My mind wants me to murder people

Throughout the day I get some thoughts in my head. They terrify me most of the time. I imagine myself killing people in various ways, from stabbing with my pocket knife to smashing somebodies face into a glass grinder. The images in my head are getting clearer and more frequent. and the part that scares me the most is the little voice in my head that usually accompanies the thoughts. The one that says "You can do it. It's easy. All you have to do is do it". I'm starting to lose sleep over it and I think it's getting worse.

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  • You may want to do some serious research and googling in the field of Demonology and Demonic Possession. TDLR: these thoughts are not your own and you should not fear them, but don't let my advice make you lazy, you need to do some booklearning of your own to really understand and defeat this phenomenon

  • Im having the exact same problem if you find an answer your doing better than me

  • You dont have to kill yourself. Dont do that. But if these thoughts really are bothering you, see a doctor. Please. Do something about it.

  • so do the world a favor and kill yourself

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