Hmm so I live in Sydney Australia, which I absolutely adore. I live here in Bronte, home to one of the nicest beaches in Sydney, an awesome little beach, lots of locals and just generally awesome.

In saying that, I've got to the point in my life where.. I grew up here when my school was mainly made up of Aussies, Europeans, English and a few mixed nationalities. It was awesome, Australia and Sydney were great, peaceful, and friendly, a happy vibe for the most part. I mean as a kid obviously we still as a country had bad things that happened and all, but we were a pretty cruisy and happy country.

Nowadays and for the past 15 years or so, with the opening up of the country and the allowance of soooooooo many Asian, Indian and Middle Eastern immigrants I feel like Australia has lost it's identity. Being Australian used to mean something, now walking through pretty much any Sydney city suburb I feel like the odd one out. So many small businesses and areas of the city that are dominated by a particular race, walking into a Asian owned shop, or Indian owned or run shop, I feel a huge lack of manners and courtesy from these other nationalities that I never did when little. Catching a bus or train and being the one Australian out of ten other nationalities. Feeling an outsider in my own city as an Aussie.

When I was in school it was a thing of pretty much every kids mother and father were from Australia. Or there might be one foreign parent. But then every single kids grandparents were Aussie. So we had pride, we had an Australian background and knew what it meant to be Aussie.

Now in schools or out and about, I would think if you asked anyone where their parents are from they will say some other country, or one was here. But then you ask the majority where did your grandparents come from, and none say Australia...

I think it's a travesty, Australia has lost it identity catering to a group of selfish, withdrawn, unwilling to integrate, greedy immigrants who make up todays Australia. These people who come over here and live as a family with grown up kids all living under one house, hoarding family money and then bringing other family over are soooo wrong.

I guess what I'm saying is yes, through the way we and went about allowing people in to this country and the way these people have gone about isolating themselves and refusing to integrate and learn the Australian way of life, and the multitude that it has been done on has made me feel very angry sad for my country. I love Australia, and to me it seems the immigrants don't and just used us for a better lifestyle only to rubbish our name when our backs are turned. It feels strange to have reverse racism in Australia. People who come here, for a better life and yet treat Australians with such contempt. I've never had people treat me so poor as immigrants.

That's my piece, Thanks
Belinda 35yr old
Bronte, NSW
Aussie :)

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  • I am Indian and I respect you for saying that. Every coin have two faces. I for one find Australian culture very odd, you eat meat like there is no tomorrow, you don't respect other beings life. But I find it different NOT wrong. you can say the glass is half full or half empty, it is just way of seeing things. I know it is very difficult to adjust with other cultures. I for one have some prejudices against Indians from Southern part and chinese people but I am conflicted about it. I agree that some characteristics of asians is very stupid and moronic like talking loud, greed (Chinese specially) not using deodorants and all other stuff. Similarly white Aussie's or american have lot of bad characteristics too like superiority complex of fair skin, to much capitalization and lets not forget enslaving other races

  • What makes me angry, as a white American. is that the people who move here still have a country they can return to that's full of people just like themselves. Where can I go if I want to be around people that look and think like me? No where. Every country that was once mostly white and English-speaking is now full of people who don't fit that description. But the Hispanics who move here? They can go back to their home countries and be surrounded by people just like them.

  • Go to jail and hook up with the white supremacists. You'll have plenty of white folk to hang around with there esé.

  • You sound like a lot of Americans.

  • You sound like a lot of douchebags.

  • Do I? Well, I'd rather be a douchebag than an America so I guess I'm lucky.

  • Amen

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