The truth will set you free

So in exactly 3 days 2013 will end and 2014 will start, and i wish to leave this year with nothing on my chest.
1. I watched p*** ...a lot ( I am a 17 year old girl)
2. I have never been kissed and am still a virgin
3. I told my friends that this guy( i made him up) came over and fingered me .. ( not true). I just wanted to it in)
4. I have lied ... a lot
5. I am afraid of relationships ( i think)
6. I have never had a boyfriend
7. I go on sites to roleplay and lie about my name and age.
8. I am scared to graduate...( going off into the world alone)
9. I touch myself.. and then feel guilty
10. I cry myself to bed most nights
11. I have tried to self harm.. but failed
12. I wish to leave the past in the past (this was a very hard year for me)
13. I feel better . Thankyou .

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  • Absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things. ?

  • You posted what pretty much most girls experience at your age but are not posting in a public forum.

  • Wow!! i am much the same xcpt im a man

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