San Antonio

San Antonio has some fatties...Charles Barkley knows what im talking about

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  • The united states has the most obese people in the world.that is because they eat more,horay.i wanna become a american someday.

  • Too bad, you're not allowed in. Sucks to be you! Now go back to eating dirt mixed with snot and crying to your 18 siblings about not having enough water. Oh, wait-- you posted over 5 years ago. You're probably dead from some minor preventable illness. In which case, please disregard this comment. LOL

  • I LOVE fatties. I gotta get to San Antonia.

  • Waka waka!

  • Charles may know what you're talking about, but WE don't know what you're talking about. So WTF are you talking about?

  • WE? You got multiple personalities? In that case, at least one of you should know unless you're all stupid. Maybe you are a heckler trying to mess with The Man? Maybe you are a loony who gets his kicks trying to provoke his betters? Maybe you are drunk on your ass and no longer in control of what's left of your mental faculties? P.S. You should wear a condom on your head because if you're gonna act like a d*** you might as well dress like one.

  • S**** you, J***!

  • I would like that. Please do.

  • I live in san antonio,its super nice and people are sweet,fat or not;especially women.

  • Um ... any of those fatties hot babes?

  • You know it! I got me one. So freakin' hot!

  • I think Meow is from there. So what you say makes sense.

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