Parking Etiquette

I've always had a bad temper and yes I'll admit that and i have no shame in it as I've learnt to deal with most things in life calmly but nothing in my life angers me more than people who do not have basic parking etiquette...I mean if its not too hard to ask, please park responsibly so that people wont have to suffer because due to the fact that you are a s*** eating r***** that cant f****** park in the correct f****** manner...Seriously people have gone through a lot of bullshit (especially at the working environment) due to the simple fact that some people are unable/unwilling to amass enough brain cells to park their cars in an orderly and polite way. People who park like shitheads deserve a special place in h*** right next to Josef Mengele and Richard Nixon.

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  • My driveway get's blocked by cars almost daily from grammar school traffic, it can be day and night.I try not to mind unless I have to get in or out, then all h*** can break loose. My many encouter's are with the same lazy slobs without any respect.One arroagant woman was so nasty I had her ticketed. Idiot, I could have had her towed. She blocked me in and was no where to be found for 20 minutes. Just arrogant people showing off ignorance, it's never going to change. Respect and dignity are dying in everything. We're all living in h***.

  • A mini van was parked over the line on the drivers left and my husband parked putting our passenger door about two inches away from their drivers door. I only wish I was there when the f***** came out. I'm sure their expression was priceless.

  • I assume you're referring to the tossers who don't know what the lines of parking bay mean? You know.. the type of person who parks on or over the line, sometimes taking up two spots or making it physically impossible for someone to park next to them.
    Or the wankers who don't even use spaces and shove their car anywhere, having no consideration for anyone else, blocking others in or making it extremely difficult to maneuver your own vehicle.
    I share your opinion whole heartedly.

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