Stripping boys

I love watching boys getting bully stripped, because they always get a h******. Best part of it was that boys did it and the only thing my girlfriends and I had to do was watch. I got a sexual charge seeing them red faced, naked and forced into displaying their erection. Boys usually did it to sissy boys just for the fun shaming them in front of girls. Both times we got away with it because no boy is going to admit getting stripped.

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  • I used to share a rental house with three college girls that I didn't get along with, because I was always complaining about them bringing in guys into the house. I was alone in the house one night when they walked in with the boy friends and caught me naked in the kitchen. I remember them telling their boy friends "come and see Cathy naked" I remember their boy friends making comments about my t*** and p**** as pushed through them and exhibited myself across the living room and up the stairs into my bed room totally humiliated.

  • Damn, I wish I could find a group of girls to strip me. I've always wanted it but just never got the chance. Not to long ago, I came up with a way to hopefully be left naked. I went to the beach, found a busy but secluded women's change room. I took all of clothes off and left them there. I slipped out to a wooded area that ran all along the beach. I walked as far as I could then back again. Over half an hour with my clothes laying there. When I went back to get them, everything was gone. I served all over and had no luck until I was going to leave, I found them in the garbage. I wish they had taken them but at the time I was scary. Girls could have walked in anytime and there was nothing I could do. I think I'll try again soon.

  • The sexiest thing I saw happed in the school gym. My girl friends and I were watching boys in their shorts doing chin ups on this cross bar. They were challenging each other about who could do more than ten. I remember watching one of them jumping up on the bar and getting his shorts yanked down. We all knew boys wore underwear less shorts and lucky for us that he hadn't bothered to tie the draw strings. I remember his face turning from white to red when he saw me and my girl friends looking at his d*** while boys laughed their heads off. I remember clearly seeing his d*** and b**** while he drop down, yanked them back up and ran into the boys bathroom with half his butt hanging out. Beats me why he stills shows up in school every day, when he knows what happened to him.

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  • I once got my pants and underwear pulled down in front of girls by four senior boys. I remember this fat boy pinning my arms behind my back having my shirt held up while one of the girls hand jobbed me into a full h****** and her girl friends telling to j*** me off. I remember her rubbing my d*** really fast and asking me if I was getting there. I think if I hasn't been so embarrassed I would have shot my load all over the floor.

  • Same thing happed to a boy in my school. He got bully stripped in front of me and my girl friends and it was the sexiest thing I ever saw. It's arousing to see someone stripped against his will. I remember one of my girl friends saying "make him take his clothes off" I remember his underwear sliding down his legs and his hard d*** popping out into view. I guess standing there in front of us with everything on show was the only thing he could do. I remember we tickled his d*** and b**** and sure they were thinking of jerking him off. I think doing that was to embarrassing to do in front of other boys. The truth is every time I think about I get h**** all over again.

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  • I remember these three girls telling the boys that were bullying me "don't beat him strip him so we can all see his d***" They merciless yanked my clothes off and held my arms while girls flick my d*** to make it go hard. I'll never forget the names Ashley, Vicky and Helen and the shame of practically getting jerked off by them. I was 14 when it happed and so embarrassed I kept it to myself.

  • I got stripped in front of a bunch of girls in camp shower. I had stepped out of the shower and was walking rapt in a towel toward the locker to get dressed. Got half way there when these boys carried me outside, ripped the towel off of me in front of crowd of girls and dropped me on the lawn. They were all there because they knew what was going to happed. The next day two girls came up to me telling me "we saw your d***" because they had taken naked pictures and were all looking at them.

  • I was 14 years old when my mother punished me by locking away my clothes and keeping me naked in the house. She did it to prevent me from sneaking out to the street to be with my friends not even caring if my sister was in the house. I remember being locked out of my room, embarrassed about her seeing me naked and teasing me about my d*** creeping up on me. We went to the same school and almost died when I found out she told her girlfriends she saw me naked with a h******. After that girls in school used to slip me notes with drawing of penises with my name on them, just to make me cringe with embarrassment.

  • I used to beat my cousin at wrestling. He used to get so p***** off about a girl beating him in front of other girls and teasing him about it. It was easy because he was 14 and I was 16 and always ended up losing. He once called me a b****, so I wrestled him down on the ground and told my girls friends to strip him to humiliate him . I remember he turned bright red when they yanked everything down and his hard d*** popped out of his underwear. It's true what they about skinny boys having big d****. His was pretty big for a 14 year old boy and have a picture of it to proof it. Know his goes out of his way to avoid me and my girl friends. Revenge is sweat.

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  • What kind of a f*** are you? I'd gladly call you a b****, but get stripped for that? F*** you and f*** your parents that obviously didn't raise you well

  • You need to learn how to spell

  • I remember being terrified of going to school because a group of senior boys had threatened to beat the crap out of me. Leaving school one day I saw them hanging out with girls in the hallway and trying to avoid them, hid in the second floor bathroom. I remember everyone leaving, peeping out on empty halls and helplessly getting caught in the there. I remember them forcing my my clothes off, holding me up naked in front of them and threatening to run away with my clothes. "Show these girls how you j*** off" and rather than going through the humiliation of exposing myself all the way home, started rubbing myself. Remember dying of shame, boys laughing and girls saying it was true skinny boys had big d**** as they watched my p**** grow into a full erection. It was the worst bullying I had ever suffered in school and so humiliating, I never told anyone about it. I knew those boys were bagging, girls having fun spreading the story around from girl to girl and couldn't do a damn thing about it. I got stripped and all I could do was keep quiet and hope that parents would never find out.

  • My most embarrassing moment was getting spanked in my birthday suit in front of girls from my school. I remember them telling them to strip me naked, hide my clothes and stood watching my underwear come off and my hard d*** popping out. I remember getting laid across the back of a sofa getting my bare bitt paddled with my legs spread apart and giggling girls pulling my d***. Got 17 painful slaps, cake smeared on my b**** with a birthday candle stuck in my butt and practically getting jerked off. I also had shower off all that sticky mess and trying to play the whole thing down laughing along with them. Got a birthday card with "cute ass" "nice d***" written on it and signed by bunch of girls.

  • My friends stripped me in front of three girls that used to hang out with us, because a I was the youngest and the easiest to take advantage of. I'll never forget the names Helen, Vicky and Nancy watching them yanking my pants and undies off and running away with them. I remember the embarrassment of getting a b**** at the worst possible moment, "Don't bother to cover it" while they stood there laughing and saying "we've all seen that happen to our brother's" I was in a rock and hard place situation and the only way out, was taking off my t shirt while they watched my p**** swigging side to side totally naked trying to stick my legs through the sleeves. How I got back home without my parents seeing me, is whole deferent story and one that only those three girls and their other girl friends still laugh about.

  • Girls usually are the ones that entice boys to strip other boys. Saw it happen once and girls went crazy looking and grabbing his d***, while held spread out so everyone could get a clear look. Sexy part is, once they find themselves naked you can get them to do anything. I remember the one I saw got forced to publicly m*********. Remember girls telling him to do it faster hoping to see him c**. He never did, but it was still h**** to see his hard d*** in his hand beating it back and forth shinnying with pre c**. Damn lucky he got his clothes back, because he could have easily been forced to walk back home wearing his birthday suite.

  • I was tricked into going to the beach with boys and girls from my school to gather shells for a school project. The intentionally walked far enough so no one could see then taking off my clothes. I remember girls asking them "do it hear" when they began stripping me and telling them to take it all off. Ended up parading myself stark naked, with screaming girls waving my underwear pointing at my p****. As embarrassed as I felt, I was more scared of being left there with no clothes than covering myself. It was the next day when the shame set in walking into a classroom were most girls has seen me nude and the embarrassment of not wanting anyone to know about it. I had no choice but swallow my shame and convinced myself it never happed.

  • I saw a boy get a birthday spanking and my girl friends telling boys to do it naked. Watched his clothes coming off right down to his underwear. Remember him being held and exhibited in front of everyone with his d*** hanging out and girls going crazy looking at it. Watch him getting his 16 swats on his bare butt and the best part, totally unable to cover the fact he got a very embarrassing h******. I know because I was one of the girls that walked up to him and gave him a couple of good yanks. I bet he'll never forget his 16th birthday for a really long time.

  • I remember boys running up to us with a bunch of clothes in their hand, telling us they had left a boy naked in the water pump room of our building. Of course me and my h**** girlfriends went down and found him stuck stark naked behind an electrical cabinet. Told him we would bring him some clothes if he came out and showed us his d***. He wasn't about to face the shame of walking home with no clothes on, so he came out and let us check out. It's true what they say about skinny boys having big d****. He looked so embarrassed standing there with a rock hard d*** while we went crazy looking at it. It was so damn h**** we wouldn't have missed it for the world. I guess he never said a word about it out embarrassment and being the laughing stock of every girl in the building.

  • My girl friends and I used to play with boys from the neighborhood. As usual there is always a bigger and stronger boy that abuses younger ones. That boy was a 15 year old boy named Tim that usually got the short end of the stick. Well Mike being the dominant one convinced the others to help him tie Tim. I remember we were at the baseball field, tied Tim's hands to a cross bar at the back of the bleachers and threatened to strip him. It was Mike's idea to strip him and embarrass him in front of me and my girl friends. Although we didn't say a word about it, we were all hoping he would do it. The next thing was two boys holding Tim's legs, Mike unzipping his pants and sliding them down his legs along with his underwear. I never forget Tim hanging naked from that bar, my girl friends looking at his p****, watching grow hard and nothing he could do about it. Deferent strokes for deferent girls, but personally I had a good long close up look at it and a real turn on to see him with a full erection totally on show. I was 16 and Tim was the first boy I saw bare ass naked and loved it. Some things you never forget.

  • My brother once came home stark naked because a group of boys had stripped off his clothes and ran away with them. It happed in a park two blocks away and had no choice but run back home with no clothes on. I remember him saying they did it in front of a bunch of girls, most of them from his school, just for the fun of shaming him. Spent a week refusing to go to school and in the end enrolled him in another school. In a way he lucked out because it happen at night time and hardly any neighbors saw him.

  • A similar thing happed to me in a school field day. It was in another school because ours didn't have sports facilities. Got tuck in the shower with four girls looking at me totally nude. Got and uncontrollable h****** and had to show it in order to get my clothes back. Didn't know any of them, never saw them again and at least no one in my school knew what happed to me.

  • I got caught in the shower by two girls that sneaked into the bathroom. They just stood there giggling and making comments about my private parts. Only thing I could do was step out of the shower and exposed myself all the way to where I had left my towel. I see them every day in school and know they are talking about it with other girls. I feel like I have no clothes on every time I walk pass them and even get notes with dirty drawings on them. It's something I never dared to tell anyone.

  • I know how it feels to be left stranded nude with nothing at hand to cover up. Removing clothing and anything else that could be used to cover up, ensures the fact the victim is left stuck in a public shower with no way to escape his fait. I was dumb enough to take a shower when there was no one else in there and walked right into the trap. It just took seconds to realize the towel was no longer in the place I had left it and everything else had been cleaned out. That day was the most humiliating day of my life when two girls walked in for a cheap thrill and other decided to do the same. I could do anything else but stand there letting them have their fun and hope it would end soon. It did end soon, but it felt like ages an only left when the saw what they came in to see. It funny because shame and embarrassment set in after they all left and faced with the fact that everyone would be talking about it for days and months to come. The worst was having to keep quiet and horrified that it would turn into a scandal and become public news.

  • All you guys need to tell. Maybe it would stop.

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