Can only confess it here.

I need to confess a particular sin but can't tell the priest because he knows all of us. It's over now but I had a 18month affair with my husbands brother. During that time he knocked me up but I aborted it. My sister knows all this but nobody else does or ever will.

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  • Wow you should be able to tell your priest as all confessions are private. But if thats all you did and your are remorseful you will be forgiving.

  • My affair was worse. I started having affair with both of my brothers a week after I got married.

    It still going on 7 years later. My husband is low sexed and unloving. They give me the love and satisfaction I need. They make me feel alive. They also gave me the the 3 children I deserved. My husband couldn't get the job done. They were tested they are not his.

    My family realized what has happened between the 3 of us and accepted we love each other and made children. His family has no clue.

  • Unlike your tiresome bullshit, my story is actually true =)

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