I don't know how to deal with this

So I had this friend who was gay. He was bullied everyday. One day, he couldn't take it anymore. He slit his throat. His mother found him in his room... There was a note,
Dear Family,
Thank you for supporting me. I am sorry for all the pain I have put you through, and how since it is my 11th birthday, that we couldn't celebrate, I'm also sorry that people like you can't be everywhere. I love you all.
He turned 11 the day he committed suicide.
That was last year. I couldn't go to his funeral, because i was too upset. Now, on Monday, January 17, 2014, it will be his 12 birthday.
At my school, we have a lot of people who don't accept gays. I had a fight with one about how everyone should be equal, and I ended up crying, and he asked what was wrong, and I said, "People like you. My friend, who was gay, was a kid, just 11 years old, and had a life. He played sports and everything, just like you. He just happened to like guys, not girls, and you can't accept that." He was silent, then asked why I was talking in past tense, so I said, "Because he was raised in a town full of people like you, who couldn't accept him. They tormented him, to the point where he couldn't take it anymore, so he took his own life." He was silent, and left. I feel bad, and I am already sad enough, so should I apologize, because he didn't know. I just don't know...

Jan 10, 2014

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  • Its a disgrace for anyone to make Gay people and children feel so bad that they reach the point of life where they cannot live anymore.
    Those who call Gays name or bully them are worthless children and people.
    Black or white.
    Straight or Gay.
    We all have the right to be respected.
    Those who helped cause his death should be totally ashamed of themselves.
    Because a young life is now gone.
    And the parents have to live with the pain until they pass away in old age.
    Bullies are nothing but cowards when you see one on their own.
    Sorry to hear about how your friend was treated and his life now gone.
    Bullies and anyone name calling Gays or other people should be punished badly for their stupid behaviour.

  • People are entitled to their opinions, right or wrong. You have every right to be upset. But you're placing a lot of blame on a kid who really didn't know your friend. Your points are hugely valid, and you most likely gave him something to think about. Maybe you can say to him, that you believe that everyone should be treated equally regardless of who they like/love. And that you're sorry you took your frustrations out on him directly, but you are hurt and angry by the loss. I'm sorry for your loss. 11, that is so sad. It's sad when anyone takes their life.

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