I can't stand my Sons Older half Brother

I have been dating My Sons Father for two years, Which he has another son (ten years older) but you wouldn't know this by the way of his behavior... After finding out we were expecting His Son started acting very strange and being very violent towards his own father. throwing and kicking him, He would make remarks about how things are going to change and even went so far to make his Grandparents feel sorry for him for me being preg in the first place. I explained to Him how nothing changes the way his Father feels for him his love does not go away it builds and becomes stronger but he still continued to act and say the things that Once my son was born, Made the Grandparents act and treat my son like he wasn't even in the same room (outcast) Then his Son would say things knowing the answer "Why doesn't grandma and gram-pa play with or pick up?" If he doesn't get his way watch out, He is out to find someone to take pity or start something as if he is being mistreated?? Like at Ten years old he is scared of the dark and wanted to sleep in with us?? When told no and why? and putting nite lights on and reading to him... Only to find him crying and screaming on the phone at 1230AM about how scared he was and that his father was leaving him all alone!! Then he calls started waking my sleeping 6 month old child... I decided that removing myself and my child from the situation... I don't want my child feeling unloved and unwanted and seeing this kid act this way KNOWING he will copy cat his brother... This kid makes problems when there isn't a problem at all... I'm at the point where I feel some type of way because of how they treat, My son and this Problematic child... I don't want to be around this kid anymore and I don't want my son to be around this kid anymore. I feel bad because I want his Father in our life's but not his older son... I feel he may harm my son and know he will try his best to become more of a problem it seems like he is the type of person whom gets off on the excitement of telling one person one thing and then something else to another.... I don't trust him and I feel torn in wanting what the correct thing would be for My Son and Myself Vs this Kid that maybe needs an evaluation?? Regardless I prefer not to be around him....


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  • Favoritism hurts everyone even the favored hopefully things will get better

  • Yes I understand and I've allowed My sons-Father to take care of HIS own family issues and I don't feel its my place to do so...(its always a huge fight and nothing changes) If they were to conduct themselves this way in Our Home it would be different story However they don't come around and I don't choose to go around them or their home... I do believe they have tried to call me (with a restricted number) but I don't answer unknown calls and If it was important they would leave a message... They have forced my hand in the direction this has gone. I would nothing more like a nice normal loving accepting family life!! But That's just not the case,so now its left me with these types of feelings toward them and this devil child that loves to cause problems I swear I've seen this kids eyes light up when he thinks he has started problems between his parents and I have stepped in and said to call his Mother and find out the other half of the story and finding out he has left out the truth or made s*** up... Now that His Father has seen this behavior full tilt and the Mother is turning wise to it... This child is now turning to the only two people he can control and get any sort of reaction from His own puppet Grandparents and its caused huge problems to the point they aren't to see any Grandchild they undermine and are the type of people whom trust there grandkid to the grave saying NOT MY Grandson! He does no wrong... Which I understand spoiling your GC but u also have to teach them and guide them to know the world isn't a perfect place & Life isn't always fare!
    The kid is 10 years old going on 6 He is so behind and has a HUGE disappointment waiting to slap him in the face.... How Do I continue to stay in this relationship when I fear this Kid is going to drive me away... Why can't he just go live with your MOTHER!!!

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