I am a child abuser . My Hollywood

One of the questions will be: In this way why now and why?
This is quite simple . My life comes to end on
I have spent the large largest portion of my life with film and television . I had a good time but I also have seen like the truth really is.
One of the greatest lies in Hollywood is and always will be s** and drugs.
Like it the people are actual, nobody then would want more so to see a movie. Nobody Became a part of this world claim to be Therefore it is so so important to keep secrets .
With money, extortion and complicity.
So what do I want ? Many will say you tell nothing new there! You are right.
Asks why you do not talk about this?
The best trick To provide a dark veil is the rumor .
However , I want to say what I am, I am a child abuser . Yes, you read Correctly . I am one of very very many. I have used children for s**. Exact like all of us, at Hollywood. Agents , producers and actor. Also women take part .
Yes, I know. You want names. I must disappoint you. So not.
However , I want to talk about one . Over a man of supporting actors unimportant for the one as smaller started. This one is world- famous a man today .
This man become at time a leading role and by the time a producer. By his false religious views , it is known for the more than fame for his talent.
He is most abominable all of us . What he has done with the children goes beyond far all limits .
All his victims have had her great breakthrough movie on his side . All his victims either have started a successful career, play or have immediately got out again.
All of you were old at the age from 10 to 13 year . Most girls and two boys . He Has not only abused her .He has raped her . Brutal and bad.
He wanted to take advantage of even his own daughter too lastly . But his former wife had caught him . She has separated Themselves from him very fast . Hey gave away all rights, for her silence.
The parents of children pros know what we have made, they have let yourself be compensated.
A lot of money flowed. Many agreements. This is one of the reasons why his victims join in his produced films again , too.
I am a pig but he is a monster. Protected by monsters.
No worry friends . I have told a good and honorable everything. He knows every name of you . Every deed. Every extortion. What I know, so everything he knows .
He wants to find a way . I do not know any one this one stands for liberty of talking more than him . He Has impressed me . He already has found out quite so much alone and I have rewarded him.
I regret profoundly. I have so done terrible things and so many people soul destroyed. I am sorry. Truly sorry. Please please forgive me. Forgive me for the cruelty that I have done to you all.
I would especially like to apologize to you K. I had the chance to protect you from this man and I have not done it. I am and was a coward . I especially regret that I will not be able to say to your father, what for an witch agreement your mother done. I failed, little K. You were such a sweet kid . Your curls and your smile. your hair beauty shining. It is wonderful to see you grew up to an amazing and wonderful woman.
I digress. I have long thought about, whether I go after this path and say this. I want to clear my conscience.
As always see people my words does not matter. For me at least.
I thank you for a wonderful friend. For his openness and his time . He listened to me. He let me talk and he did not judge me. He has helped me with this. I know he has a great future ahead of him .
I wish you all the best my friend . Only the best and all the luck of the world. God is really on your side. Your books will change the world.
Believe me or don't believe me. However, everybody should analyze everything

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