I backstabbed my own student

I teach 8th grade in a major city where students have to apply and test for admission to the best high schools. Over the years, I've gotten to know the admissions people at the best local high schools, since I often have to recommend students to them. Two weeks ago, I got word that one of my students, who tests really well but is a total ass and makes my job twice as hard as it should be, got accepted into the best high school in the area. He has the "my son is an angel and if something's wrong it's everyone's fault but his" type of parents. I wanted to put this little punk in his place for all of the grief I've gotten from him. I've been teaching him for three years, and the way I figure, all of the extra lessons I had to make just for him, and extra time I had to spent after school documenting things he did in class - that was all taking from my time with my actual biological children.

So I called my contact there and got them to reconsider their offer. They did, and now that student is scrambling to find a high school that will take him before he's forced into the regular public school shithole. He never knew he was accepted at his first choice - I talked them out of it before the letters were sent home. I wish I could have seen the look on his parent's face when they got the rejection letter.

Mar 1, 2014

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  • Who cares if he succeeded? Let him be!!! In a few years he will no longer be your student and then when he is out in the world, what would it really matter what they achieved?

  • Don’t feel so bad. I was the WORST student... I failed high school and was so stupid that I did not have to take the sat’s...
    Then I went to a community college-2.2 at best...
    Then I tried and became a lab assistant getting paid to tutor...
    Now I am trading money for a living.
    If you throw me I will land in my feet... he will be a big boy one day and own his life no matter what you think you did to him. Maybe you should take the time to examine the fact that a teaching position isn’t all that much of a mark on a persons future. Guaranteed your local bum got A’s. It all about the strength of the individual, the will of god and a persons ability to put up with failure and adversity.

  • If the kid is a sick in front of the teachers then he is 100% worse when they aren't around

  • You're a f*cking a****** / karma will get you!

  • Meow needs a public flogging.

  • This confession is as fake as my b****.

  • They smile in your face. All the time they want to take your place. The Backstabbers.

  • Your c*** is lodged up meows ass.

  • He would like that a little too much.

  • you have f***** breath......

  • Yes I do! And I'm proud of it. How about that?

  • People think I'm a little angel because I look sweet and innocent and I'm a petite girl of 17 with a cute voice. But there's a devil in me. I keep it hidden so nobody can see what I'm really like, and I do evil things in a sneaky way so no one knows I did them. Worst evil thing I have done so far is to set fire to my teacher's house who gave me a B and screwed up my perfect A grades. I balled when I saw that crummmy B. Then I felt anger grow inside me until I had to get even. I deserved an A, damn it! The anger kept bugging me like a hungry wolf that needed to eat until I had to do something to satisfy it. So I got the brainstorm to burn down my teacher's house and felt a calmness in my soul. Long story short, when my teacher was on vacation in Florida, I lit her house on fire and snuck away without anyone seeing me. But the next day I found out on the news somehow fire-fighters found out the house was burning and put out the fire before it burned the whole house down. I was p***** about that, but at least I got a little even and I'm at peace with that, and at least I didn't kill my teacher, though I thought about doing it.

  • I like teacher paybacks like this. Too bad the whole damn house didn't burn down. Nice try. I like your style. A male teacher gave one of my buddies girlfriend a C she didn't deserve. The only one she ever got. She was that smart. My buddies and me didn't s**** around. You messed with one of us or his girlfriend or family and we would kick the living s*** out of you. We followed that teacher around for 2 weeks and found out he was a weekend drunk. He drank at a sleazy bar on Friday nights that had a dark parking lot. Because he taught in a school in another city, he didn't know us from Adam. But, we didn't take any chances and wore masks when we jumped that a****** in the parking lot behind the bar. Al, the biggest of us said hey you to the teach. He turned around just as Al threw a sucker punch at him and he got knocked out cold. We didn't need those masks. He never saw us or Al's punch coming. When he got knocked out it was like he avoided the ass beaten he really needed. So we we all kicked him while he was on the pavement out cold. P***** me off that all we did was break some ribs and maybe his jaw if Al's sucker punch didn't. We told our buddy's girlfriend the good news. You should have seen how happy she was when we told her we beat the s*** out of the teacher. She bought us a couple of cases of beer and cooked us all the burgers we could eat. It was a nice reward for our work on her behalf. She made us feel like knights in shining armor.

  • You did the right thing. That b**** deserved it for s******* with your future.

  • My Math teacher gave me a C that took my GPA down and is going to make getting into an Ivy League colleges harder. I'm too smart to get a C and that grade was not fair. I told him so, but he claims my work wasn't up to par for a higher grade. J***! So I used my skill at copying handwriting and wrote 3 love notes in his handwriting to girls in the class saying he wanted to have s** with them and I anonymously tipped off the principle that jerko was writing love notes to underage students, whose names I mentioned in the tip off, lol. He's going to have some explaining to do tomorrow, lol. Payback is a b**** and so am I when I'm screwed out of what I deserve!

  • They get this f****** gym teacher from the 80's, to put on these goofy f****** sunglasses that he got from out of a cereal box and tell him "oh you know what would be cool, if you punched the title and the title broke, oh that's so f****** clever". It does not make any sense, is he punching the title so hard that its ripping the skin off his hand and you can see the skeleton under his hand? its f****** ridiculous or is it meant to be a machine hand? It does not make any sense anyway what the f*** is wrong with his thumb? did he stick a penny inside of his thumb and the skin just grew over it? it does make any sense! you look at him and you can tell his guy just stinks, he just looks like one of those guys that's going to sit next to you on the bus or something and he's going to f****** stick and your going to have f****** move, its like your sitting next to this guy the skins coming off his hand, and it looks like he's got a penny in his thumb, his got these big yellow sunglasses on and he smells, Its like dude get the f*** away from me. How his he meant to look bad ass? he does not make any f****** sense and its like he screaming into an invisible mic like to because he's such a bad-ass. F*** this guy.

  • You... are... AWESOME

    Kick against the p***** forever

  • Congratulations and thank you. In our society we have these kids that know their teachers can't do a thing, especially when little Johnny has "ADD" or some other problem. Their parents are clueless and it's every other kid that suffers.
    If his parents are that bad, surprised they haven't sued to get their angel a place.

    My son goes to school with a kid that is a notorious liar, disruptive in class, but has "special" rules because he has ADD and hyperactivity disorder. So this kid can do what he pleases while Mommy thinks her boy is "funny."

  • My stupid teacher gave me an F, I shouda got a leest a D cause I did enough work for more than a stupid F. I was so p***** I thru a rock at my teachers window at his house neer the school and broke it ha ha I run away so fast nobody see me. Maybe I was wrong to do it but it feel so good and ha ha he dont know it was me ha ha.

  • A******!

  • Bravo! I sure wouldn't want him in any classes I teach. Maybe the s*** school he attends next will humble him.

  • One word: Unconscionable.

  • If you student's name was Meow. You did the world a favor.

  • P****!

  • Immature for a supposed teacher to act that way. Brought himself down to the kid's level by s******* with his future.

  • If he wants to act like an ass that what he deserves. Well done.

  • Seriously what you did isn't anything to be ashamed of, that's the main reason schools ask for letters of recommendations, to figure out if that student is someone they want, and you just gave them the honest truth of how that student really was.

  • Evangeline should hurt you.

  • FAKE

  • In the real world people skills matter just as much academics.

  • I love it! Karma at work in the schools! Maybe that'll teach the little d*** a lesson! Well done!

  • "Karma" had nothing to do with it. This was a thinking human taking conscious action. The world would be a better place if more people did the right thing than waiting for someone else (or "karma") to "take care" of a s***** situation.

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