I'm the only one in the family thats Pro-choice and Pro-LGBT

My Mom has made it clear that she's against the LGBT and Pro-Choice Movements, up to the point to where she boycotts any company that supports things like that. For the last several years I've been hiding the fact that I am Pro-Choice and Pro-LGBT from her. I've almost told her on several occasions but then she reminds me why I've never told her. I feel like a stranger in my own house because of our different outlooks, and I feel like she'll disown me if I ever do decide to tell her

Jan 24, 2014

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  • Don't know how old you are but I wouldn't say anything , sounds like she would kick you out and not think twice and that is very sad .

  • Does your mom use a computer or smartphone/tablet? Because Google, Apple and Microsoft have all come out in support of the LGBT. You should let her know that. :P But yeah, until you have some place to be yourself safely without relying on her for shelter/food/money/etc, best to lay low and not bring up those types of things with her. I know it can suck, I'm pro choice and LGBT in an unwelcoming family myself. But one day you'll have your own place and you won't have to worry about her opinion on your opinion.

  • You would make a real good N*** , you really enjoy killing innocent people

  • In other words you have no problem killing babies as long as the law says it Ok . Someone should have killed you

  • F*** off back to jesus-ville.

  • If you are financially and/or emotionally dependant on your family I recommend keeping it to yourself, at least for now. Once you're on your own you will be able to express your views from a position of strength.

  • Lets be honest, you are the strongest person in your house. You have your own beliefs and that is what is most important. I hope you are eventually able to share your views, and if others cant accept them, they are the ones at fault

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