I'm afraid i have very few friends. i

I'm afraid i have very few friends. i live on a college campus as a first year and for the first semester i was doing well, talking to everyone and going on fun little outings. but now as the year is ending most people are moving out and none have even asked me if i would like to live with them in apartments. people who i once thought were my friends are joining their own small groups of friends and i m left with nothing. i have no small group of friends, everyone has left me and i feel so lone.i hate this. my only consolation is that someone will read this, that im not just bottling this up inside.as im writing this i hope to god one of my so called friends will knock on that door and ask me to hang out or to do something. but they dont even seem to want me as a friend let alone as someone to live with them. why is this happening to me why do i feel so bad.i want to end my life because it is not happy, i am not having a good time. but My family, the only people who seem to care about me would b so dissapointed. if only there were some way to end this. i hate being lonely. i hate this..

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  • please dont do anything drastic. someone out here loves you and wants you to be happy :D

  • Ok well I was in this situations in middle school like I had friends but they wasn't true friends they all turned their backs on me when I needed them the most. I know being alone is so sad and it hurts and it makes you want to end your life I know about all this. I have attempted suicide so many times but then I think about what goods things I do have in my life and that makes me stronger I think about my family, and my future I mean like I want a Husband and KIds and if I kill myself then I take that chance away and I just can't do that. So even though you may seem alone right now and your so called friends don't seem to care well maybe they aren't true friends and you should talk to other people find different people to hang out with don't be shy because being shy can make you feel even more alone. You must always be ready for acceptance and rejection. The more conflicts you face in your life the stronger you will be to face even harder ones. I pray for you. I don't know you but I'm begging you don't end your life because even though at times it seems so bad you have to look at the bright side even if that means thinking about the future and not about what is happening right now. I had a uncle that I think about everyday and I think about what my life would have been like if I actually got to meet him but I didn't because he killed himself he didn't even get to see me as a baby and that messes with me everyday and I just think about what is two kids (my cousins) and his wife go through everyday not really getting to know their dad and I mean I thank god everyday that my dad is still by my side because If losing my uncle that I never met can mess me up imagine what it would be like to lose my dad. All I'm saying is it may not feel like it but there are people out there who care you just haven't found them yet and if you have then you haven't realize it yet if it helps at all I want to let you know that even though we don't know each other I DO CARE.

  • "A man who has friends must himself be friendly, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother."

    I would guess, if everyone were honest, that most (like 99%) people have felt like you do right now. If you wait around for someone to befriend you, it isn't likely to happen no matter how great of a person you are! If you want friends, it's as simple as taking the initiative to make friends. :c) Show them how great you are! Be friendly! This never, and I mean never, ever changes no matter how old a person gets.. Start with one person. Go to places that you find interesting that way you have something in which to strike up a conversation. There's a reason they are there too. Find out why! Remember to smile!

  • Relax,you are only in your first year.College can be lonely but one thing you can do is get involved with some kind of activity...be it sports,the Greek system(I was in a sorority and met tons of people because of it,even people at other colleges),student government,you name it.Remember that everyone is a bit apprehensive their first year.Give it time.College was the best time of my life and I am betting it will be yours too,just be patient.

  • join a fraternity

  • email me ill talk to you.

  • I think you should first of all calm down. It doesn't sound like they are avoiding you, so maybe you should try to be a little outgoing. I mean, you said you wish one of them will come knock on your door to hang out, well why can't you knock on their's? I f these people really are a*******, find some new friends, trust me there are plenty of people who feel the same way you do.

  • To the poster, I hope things get better for you. Life has both sad and happy times. Ride out this sad time and you'll be glad you did, especially when you do hit the good times.

  • Lol hahahah ok thanks for your email, =) this guy is a loser.

  • you will never probably get any friends cuz ur a f** and you need to go out and party you litlle b****
    ***be real b*********

  • all i do to do it so much is u have to keep clicking the submit comment button and press the space bar but do all at once

  • Im megan by the way

  • Lol hahahaha ur funny ppl dnt care about you dude, lol, what's ur email?

  • Impressive. When I do my "P****" comments, I can usually only do about 100 before I get bored.

  • i did it because ur gay nd i wanted u 2 think pple care but really they dont

  • Im am alone right now with nothing to do because I am in the same situation but I am in my third year of college. I talk to people in my major in the classrooms but outside of class a bunch of them hang out togoether and never ask me to hang out. I don't know why because i really do have a great personality and am fun to hang out with, i was just really shy my first year of college so i didnt make any friends. your first year is scary. like you my first semester was awesome i met a ton of new people and was having fun but then they all disapeared and joned their own little groups, and my family knows i didnt really make any real friends in college but they never really talk about it. its so embarrasing. Im depressed too but i have been even in high school when i had a lot of friends and i always think about dying but i hang in there because i hope that when i am older and have a job my life will be different.

  • I am in the same position as you. What I thought to be many friends turned out to be a lie. I'm going to be twenty-three soon and I can't tell you how sad it is to realize that the people who I surrounded myself with are unreliable, backstabbing, money grubbing, and FAKE.

    Be strong and realize that making many friends isn't what matters. It's making those few friends that will stick with you through thick and thin. These people usually show up when you least expect them to and stick with you until the end.

    Feel better. I'd be your friend...

  • i know how you feel...i have one good friend, and he moved to DC to go to school. i'm not the best at making new friends, so my days consist of working and World of Warcraft, which is a bit sad because i know i'm a very attractive, nice, young woman. i find small solace in the people i work with...i ask them to go to the bar after work once in awhile, so it's a bit looser of an atmosphere after work. it's hard for me to ask them, but i try. maybe approach them instead of waiting? i know it might seem like they might think your forcing it or something (yeah my mind goes in a million directions thinking of every different scenario) but it's worth a shot. with your friends, or co workers. i get really depressed at my lack of friends, it really sucks, i know....i guess if nothing else, just know that you're not alone. i know exactly how you feel.

  • you're not alone - I'm in the exact situation. But still, it doesn't mean nobbody cares about you. And your family will never be disappointed in you. Talk to some of your friends. Don't end your life.

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