Helping my friend do my Mom

That I don't like my Mom she is always mean to me and wishes I was never born. I am 16 and she is 44 and a little over weight. My brother has been gone from the house for a long time and it is just the two of us at home.
My friend Ron always says he would like to get in her pants and suck her big t***. I tell him he is crazy, but he tells me he would do anything to do her.
Mom goes out on Friday night and has some drinks with the girls so I told Ron if he could something that would put her half out of it I would help him nail her. His Dad works at the local drug store and he said he could some stuff that would do just that.
Friday night one week ago he showed up at the house when Mom was out and had a small bottle of something that he said would do the trick. How do we give it to her he asked does she brushed her teeth before bed and I told him yes. I don't know what it was, but he soaked her brush in it for about a half hour.
She came home about 9 and she was a little drunk and said I'm going to bed. She went into the bathroom and then went in her room we gave her 30 minutes and then went in her room she was out cold. My heart was beating almost out of my chest with fear that she would wake up and kill us.
Ron pulled the sheet and blanket off her and started rubbing her t** she never moved then he said I told you it would work as he pulled up her nightgown. There was her bare p**** covered with dark brown hair her t*** were large and had dark nipples I had never seen her nude before. Ron pulled her legs apart and she said something, but I couldn't understand her. He spit on his finger and began sliding it up and down her crack and then inside her. He took his pants off and his c*** was hard he got between her legs and was trying to stick it in her. He said she needs more spit so we both spit on our hands and ribbed them on and in her. He got his c*** in her and said I have dreamed of this i'm going to shoot my c** in her and then you can. I blocked out what he was saying next I just didn't want to hear it when he was finished he pulled out and told me to go, but I couldn't he said she likes it, but I still couldn't do it to Mom.


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  • I can scarcely believe that a woman, no matter how drunk she is, doesn't know when she's being rammed. In any event, she would certainly know in the morning. My mum always asks me, "Did you enjoy using me last night?"

  • If your mother ever files a complaint against your friend you and your friend both will be going to prison assuming this isn't a bullshit story


  • This is the sweetest story. A caring son helping his mom and a friend find a little TLC. I wish I had a son like you.

  • This is a beautiful thing. You are a good son to make your mother and your friend happy like that. Not everyone would have been so generous as to help two people fulfill their natural needs.

  • One of my son's friends (whose father is also a friend of my husband) wants me so bad he can f****** taste it, but he's painfully shy and retiring. I'm working him every time he comes by the house, dressing provocatively, and flirting like a w**** in heat whenever the two of us are in a room or on the patio alone together. I'm going to get him, without a doubt, but I'm going to drive him insane for it first. By the time I finally f*** him, he'll only last for about one second inside me before he explodes. But then I'm going to f*** him a dozen more times before I let him go home. This boy is going to belong to me. And do you know what else? He's going to knock my ass up.

  • Dam that f****** hot, i hope you get him

  • I totally will get him. And what makes it even better is that the kid is a virgin. I'm even thinking about tking him for myself and keeping him to myself, not even letting him date girls his own age. And if I tell him the baby is his (after I get him to knock me up first, of course), I know I can guilt him into staying just for me. I know he wants me bad enough to do it, and I want to make him my sweet little playtoy. Well, a sweet little playtoy with a grrrrrreat big mommy-f****** d***!!! :)

  • S***.....wish you lived near me so i could check out how hot you are

  • Hey, A******. The zoo called, the baboons want their butts back, so you'll have to find a new face.

  • You are a male posing as a woman. But, take heart, the j*** off dickheads on this site will believe anything you writ like mindless morons.

  • Yup, he's a dude alright. Probably an ugly one at that.

  • a*******. there are a******* everywhere.

  • You are a male posing as a man. But take heart: nobody cares about you because you are a jerkoff d*******.

  • I rest my case, lol.

  • I'm not the OP, you inbred f***** r*****.

  • Of course you're not the OP. The OP isn't as dumb as you or a p**** poser.

  • Shut up, you'll never be the man your mother is.

  • Duh. No s***, Dumbass, lol.

  • my son has a best friend who makes me super hot and i wish my son would put him on me. otherwise i will just have to go and get on him myself. god i want that boy's c***!

  • This is soooooooooooooo totally sexy. And it was sooooooooooo good for your mom.

  • Helping your friend rape your mom....

  • I hate to be the one to tell you, but your friend AND YOU are criminals. RAPISTS. And you just confessed to a felony. Enjoy the repeated ass-rapings you're going to get while you're in prison.

  • Duh, Dumbass. She loved it. I know she pretended to be asleep so no guilt.

  • Let me repeat. You and your buddy committed a F-E-L-O-N-Y. And you're both going to P-R-I-S-O-N. Where you'll both be repeatedly A-S-S-R-A-P-E-D. Have F-U-N!

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