kicking them where it hurts, lol, lol, lol.

  • Please. Please. Kick Meow in the nuts.

  • =^_^= <(Yeek yeek (Whoop whoop!) Why you all in my ear?
    Talkin' a whole bunch of s*** that I ain't tryin' to hear)

  • My boyfriend is going on an out-of-state hunting trip this weekend, but I suspect he and the guy he is going with will be doing a Broke Back Mountain thing instead of shooting wild s***. But bahahahaha, the joke is on him. I have invited my secret lover boy to come spend the weekend alone with me at my house. I'm so ready for this quality-time with my lover that I'm sitting here with a freakin' b**** as I type this. Finally, a nice weekend for a change. Kisses, Meow

    My boyfriend is going hunting for the weekend, but I think he and his feminine friend Josh will be doing a Broke Back Mountain instead of shoot wild stuff.


  • Meow Meow Meow Meow. Bhahahahah!

  • Gooooooooooooooooood MORNING A*** ASSASSINS! Have a great day!

  • =^_^= <(Solidarity!)

  • =^_^= <(We will! We will! Rock you!) =^_^= <(We will! We will! Rock you!) =^_^= <(We will! We will! Rock you!)

  • I F****** Hate The Chinese confession will always be on top hahahaha

  • Not any more. The Feet Confession KICKED YOUR ASS! BAHAHAHAHA!

  • I can feel my meowness dying to break out of me like a howling werewolf on a full moon night. I can barely keep my increasing desire to spam the s*** out of these confessions under control. I am trying to be good, but my desire to spam bomb like a maniac is getting the better of me. And those p*** ants writing s*** about me being afraid and neutered and s*** like that isn't helping. Meow isn't afraid of anything or anybody.

  • No point trying to bring back the real meow he is busy now on another website he will never rise again here.

  • =^_^= <(You are a t*** burglar.)

  • C'mon, Meow, let's see some of that spam. What? You ain't got it anymore? Admin got your b****, I mean tongue? Where's that big bad ally cat? Has he been cowered and is now just a P**** in hiding? C'mon Meow spam the s*** of of me. I know. You can't. You're scared. You're more like a chicken now than a cat. Buk buk buk buk brrr-awk! Buk buk buk buk brrr-awk!

  • =^_^= <(Bahahaha! i remember my first post on confessionpost)

  • Meow, you have lost your fury cat b**** to spam here, face it your a dried out p**** cat.

  • Meow went from the top cat to being just another p****.

  • Gooooooooooooooooood MORNING DICKHEADS! Have a great day

  • Lol, when I tell my wife I'm going hunting, I go spend some hot s** time with my mistress. My wife wonders why I never bag anything when I go hunting. I wink and tell her I'm a lover not a hunter. She never completely gets that joke, lol.

  • Beware of Owem. Meow 2.0

  • Meow has been humbled and humiliated. Owem is a wanna be minus the b**** Meow had before he got neutered, so to speak.

  • Meow is now really a p****.

  • Haha neutered gootas love that. =)

  • =^_^= <(FIGHT THE POWER)

  • What will you do if Meow never returns?

  • =^_^= <(Meow is God. He is already here and everywhere)

  • =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= =^-^= Guess who, Tank Wankers?

  • Meow go away.

  • =^_^= <--- Meow Symbol. We are everywhere.

  • Looks like there is a meow cult now.

  • Om mani Meow.

  • =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^= =^_^=

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

  • Hey baby!, are you having fun.

  • =^_^= <(yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you believed they banned Meow. Meow has been banned. If you believe there's nothing up Meow's sleeve. Then nothing is cool. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

  • I know this is meow posting... how did you survive those ban shots.

  • =^_^= <(I wear a tin foil hat. Nothing terrestrial or extraterrestrial can touch me. Bahahaha!)

  • =^_^= <(It may sound absurd but don't be naïve.
    Even spammers have the right to bleed.
    I may be disturbed but won’t you concede.
    Even spammers have the right to dream.
    And it's not easy to be me.)

  • I'm breaking through. I'm bending spoons. I'm keeping flowers in full bloom

  • Oh no, I've spammed too much. I haven't spammed enough. That's meow in the corner. That's meow in the spotlight. Losing his religion.

  • R.E.M-EOW

  • You gotta come back meow! i think its safe to say we secretly loved to hate you.

  • =^_^= <(Meow)

  • Look! It's a sign!

  • Free Meow, Free Meow, Free Meow. ADMIN!

  • =^_^= <(We got to fight the powers that be
    Lemme hear you say
    Fight the power)

  • WEOM...

  • It's a code! You know who is secretly communicating with us. P.S. "It is better to feed one cat than many mice."

  • True but what does meow what to say other then "meow", "bahahahaha i remember my first beer" and "fake as f***".

  • Lol. I think you nailed it. You even figured out the "fake as f***." Watch for him to be laying low and secretly posting, maybe with a little more variety. I think if you ban someone here by his IP it isn't permanent because his IP changes. I know my IP does all the time. The person can return and make mischief again until, or if, he tires of his posts being deleted.

  • So its safe to assume this is the claim before the storm. how many days to you give it? I will say at least a week or so.

  • You are probably right. I think whoever runs this place is going to be more proactive in stopping him now, which makes sense. I believe the first time Meow goes on a spam rampage he'll be stopped. I think as long as he keeps a low profile and doesn't spam he's probably safe. He does make things interesting here though. You never know when he might start up and he can be funny with posting stuff like tank w***** when he was verbally jousting with the English guy WHO...WROTE...LIKE...THIS and called people septic tank wankers. Even though the English guy was insulting everyone he cracked me up. As did Meow when he goaded the English guy on and got him mad and cursing up a storm. Here's another reason I think the admin here will be proactive now. I saw on the I hate Chinese confession somebody posting racist jokes about black people. I got p***** about that -- I hate racists -- and pressed the report buttons at each racist joke. The next day all those jokes had been deleted along with all of Meow's spam. That suggests to me that people who go too far here, via spam or racism, will get banned sooner now.

  • =^_^= <(Bahahaha! I remember when I had my first beer. I probably wrote something stupid like that too!)

  • I have died every day waiting for you to spam again. Meow don't be afraid. I have loved your spam for a Thousand years. I'll love it for a Thousand more. I miss you, sob, sob. It's me, your Chinese Hatin' Dude

  • Where are you now, Meow? All alone tonight I'm calling out your name. Somewhere deep inside this place your spam remains.Images of your Meows take me back in time.
    I don't know how my love for you started. Or why it ever had to end. Where are you now, Meow? Kisses, Brenda

  • Meow is a spam K.I.A

  • I would like to get my wife to go away for a weekend. I got this hot college girl with big t*** living next door to us. I know she wants some, but my damn wife is always in the way. I just want to s**** around with that pretty young thing. I am sure it would make my marriage better.

  • Hey, Meow. Cat got your tongue, Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • =^_^= <(Nope. Meow was just taking a ... catnap.)

  • =^_^=

  • Andy kaufman in the wrestling match

  • Andy are you goofing on Elvis? Hey, baby
    Are you having fun?

  • ConfessionPost was troubled by the horrible asp(meow)

  • God, I wish it was me having the affair with you, or even getting to be your husband! You are so hot and sexed up I just almost can't even stand it! You rock!

  • Hmmm. The way you write makes me sooo damn H****. Do you have a boyfriend?

  • Its a time for recovery, we should concentrate on new confessions and better comments, The Meow is banned if he was not he would be here now "Meowin" the place to h***. But saying that who will we abuse now Meow as gone, there is a say... " Let those who once fought against brothers and relatives now rightfully fight against barbarians." there could be someone alot worse then Meow here.
    I just saying.

  • Noticed to all users. Meows' accession came last night, Meow will never be back.

  • You see this post today a little below this one? -->> "Bahahahahaha! I remember my first beer too." <<-- That is a Meow signature comeback. He is here. He IS again.

  • Oooohhh your right up there with danger mouse ;)

  • I dunno. I get this creepy feeling he is still lurking around. It's kinda like in those horror movies when a dog barks at a ghost people can't see. It's kinda like when a person's car breaks down on a dark, desolate, country road and a wolf howls in the surrounding forest and you know H*** is coming.

  • Meow is so OVER.

  • Whats the pool on meows return?

  • I never bet against a sure thing. He is back already. You can feel it.

  • Always bet on Duke, sorry could not resist.

  • No, Man, he is never over. You will see. Be afraid.

  • How sweet it is that Meow has been erased from these confessions. He starts anymore s***. The Man shuts him down. I love it. Oh happy day!

  • Meow has gone, we don't need to hear about him no more.

  • You are so wrong. He lurks. He waits. He will rise again. He is unstoppable. He is like those monsters in the horror movies that always come back from the dead. Only, he is real. Be very afraid, assuming one.

  • How many times as the "Meow" spammer cat been here? I have only started using this website since yesterday.

  • Since forever. He is invincible. No power on earth or hand in heaven can stop him. He is an unstoppable spam ninja. If you write a fake confession, he will haunt you to your dying day. You will even see him in nightmares. He is superhuman and paranormal. Pray you never cross his path or write a bogus confession.

  • Meow is ready to rise again.

  • Dude, you are finished. Anything you post will be deleted. Your spam is deadmeat here. Your reign of terror is over. You are no longer the Man. You are the Boy. Even the effeminate, weak-ass Chinese Hatin' Dude has more power than you now. You s**** around here, you get your ass kicked. Simple as that. It's better you find a new hobby like collecting barbie dolls or watching gay p***. After the beating you took here, you probably can't even raise your d***, let along another significant spam attack. Face it, Man, you are yesterday's news, a has been who's been shut down and humiliated. With a few mouse clicks, you went from the king of spam to a nobody, and there is nothing you can do about it. Accept you fate.

  • A******

  • Bahahahahaha! I remember my first beer too.

  • Septic Tank W*****?

  • Poofta?

  • Um, Nutter?

  • Meow?

  • I can't beat that. You win.

  • Lol meow that bad lol

  • Dream on.

  • Dream about all the meows...

  • Nightmares on the way. Like Nightmare on Elm Street. Never sleep on Meow. He is lurking. Looked for he cannot be seen. Listened for her cannot be heard. It is said Meow can walk through walls. Be afraid.

  • You know the Meow spammer will be back. He always comes back like Sin.

  • Back? I never went away... -meow

  • Owww meow.

  • I fantasize about being with other men instead of my husband and my fantasies are detailed and very sexual. But, I dont have the courage to cheat om my husband.

  • I have been thinking about fooling around with my husband's brother. He flirts with me and check me out all the time. I know he wants me. I think he would not say anything if I let him do the things to me I know he is dying to do. I would really like to be with both brothers at the same time, but my husband is too conservative to ever do a threesome. Oh, well ... maybe I will just do a solo with his hunky brother.

  • Okay, I am really on a roll now. Yes, it is me Meow again. I guess today's confession day for yours truly. As I confessed before, I am a dude, but I like to wear women's undies. I like that no one knows I have bikini panties or my favs from Victoria's Secret, Seamless Little Lace Thong Panties. OMG, I LOVE those! Yeah, I know that's like the new normal with all the dudes doing it now, but here's when I get a little frisky. Once a month I stick a tampon up my butt to simulate a period. I know that's kind of whacked, but it's just how I'm wired. Maybe I'm a babe in a dude's body?

  • Okay, I'm feeling like confessing today. Maybe it's the weather. I would be embarrassed to tell anyone this in person, but since you only know me as Meow and will never know who I really am, here goes. I love eating dog s***. I started doing that when I was a kid and never stopped. You know what's funny" I have a shih tzu dog whose s*** I eat every day. My friends call it a s*** tzu. If only they knew how funny that is to me. lol. Some people drink cow p***. Some drink their own p***. Me I eat dog s***. No biggy.

  • Dude, that's so gross. Eew!

  • You prolly know me as Meow the Spammer, but I am really just a guy who likes sticking things in my butt. Im not looking for some One to tell me it's wrong I just want to know if it's normal? I've never had s** I just like the feeling. =

  • As f***** up as you are, for you that's normal. Most likely you are practicing for the day when you meat the man of your dreams and he sticks his s****** up your butt.

  • Gee whiz! Just when you think you have gotten rid of Meow he comes back like those monsters in horror movies who keep coming back from the dead. Maybe that f***** is a zombie.


  • I see my lover when I tell my husband I am going out with my girlfriend. She is married and has a boyfriend too, so we cover for each other. We have a good thing going that is foolproof.

  • I got rid of a****** Meow. He won't bother you anymore here.

  • Don't be scared Homie, lol.

  • Hey, Meow Doofus! The only way you'll ever get laid is if you crawl up a chicken's ass and wait.

  • Hey Dough Boy Meow. If you were twice as smart, you'd still be stupid. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Yo Meow B**** Mother F***. What's that ugly thing growing out of your neck... Oh... It's your head.

  • Welcome to Meow's Confession Post. Feel free to post your confession and have it spammed to death, courtesy of admin Meow.

  • Surely this juvenile twit Meow is history now. Surely he has finally been banned.

  • This was a really nice original post........and now it's been totally ruined. By a f****** cat.........

  • Meow has fake t*** and a teenzy pee pee.

  • Enjoy. You totally missed my teacher confession. I faked your ass out with that one, lol.






  • Spam away m*********. Let's see what ya got, P****!

  • Ho hum. Gee I am so bothered by your childish behavior. Zzzzzzzz. Yawn.

  • Boring.

  • Yeah, B****, you ain't saying s*** now, P****!

  • Meow's fantasy is to be a prison b**** and get butt f***** nightly.

  • Meow's c*** is lodged up the Chinese Hatin' Dude's ass.


  • Butt Muncher!

  • P****!

  • Hey, Mewo P****! KISS MY ASS! LOL

  • Yeah, B****, your ass needs that V***** s***, lol

  • Eat s*** and die, P****!

  • Suck it p*** Meow.

  • Dear Meow,
    Please eat s*** and die.
    Yours truly,

  • The confession isn't fake. The spammers are.

  • That's it? Weak.

  • I do not have to go away to get my somethin' somethin'. I got a thing with the mail man and he is delivering more than mail. Hmmm.

  • Glad to see that Meow p**** got scared off. No b****.

  • Speaking of b****, I would love to kick that doofus in the f****** b****. I love kicking guys in the nuts. It makes me wet.

  • I wish my husband would go hunting so I could put the moves on my new golf pro neighbor. Hmmm.

  • Buy him a gun. Encourage him. That's how I got my hubby out of the house for weekends at a time. You can do it. Go Girl!

  • You've become a one trick pony, b****. LOL.

  • Big whoop! That ain't s***. Getting tired, P****?

  • Yeah, you're done b****. Good riddance!

  • Don't be scared, Homie. LOL.

  • Is em's wittle fingers getting tired p**** boy? LOL!

  • P**** P**** P****!

  • F***** Meow is a P****! LOL.

  • Suck it B****!!! LOL.

  • Getting tired of your juvenile game, p*** boy, LOL. LOL. LOL.

  • P**** P**** P****.

  • That's it? That's all your gnarly ass has got? What a P****!

  • Where ya at, Meow P****. Don't be scared Homie.

  • Meow is a P****!

  • Suck it dickwad Meow!

  • Hey, Dickbreath Meow. It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a fork.

  • Wow. I'm so impressed and soooo upset that wittle meow is childishly spamming this thread. Boo Hoo P****. LOL.

  • LOL! Weak ass move! P****!

  • Did em get a wittle tired wittle boy. Time for beddy bye? Your mommy gonna give you some cookies, wittle boy? Nite nite, P****!

  • Zzzzzzzzzzzz. So boring and soooo weak.

  • Yawn ... zzzzzzz. BORING. Did you give up, P****?

  • Here p****, p****, p****, lol.

  • Ho hum. BORING!

  • I swear, if you don't stop meowing I will find where you live, kidnap you, torcher you until you wish for death, then let you sit in a room with no food or water.

  • That's too human for Meow. You should put hot coals to his eyes, cattle prods to his nuts, and feed him to pigs.

  • Meow shot his weak wad. None he's gone and won't be back. What a d***!

  • Meow is a P****.

  • Meow is such a dickless twit!

  • I could use a woman weekend lover. What the h***. Double your pleasure double your fun.

  • Weak, p**** move.

  • Meow is a p**** and he sucks donkey d****.

  • That the best you got, Sissy Boy? Ho, hum.

  • I love doing manly things with hunter hunks. Does your husband ever switch hit? I'm a tall blonde man, considered handsome and built like a male stripper. I'm endowed, if you get my drift, and my partners always are, so to speak, blown away by my bedroom skills. I could keep your husband busy with my hot man love and give you more time with your boyfriend. I would even go hunting with your hubby and broke back mountain with him in the rough, or did I mean in the buff? Ta, Ta. Bad Brad

  • Sooner or later, your world will come crashing down around you. P.S. Meow sucks.

  • Meow needs to suck on a shotgun barrel.


  • For some reason, some times i hump pillows, i don't know why, and i wish i didn't do it. but when im home alone with nothing to do, i do it. and it feels really good. Had to get that off my chest Kisses. Meow

  • Hey Meow! I don't know what makes you so stupid, but it really works!

  • Hey, Meow! Is that your face or did your neck throw up?

  • Gosh, this is great. I bet you live in a really nice trailer.

  • As a matter of fact I do. It's a double wide, and, duh, I even have running water and electricity.

  • My sincerest apologies for being such a j*** when I posted MEOW hundreds of times in these confessions. I found God and I won't be bothering you anymore. And my sincerest apologies for all the people I annoyed. Yours in Jesus, my personal Savior - Meow

  • Ding d***, Meow and the Impostor are gone. Good riddance butt boys!

  • i like aggressive confident women. very sexy.

  • I love it when a guy s***'s or p***** in my mouth and all over me .... and i love to eat p*** out of public bathroom toilets when i see it ... nothing turns me on more than that. Kisses, Meow

  • This comes as no surprise to me Meow. I have often felt you were a s******* for all the spamming you do here. Now wipe the p*** off your face and go away.

  • Bad b****** like me is hard to come by ...

  • I told my wife I was going hunting but me and my buddies are simply going out for a few hours and returning home. The only hunting happening this weekend is going to be in my back yard.

  • Um ... a little back door mano a mano?

  • Love it! LOL!!!

  • Meow, you SUCK!

  • I can beat all you wanna bes. I have two husbands. one on the east coast and one on the west coast. I travel all the time in my job and neither hubby is the wiser. But, that's not all, I have boyfriends in middle America as well. It's so damn good being me.

  • You are a w****.

  • You say that like it's a bad thing?

  • I have a better arrangement than this woman does. My husband encourages me to sleep with other men. I get to experience more men in bed and with his blessings. What's not to love?

  • Here's a heads up. Meow is back and being his obnoxious self.

  • Your sister should squeal on you to your hubby. That would be the right thing to do. But, you know what? If I was your sister, I would blackmail you. You would do all my wash and clean my house and any other damn thing I wanted or I would tell your hubby.

  • :) Please don't say that to my sister: I don't want her to know how much leverage she really has in that way. Seriously, my sister knows some serious s*** on me and she could cause so much trouble. But she's my sister so she won't ever do that.....I hope. :)

  • Don't worry. I won't. I was just kidding. And, as you know, I'll never know your sister anyway. That said, it might be a bad idea to ever make your sister mad.

  • You are so totally right. We have always gotten along great our whole entire lives but I guess we never really know what the future holds so I need to be very careful with her. Good thought! Thanks!

  • Evangeline should hurt you for being a bad girl, and, believe me, you don't want Evangeline hurting you.

  • Yuck! This turns my stomach. The poor husband.

  • Your hubby needs to take a firm hand with you. He needs to take you over his lap and spank those wandering ways out of you. That would straighten you out and make you act right.

  • I love a really good spanking. Really hard and cruel. But my husband isn't the man for that job.

  • This woman is an enchantress. Her eyes, her voice, her words could make the strongest weak.

  • You are lucky I don't know you. I would seduce your husband in a heartbeat to teach you a lesson. P.S. I never met a man I couldn't seduce, in case you are doubting my qualifications.

  • I hate to disappoint but I doubt you would succeed with my husband. He's always loved my p**** and wants no others. The problem is that he just doesn't want it often enough. So I stray. Still, I admire your confidence and my guess is that you've seduced lots of married men, maybe even more than me! Maybe we should form a club.........?

  • Ha! The man I can't get is the man I haven't met. Yeah, I'm that hot and I'm that good.

  • But you don't have my p****!

  • You are a man, lol.

  • Don't you wish YOU were?

  • I have a thing going on with my husband's younger brother. He saw my husband be verbal abusive to me so many times, that he talked to my husband about it saying I was too nice a woman to treat like that. When my husband kept being mean to me, I found relief from his abuse in his brother's arms. His brother cheated on him with me because he felt his brother deserved it for the way he treated me. He was right. My husband's brother is so much more caring and affectionate. I know now I married the wrong brother. The day is coming when I will be with the right one and leave my unappreciative, emotionally abusive husband. Funny how after they put that ring on your finger many men change and not for the good.

  • Enjoy your cheating, s****.

  • From the OP ----- You are so right and so insightful and I appreciate your sharing your thoughts and your experience with everyone, although I realize that was a hard thing to do. I'm sorry you've had to deal with an abusive relationship but I am VERY happy that you found a place of comfort and peace and support and love, and I know that your brother-in-law will be the man for you. Forever. All the best.

  • I have been married 20 years. I only have had s** with my husband. He is not always in the mood when I want it now. I wish I had a lover to spend a weekend with. I would love the experience of another man making love to me. My marriage is so boring and my husband has become as sexy as an old shoe.

  • I understand. I haven't been married quite as long as you have but I totally get your frustration. We all need physical intimacy and romance.......and attention. And when we don't get it our lives are diminished. I strongly suggest that you go find yourself a sexy man and have an affair with him. Be sure he's clean and that he's discreet. A married man is usually the best bet because he'll have as much at risk as you do but some single men are viable too and they just LOVE the idea of having a married gal sneaking off the reservation to get some love. Keep in mind that what you are giving and receiving in these situations is love and that's why they call it 'making love' whether or not it's within the confines of a marriage. Stop settling for whatever hubby gives you and go out and enjoy yourself. The feel of cheating is one of pure thrill!

  • You are asking for trouble. Sooner or later you will get caught.

  • He is a hunter. He has a gun. Aren't you worried he could snap and bad things could happen if he found out about your infidelity?

  • Yes, he has several guns, but he isn't the sort to use them on another person, much less me, unless he were being physically attacked or in threat of his life. He might yell and scream, or he might just leave, I don't honestly know what his exact reaction would be if he found out about my infidelity, but I don't think he would become violent. If he really thought about why I do it I think he would realize that I have needs he isn't satisfying and he would be ashamed that I need more than him.

  • If my wife was like this, it would be bye bye in a New York second. This cheater probably isn't hot anyway, which may be why she is insecure in her marriage and seeks self image reinforcement from an indiscriminate boy toy. If her husband was smart, he would be hunting for a hot babe instead of trying to kill wild animals.

  • I think she sounds hot. I'd bet she is.

  • You have zero morals. You have the fidelity of an ally cat. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • I'm sorry if my choices are offensive to you: I actually mean that, without sarcasm. My moral values are certainly not the same as yours, but I do have them. And while I respect yours, I don't share them. Yes, I cheat on my husband, and I've been doing that with multiple men for several years. But I'm not depriving him of anything: he gets all the s** he needs from me, and he tells me that all the time. He f**** me often enough to satisfy himself; it's just not often enough to satisfy ME! My current boyfriend on the side is a different matter: he loves foreplay and he's good at it, he's got a c*** like a horse, AND he loves to use it OFTEN. It's reached the point that I no longer need anybody other than him: where before I might have been dating two or three or more guys, now it's just this one guy who is ALL MAN. Well, I mean I still f*** my husband, but I'm not counting him. I love him, but I am one of those women who needs more than one man. It's just the way it is.

  • You would be perfect for my son. You would be like two peas in a pod. He tells his wife he's going hunting and goes over to his stripper girlfriend's house. Your husband's name isn't Michael, is it? Just curious.

  • This is soooooooooooooooooooooo WRONG!

  • absolutely

  • No........it's sooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!

  • Troll alert.

  • Dork alert.

  • I don't mean to be rude, but you should be doing more womanly things like baking cookies and cleaning your house instead of s******* around when your husband is away. Shame on you!

  • Trust me, honey.......what I'm doing is TOTALLY womanly, like you can't imagine. :)

  • You sound hot and adventurous. The world needs more exciting women like you.

  • Thank you so much for your kindness.

  • I could use a weekend like that.

  • If you ever break up with your boyfriend, I would love to go out with you. You sound hot and adventurous. I'm sick of going out with boring uptight women. I need some excitement in my life with a wild woman and I know you are hot and good in bed. I can tell. By the way, my name's Randy. xxxooo

  • Hi, Randy. Believe it or not, my name is Andi (short for Andrea), so it would probably be weird to be a couple with me. :) I'm sorry you are having trouble finding a good woman to date, but you definitely need to keep trying because there are plenty of women out there who need a good and sexy man like you . . . believe me. In particular, there are lots of married women who need a good man to provide the attention and care and love and warmth that they are not getting at home, and you just need to find one of the places they hang out. Many times, you'll find two or three together, married gals who go out on the hunt for hot c***. They are usually the loudest ones at the bar, the ones drinking the most, dancing the most, and the ones having the most fun. Just work your way into their group (you might start by sending them drinks) and make ALL OF THEM your friends: nature will take care of the rest. And by the way, you're right about me: I am really hot for s** and I'm really, really, really good in bed. I'm not the best-looking woman in the world, but I f*** like a wet dream (or so I am told). Good luck to you!

  • After all men do this all the time. This is really a case of do unto him before he does unto you with some young chicky. You might as well gets yours while you can. Many of these so called husbands leave us for somebody else even if we worked our butts off to put the p***** through college.

    You dangle a pair of big t*** in front of them and like hungry fish they take the bait. You think I'm kidding? Invite some hot chicky in a tight low cut dress to your home for dinner and watch your husband's eyes pop out. And you know exactly what he'll be thinking. S**. With the bimbo. If he thinks he can have that without you knowing it, he'll be all over it.

    I caught my church going ex husband by hiring a detective. He showed me photos of my p**** husband going to motels with one of his co-workers and hugging and kissing her and holding her hand when they went in and out of those motels. A******!

  • I do this too. It's good for a marriage. If I didn't sleep with other men once in awhile, I would go crazy. Besides, it's fun experiencing different bedroom techniques.

  • abso-f******-lutely!! my husband has no clue how active i am. he knows im h**** 24/7 but he cant satisfy my needs. so i cheat. almost all women do.

  • Amen to that. After my hunky boss pestered me for a year, I gave in and let him have some in his office. It got me a big promotion. My hubby loves spending the extra money, but he wouldn't if he knew how his goody two shoes, prim and proper wife let her hair down a little with the boss and had fun. :-)

  • god yes i love f****** a coworker and i did that for almost a year but the guy got too clingy and demanding (they say women are that way but that is soooooo wrong) so i had to stop and i didnt want to take the same risk again. but f****** my boss on his desk or in the supply room or in his car or in a cheap motel OR IN THE BED AT HOME THAT HE SHARES WITH HIS WIFE was such a turn-on for him and for me. so are you still involved with him or have you moved on? inquiring minds want to know. :)

  • Amen to that! Cheating in the office is the best! So naughty!

  • Another Warning about Immoral Women

    6While I was at the window of my house,
    looking through the curtain,
    7I saw some naive young men,
    and one in particular who lacked common sense.
    8He was crossing the street near the house of an immoral woman,
    strolling down the path by her house.
    9It was at twilight, in the evening,
    as deep darkness fell.
    10The woman approached him,
    seductively dressed and sly of heart.
    11She was the brash, rebellious type,
    never content to stay at home.
    12She is often in the streets and markets,
    soliciting at every corner.
    13She threw her arms around him and kissed him,
    and with a brazen look she said,
    14“I’ve just made my peace offerings
    and fulfilled my vows.
    15You’re the one I was looking for!
    I came out to find you, and here you are!
    16My bed is spread with beautiful blankets,
    with colored sheets of Egyptian linen.
    17I’ve perfumed my bed
    with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.
    18Come, let’s drink our fill of love until morning.
    Let’s enjoy each other’s caresses,
    19for my husband is not home.
    He’s away on a long trip.
    20He has taken a wallet full of money with him
    and won’t return until later this month.”
    21So she seduced him with her pretty speech
    and enticed him with her flattery.
    22He followed her at once,
    like an ox going to the slaughter.
    He was like a stag caught in a trap,
    23awaiting the arrow that would pierce its heart.
    He was like a bird flying into a snare,
    little knowing it would cost him his life.
    24So listen to me, my sons,
    and pay attention to my words.
    25Don’t let your hearts stray away toward her.
    Don’t wander down her wayward path.
    26For she has been the ruin of many;
    many men have been her victims.
    27Her house is the road to the grave.
    Her bedroom is the den of death. PROV. 7

  • You are doing the right thing. Life is too short to not have as much fun and as much s** as possible.

  • i totally totally totally agree with this post^^!

  • Wow now this is sad, your married and seeing some one else at the same time, i feel no remorse when i say this, you are a w****. unless your husband is neglecting you(a.k.a. beating, abusing, ect. ), you have no reason to be doing this, unless of course you are only in it for the s**, in that case you are what gives women every where a bad name.

  • I'm no w****. Yes, I'm cheating, and yes, I've cheated before. But the men I see are important to me, and I'm VERY important to them, even the ones who are married. I've had a few one-nighters, but for the most part, the relationships I have are long-term and deep. Not every woman is able to be satisfied by one man and there's reason that those women should limit themselves to the conventional arrangements. Yes, I love s**, but I also love romance and affairs and men. I really do love men.

  • I'm so sorry but you ARE a w****, no matter what you say. The things you wrote in this post prove that you are a w****, that you've always BEEN a w****, and that you'll always BE a w****.

  • Gawd! You are so irrelevant and dumb. No telling what's in your closet. You probably wear women's panties.

  • Yes, of COURSE I wear women's panties.....I'm a woman!!! But you? I think we all know what you are.....

  • This is truly a beautiful thing. You are an inspiration for doing something about that old saying, too many men so little time. You go girl!

  • Ditto!!

  • This is a beautiful thing.

  • Do you not even care about how your husband will feel when he finds out, and when he leaves you so will your boyfriend and you're going to be sad and lonely and your kids will grow up and never speak to you because you cheated on their own dad you heartless shitbag

  • I hope you get AIDS you f****** C***

  • Oh my, aren't you the sweetheart. P.S. You should wear a condom on your head because if you're gonna act like a d*** you might as well dress like one!

  • Enjoy baby to your hearts content...when two hearts are united even thin air should not come in between!!

  • Tramp.

  • Twit!

  • So, so, so much faggotry. Very sad.

  • W****.

  • Imbecile

  • Praying for Meow to die a slow and painful death. And soon.

  • Tra la la la la. Tra la la la la. And when I smile the whole world stops for awhile .... My work is done here. I leave this confession in the hands of the OP. Do with it what you will. Love it or leave it. Courtesy of the manipulated spammer, hee, hee, you are now positioned for traffic evermore. Au revoir.

  • Brenda, tell me, exactly how much s**** do you have to swallow to become that stupid?

  • Looks like the wittle boy spammer finally stopped his childish games. Best thing that ever happened. Maybe his mommy took him out for some ice cream.

  • Your legs are like an Oreo Cookie - I wanna split them and eat all the good stuff in the middle.

  • Oh my, the little delinquent returns. lol. I find it funny. Doesn't bother me a bit. What do you have for me now wittle boy? lol.

  • Yeah, have you thought about what could happen in your gun toting husband found out? With all the gun carrying nutcases shooting people, you might be putting yourself at risk. Seriously.

  • Gosh! I hope you don't get caught. He might shoot you.

  • Ooooo my confession being spammed. I'm sooo disturbed by that. Not. I can't wait till that moron spammer gets banned. Ha, ha, ha.

  • Now way. It's still going strong.

  • The spammer is jealous. The best he can do is his sweaty palm. Getting lucky for him would be if he bought a blow up doll.

  • The way I see it, if you don't want to be with your husband anymore (which from the way your acting makes me think you don't) why don't you act like the responsible adult you are (though I doubt you know how to set a good example for your kids being the way you are) and file a divorce instead of being a coward and cheating on him behind his back. Seriously your marriage is gonna be ruined the moment he finds out so you might as well end it yourself. And please don't try to give the excuse that you still love your husband because if you really did love him you wouldn't being cheating on him.

  • Good luck and enjoy your bf , f*** like there is no tomorrow your boyfriend must be hot to get you feeling that way . I am sure your husband is more of a quick get it over with and sleep type of guy . You need more then that . Your in a rut with your husband who isn't willing to spice things up I understand so don't feel guilty one bit The first two comments are from guys who just don't get women so ignore them

  • Thank you so very much! I appreciate your kindness and your support. And your right about hubby not being spicy and my boyfriend adding so much spice! He wants to do me all the time, and he is the king of foreplay, which I just love, so all the more reason to spend as much time as I can with the bf!! THANKS!!!!!!

  • S***...I hope your husband is doing more than hunting.

  • Sorry to disappoint, but there's no way he would and there's no way he could. He's gotten sooooooooo boring and bad at s** and ugly. My boyfriend is hung like a horse and he's generally a stud. I always enjoy f****** him more than hubby. Too bad for you!

  • So why be with your husband? is your lover too dumb to make a living to support you both?

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