I'm going crazy

Every day I have to sit in life and watch these greedy, ignorant, mundane a*******, enjoy every splendor the world has to offer them. And they get to enjoy it because they've made the decision to be mediocre. Because to them, sitting in a purposeless job where they do the same stupid s*** thats actually only useful because it makes some d*** head with less than a quater of their talent that much more rich, is fullfilling?!
I have to sit through life and listen to people say crap like " livin' the dream, huh?" and " another day another dollar"
Not really. Its actually just another day. Dollars don't enter into it because I only have like twenty of them... I live in a world where if I just put all my effort into being publicly shameless, theres a great chance I could be rich for ever and have endless masses of children all over the world look up to my slutty s***** antics and say" hey mom, dad, I wanna dress/act like that. And if you dont let me I wont fit in and I'll be bullied."
When in all actuality theres a league of p****** out there who fight bullying cause they dont want to admit that they never learned how to not be a p**** through being bullied. I'm tired of being held to a standard when everyone in charge is sanctimonious.
I'm tired of accepting the fact that its edgy to "say what were all really thinking" when in fact your just being rude and horrbly crass in hopes of sounding cool or thought provoking. If you're reading this and think im talking about you, I am. You're not thought provoking, You're a d***. Knock it off.
AND!.. and Im tired of the concept of an obesity epidemic. Its not a plague. you dont catch fat! you dont breath in spores from a cheese cake and suddenly need a hover round cause your knees cant handle the weight. I hope one day, normal people, and by that I mean people who dont just accept whats force fed to them cause its convenient, gain some ground in the world so some common sense and perspective can reign for at least a decade. Thats all im asking. Ten years of not being f****** retards. I feel like we can pull it off.

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  • I just may have fallen in love with the "confessor" after reading this.

  • I agree this world is broken, it seems the more ass kissing you do the more likely you are to get a good job. There is no road to success through hard work, it all depends on the people you know, and if you know no one then you will have to live the rest of your life as a slave to the rules and confinements of society, being labeled for a situation you have no control over. In this world, poor=lazy, rich=happy, fat=slob, skinny=healthy, etc. So many people trying to be something they aren't, trying to change themselves for someone who will not care when the s*** hits the fan, trying to make it in a world that says it wants originality and then pushes it away, trying to get rich because it is what everyone wants in life. This world pushes down the hard workers and make it so that the ones who assimilate and follow its rule are the ones who gain the most.

  • We actually enjoy making lots of money and being successful . Love the new car , new home , and the really big salary and soon to be a millionaire , and tell worthless idiots to blow your brains out

  • "We"? WTF? Do you have a split personality or are you just f****** moronic besides being mediocre.

  • I think We is moronic and full of s***.

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