I want to have a balloon for a belly!

When i was about 12 years old i had to go to a hospital to have my insides cleaned out because i was backed up inside and it was causing problems. when they gave me an enema to see how badly i was backed up, i felt my insides puff outward and try to push out, after about a minute or two and then they let me go too the bathroom, i ran down the hall and closed the door. when i lifted the robes to sit i had b**** and for some reason i started masturbating until i let it wall out. since then i've had this fetish i guess for wanting to be blown up like a balloon, or have a large firm stomach, almost like i was pregnant or something. only one person knowns about this and that is my girlfriend, she likes to put water and air in my intestines and listen too them, but other then her, nobody else knows. i kinda want to talk too others about it, but at the same time i don't.

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  • You are a lucky person, i told my girlfriend about that i liked stuff like that, and she just said okay, and we haven't talked about it since. also the name of the Fetish you have is "Inflation", and like you said, its the pleasure of being filled with water or air until your stomach stretches outward to the point where you look pregnant or massively bloated. but yeah, your lucky to have her, especially if since she likes to listen to the sounds as well.

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