I want support

My parents never supported who I wanted to be. It all started in Middle School when I joined photography. I got really good scores, got my photos into a lot of competition, and one hundred dollars! But I failed this one exam to get into this high school and they just gave up on me. They stopped talking to me and supporting me. They gave up on everything. I'm trying to sell my things in order to get the money for a camera. I'm in high school right now and I feel so worthless. Like I'm not going to pursue a career in photography, but the least they can do is support me. I just need someone who will support me. I even created a photography club and all they do is yell at me and make fun of me. I know that being a photographer in New York is very hard to do, but the least I want is support. I mean I dont want a career in it, but it's just a passion at the moment. I just want some support.

Feb 8, 2014

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  • Agree with the other comments. Continue to pursue your interests in photography and art as a hobby for now. Sometimes what we love to do as as hobbies don't always translate as high paying careers. In high school, consider working on the yearbook or even start your own blog to showcase your photos or give them as gifts to friends. But definitely put your school work first. In a few short years you'll be in college and if art is still your thing, you can consider a degree in Design as a major and photography as a minor. Sometimes the only way to make a living in photography is to either go into journalism or portraits, so it's good to be well rounded.

  • It sounds like they're concerned for your future. They probably wouldn't mind your interest in photography if they saw you putting academics first. You clearly understand photography will not reliably pay the bills so it's time to start thinking about what you'd like to do for a living and what kind of qualifications you'll need to do that. When your parents see you taking steps to build a prosperous future support will follow.

  • Just enjoy taking photos for fun and not care who supports you. It's really hard to find a career in photography as I'm sure you know, so you might as well just pursue it as a hobby.

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