Black versus White .

Abos in Australia for 40,000 years , came up with a boomerang after all that time . White people in Australia for 250 years , built great cities . Native Americans in America for 40,000/50,000 years , came up with nothing . White people in America for 400 years , built the greatest country on Earth . White people for progress every time .

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Ladies follow me

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  • Maybe people were content with living a simple life. Before anglos forced all their ** on them

  • Racist comment. I'm Anglo and I'd love to have a simpler life. Who needs tech everywhere you look and constantly battling for status and material things? Fvck that $hit. Let's be HUMANS, ffs.

  • You are dead wrong. Black people built this earth with blood running down their legs.

  • Nope. Did they create any of the modern marvels of architecture that are employed in buildings today? Or did they even create complex structures worth admiring? The answer to this is NO my friend, for they have had all the time to create a civilization before the white man came to Africa, but still continue to live in mud huts and shacks. So tell me, did they build this earth at all?

  • You are an idiot. Look up the contributions of African Americans. The cotton gin, carbon filament to make a longer lasting light bulb, blood transfusions. Look up "the real McCoy". Garrett Morgan invented the gas mask instrumental in WWI AND WWII. Enough of the racist bull **!

  • Really? Those are lamestream media lies you are spouting here boy. I can give you links to who really created the things you mentioned above, but I highly doubt your pathetic mind can handle the truth.

  • Totally agreed. I have a friend and colleague with black skin . He is the most intelligent man I have ever met and am ever likely to meet in my lifetime. He is a company director of a software company that manufacturers software for the police to collect paedophiles online. This man teaches the police here in England how to use the software and earns more in one month than most people earn in one year. He is also the kindest man I have ever met and treats all his employees as though they are equal to himself. So don't talk to me about black people being thick or lazy. Open your mind and show some respect. Besides what gives any person the right to judge another ?

  • Sadly you are wrong. Black people have built just about everything. Too bad white people had to tell them how.

  • Wrong. White people can't do nothing. But cry

  • Hahahaha stupid **. Whites can do everything, including kicking your godammed ** ** back to Africa!

  • Then do it. you cant, you weak.

  • Jesus Christ, you morons!!
    Many people have built many things.
    Many people are lazy idiots.
    Every group has been oppressive.
    Every group has been oppressed.
    If you can't function without shrieking about skin color-- black, white, or any other one-- you're a racist.
    Lesson over. For now.

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