Stripping boys

I love watching boys getting bully stripped, because they always get a h******. Best part of it was that boys did it and the only thing my girlfriends and I had to do was watch. I got a sexual charge seeing them red faced, naked and forced into displaying their erection. Boys usually did it to sissy boys just for the fun shaming them in front of girls. Both times we got away with it because no boy is going to admit getting stripped.



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  • You are very very lucky you weren't smirking around me if I got bully pantsed you'd be spitting teeth and I would have leveled those p***** karma a ball bat is a great equalizer boys get pantsed, funny girl gets pantsed, assault f*** you, you sadistic b****

  • I love reading these storys, if that happened to me i would get so hard.

  • Same, keep the stories coming!

  • Of course you would, as would any boy, because none of them can control themselves in front of girls

  • 1. In India during the 90s, it was very common to punish boys in school by stripping them naked in class. They would be forced to stand at the front, no clothes on, holding their ears.

    The first time I saw this was when I was 10. That's the age they started doing this, as it was when boys started to really feel embarrassed. Some stupid boy had pulled a girls' hair, and she had reported it. Imagine our shock when our 20-something year old female teacher brought him to the front of the class, and told him strip completely naked! We girls started giggling, this was going to be fun. But most of the boys were rather uncomfortable, knowing that this could be one of them. Of course, the big at the front refused to strip, so the teacher called the first person on the front row, who happened to be a boy, and told him to take off this other boys clothes. This boy also refused. So the teacher called the next person on the front row, a girl, and told her to strip both of the boys! This time, the boys weren't so lucky, as a few of us girls went up and started removing their clothes. There wasn't much they could do. Before you knew it, these boys were completely naked, with a pathetic look on their faces as we girls burst out laughing at their c**** hanging out. The boy who pulled the girls hair was getting his just dessert, whereas the other boy was learning a valuable lesson, don't go against us females.

    Of course, they would never strip girls publically, only boys. We girls used this to our advantage. Whenever a boy did anything we didn't like, no matter how small, we'd yell, "Ouch!" When the teacher had turned around, we'd tell them that they boy had hit us, and all the other girls would agree. The first time we did this, other boys would complain, saying that we were making it up. Big mistake. No teacher would believe a boy over a girl, and always believed when girls said they were hit. The boy who we said had hit us would always be forced to strip at the front of the cl

  • I know the embarrassing feeling, I was stripped by 8 girls, I was 13, the girls were in high school, we were suppose to be practicing for the school play, I was the only boy that showed up that Saturday morning so we were short a few members. We waited a few hours, the girls were wondering what to do until Kathy suggested we mess around with the only boy here. One suggested they strip him for fun and push him outside in the back yard. The pushed me down on the floor, ripped my shirt and pulled my jeans and underwear down to my ankles. The never got my pants completely off because they never took my sneakers off before they pulled my pants down. They had inverted my pants so I could not get them back on very quickly so I was left there on display with a red face while they all giggled at me being bottomless. This all happened before cell phones so no one got any pictures of me being half naked in front of all these crazy girls. This was my first really bad embarrassment, I will never forget it.

  • I do not think that happens in India. Thats bullshit!

  • Think again. There are many stories on Quora of boys and girls talking about this punishment

  • This is clearly a made up fantasy story.

  • 2. ass, but so would any other boy who complained about it, as the teachers punished them for lying. Like this, we saw the c**** of every boy in our class, and had them completely under our control both in and outside the classroom, as they feared our punishment. Fun, right?

    It got even better as we got older. I remember when we were 14, I personally told the teacher that the boy next to me had tried to copy my answer, simply because I was bored. Of course, the boy would be stripped, but we put up a lot of resistance. By now, most boys had just accepted their fate, but he just wouldn't. So, we girls went up and removed his clothes. When we finally pulled down his boxers, we saw the reason he was so hesitant-he had a huge b****! We almost died laughing. The teacher was smirking too. We practically spent the whole lesson just staring at it. Afterwards, it was sooo fun watching every boy we stripped standing there, trying his best not to get an erection, but after 5 minutes of us giggling he'd be rock hard. Right throughout highschool, we stripped boys like this for fun.

    One more thing. One day, when a boy was naked, the teacher had left the room for something. When this happens, she normally ties the boys' hands behind his back with some string (normally, they're made to hold their ears for 10 minutes, then have them behind their back for the rest of the lesson). Anyway, when the teacher left, the boy called the girl who had sent him there for no reason a b****. This girl must have learned something recently, because she stood up, and without saying a word, walked over to him, grabbed his shaft, and began wanking him. Us girls were beside ourselves laughing, as the boy desperately tried to stop her, but couldnt do a damn thing. We loved watching his facial expressions, as he came all over his chest and legs, to the howling laughter of the girls. To make matters worse, the teacher had came in and seen this, had seen the boy come, but didn't stop it. She asked what w

  • 3. was happening after the boy had came, and the girl told the teacher that he had called her a b****. The teacher couldn't really condone this punishment, but she did turn a blind eye, saying he deserved it so the girl would face no punishment. The boy was made naked for the rest of the day. From that day on, we told teachers that they boy or boys at the front had made mean faces or mouthed mean words to us. All the teachers would force the boys to be naked for the rest of the day, which was one thing. I remember when I had two naked boys either side of me, trying to cover up their erections with one hand and work with the other, and failing miserably. But many teachers would also let us carry out our punishment of jerking them off, too.

    Us girls look back fondly at those days. A boy should be taught his place, rather than being an arrogant little brat, they should be humiliated into obeying women. When I have a son, I'll teach him the same

  • U r really a b***h, u actually deserve to get punished in the same way in a public place. 😡😡🤬

  • Oh dear, here we have another obnoxious boy. You western men ought to be put in your place. I'd be happy to do it to you. The good thing is that it's becoming increasingly common for you guys. This thread is filled with many examples of girls shutting silly little boys up. Also, if a girl ever gets stripped in public, everyone will help her and the guy would go to jail. Whereas us girls can pull down the pants of any boy, and everyone just laughs! I see it a lot in western media now. There are many films where guys are embarrassed naked and everyone laughs. A film could never show a woman like that as no one would watch it, but everyone knows it's fine when it happens to a guy. It's subconsciously teaching girls it's ok and even good to yank down a boys pants if you feel like it, and giggle at him as he gets an uncontrollable b****

  • And here we have a sassy, evil minded & pathetic person. U know what u don't deserve the slightest of love, care & affection in the world. U should get the same treatment from a devilish man to make u realise your sins. If u get derobed, dishonored or sexually assaulted by any dominant male in ur life, just accept it as ur fate. U deserve that!!

  • Will you make your son strip naked in front of the girls?

  • Most definitely. One of my best friends from school does this to her son. He is 15. Like all boys, he has been a little brat a lot. From the age of ten, his mom has been punishing him with nudity. She calls his older and younger sister, one year either side of him, to watch as he stands there, blushing. They're encouraged to look him up and down and laugh, especially when he gets a b****. He has to be naked all day, and also to do any tasks that his sisters (or any other females) give him. That way, the girls see him naked quite a lot. Obviously the more embarrassing, the better. So, he is often made to strip naked whenever any girls are over. For example, when I come over, he's told to stand naked in front of me. Also, whenever he's being punished, his sisters are allowed to invite as many friends as they like from school, from their grade and also his grade. These days, naked punishments aren't so common, so unfortunately many girls don't get to punish boys. However, many of these schoolgirls delight in seeing their classmate stark naked, and stiff as a statue. It's a novelty for them, and good for everyone. They say they are trying to get their brothers punished naked too now.

  • If so, then girls should be raped as well right??

  • No, because boys are pathetic, and us women can do whatever we want to them, to finally put them in their place. You seem like a particularly obnoxious man. I'd love to see you stripped naked in front of all the girls in your life, so we can teach you a lesson

  • Try it with me you caustic b**** and you'll be spitting teeth

  • You did that to me you'd be spitting teeth, b****

  • If you did it to me you'd be drinking all your meals through a straw b****

  • And I would love to see you being raped aswell

  • Silly boy, this is the highest level of thinking that a man can achieve. Luckily for us, society strongly detests raping women, but we all laugh when a boy has his pants pulled down by and in front of girls

  • Awww poor women can't defend themselves, that's why they are so inferior. Even rapists laugh and enjoy while raping inferior creatures known as females.

  • And yet when men rape they go to jail, no one will arrest a woman for humilating a little boy

  • Awww poor women can't defend themselves 😂😂😂... infact women also get arrested for humiliating men/women.
    Poor women so weak and pathetic that they can't defend themselves for rape and harassment.

  • Yeah girls just aren't strong enough to handle it. they'd probably cry

  • And I would like to see you stripped n***d in a public place in front on all age groups of men for you to realise the pathetic mindset you have. You should be ashamed of yourself. 😤😡😠

  • Why? What's pathetic about enjoying a boy squirm as I stare at his manhood?

  • You are, you abusive b**** you did that to me, you'd be spitting teeth

  • What's wrong about watching a scrunt like you bleeding while you're spitting out your teeth b****?

  • In that case, what is wrong to enjoy looking at a girl when she's changing clothes or as she's getting stripped forcefully?
    I know how will u girls feel at this point that it can tarnish girl's life's. So it's better that u girls also understand the same and have respect for boys in the similar way u want to be respected. U should at once get rid of all ur perverted thoughts or get ready to face ur karma.

  • Have you ever stripped any cocky adult men to put them in their place?

  • Of course! One incident springs to mind. These naked punishments were common where I'm from, but I went to uni in a different part of the country where stripping boys was less common, unfortunately. As a result, the men were quite cocky. I lived in mixed accomodation, with four girls and three boys. The boys were all messy, loud, and obnoxious, as always, constantly annoying us. Worst of all, they were very sexist, and constantly spoke about how women were less intelligent than men, which is why there were so few of them in uni.

    What amazed me, though, was that the other girls put up with it. I asked them, and they told me that boys were always this way here, and they just have to accept it. However, I wouldn't. Instead, I decided to teach these girls how to overcome these cocky men, just like at home.

    I told the girls about how we should embarass and humiliate the men in our lives by seeing their c****, and giving them uncontrollable boners. When they are controlled by women in this way, they'll realise just how powerful girls are, and just how pathetic they are. The girls giggled as I told them about how I could easily see the p**** of any boy in my area. Here, people were quite prude, and these girls had never seen a p****, and the boys had never been seen naked. But that was about to change in our flat.

    One night, while the boys were showering in the male shower block, we snuck in and stole their clothes and their towels. Then we ripped open the curtains of each cubicle, Of course, this was nothing new to me, but the girls were beside themselves laughing at these embarassed naked men, struggling to cover their manhood with their hands. Remember, this was a first time for these guys. For what seemed like an eternity, we girls just stood there laughing, while the boys stood there covering themsleves, yelling at us 'What are you doing?!' Eventually, I spoke up, and told each girl to grab their guy and drag them out their cubicle. Now the men were standing in a

  • Line in front of us. I told the boys that we weren’t leaving until they moved their hands, causing another burst of laughter from the rest of the girls. The boys yelled and protested but eventually saw they had no way out. The one on the left was the first one, who slowly dropped his hands to expose his little c***. Needless to say, we died laughing. Slowly, the other two followed suit, and the girls had a whale of a time seeing their first d****. And of course, as the men faced women laughing at their exposed p*****, they all slowly blew into full-sized erections, making us laugh even harder than we had been. After a while, one of the boys asked if they could go yet. I snapped back of course not. I then instructed the girls to go and fondle each boy, which they did gleefully. It was one girl to a boy, as I walked around looking at all of them. I showed them how to w*** a d***, and they all did, watching the faces of the boys as they tried to control themselves. Eventually, they all ended up c******, spurting their j*** everywhere as the girls all screamed. Now the boys were thoroughly humiliated, I told them that they will not be loud or obnoxious anymore. They won’t say anything sexist, and will do anything any girl asks of them. Oh, and they have to be naked all the time in the apartment. They all sheepishly agreed, much to the girls’ delight.

  • For the rest of uni, the boys weren’t loud and cocky anymore, and the girls finally knew how to properly treat men. The boys trudged around stark naked, doing all the cleaning for us as we got a full view of their c****, which were erect pretty much all the time. The girls saw the effect they have on men, which is to give them uncontrollable erections, even when the girls aren’t even that attractive. One of the girls was quite fat and had lots of acne. After boys had made fun of her a lot, she enjoyed seeing these boys getting erections in front of her, and she often jerked them off and made them j*** off in front of her. And you best believe these boys never said anything misogynistic again.

  • That told them. any other stories?

  • Randy orton got pantsed.

  • I remember boys in my school would keep their birthday date secret to avoid getting a birthday spanking. It was a fun boy thing to to grab a boy, drop his pants and spank him over his underwear in front of laughing boys and screaming girls. My girl friends liked watching and I myself thought it was very s** and arousing. We all knew in advance who was going to get spanked and made it point to be there when it happed. I'm sure Andy was the only one unaware his friends were looking for the right place and time to do it. I remember his friends hausting him up mid air and his underwear slipping down along with his pants just enough for his d*** pop out. He got 15 swats on his butt and we had a party looking at his hanging d*** swingging side to side. So arousing my girl friends couldn't stop talking about it for months.

  • These girls get turned on by looking at boys hard d****. They can look at my hard c*** all they want and j*** me off to see how i shoot my c**!

  • In summer camp a group of girls told me they saw a boy standing on box peeping on me and another girl through the back window of the girls showers. The box was still outside just under the high window of the shower. I felt my face flushed red just thinking the pervert had seen me stark naked standing in an open shower. When the brother of the other girl found out he chaced the boy down with his friends, tied him to lap post and stripped in front us a bunch of other girls. I remember his d*** blow up into a full b**** and embarrassed about girls pulling it down to see it spring back up again. It was cruel, but arousing to seen him naked totally uncovered, helpless with girls getting a sexual charge out of it. It was later when we found out they lied just to get him stripped. The poor boy had never even been near that shower window and suffered the most humiliating prank of his life.

  • I went to a private school and I was on this residential trio in year 9. I was sharing a room with 5 other people three were my friends one was this girl who I had , had a crush since year 4. The other was her friend. After the end of the second day of the trip I was in the bathroom that attached onto our room. I was in the shower when the girl who I had a crush on walked in. She had already undressed and she saw me naked and I looked and her and I immediately had an erection. We both blushed and she ran out. We kept this a secret for the rest of our lives. Now every one of us who were in that room are studying at collage together and we have expressed our feelings about each other

  • I went to private school limited to ages 6 to 12 (1st to 7th grade). Anyone could be spanked pants and underwear down, but it only ever happened to boys. When girls got in trouble they had to write lines or do other punishments. Swimming was nude for both genders in the pool behind the school, but boys weren't anywhere near the two rooms that could look out during the girls' time. They, however, were in one of those rooms while we swam, and they took turns being escorted to the bathroom or nurse by the teacher so that the rest of them could watch us. The one time one of them was caught for this she did get one good whack with the paddle, but that was only one, it was over her dress, and only the girls saw it.

  • I remember this guy flirting with my girl friends that were sitting by our college swimming pool, when some jokers yanked down his swimming shorts. I remember he was standing in his swimming shorts talking to us and the next minute we were looking at his d*** popping out in front o of us in full view. We had never seen a guy pulling up his shorts and walking away totally humiliated. I personally thought it was the sexiest thing we had ever seen. The cruel thing about it was that my girl friends later sent him a note saying he looked better naked than clothesed.

  • Wow

  • My high school girl friends tricked a girl from our class into a wine drinking party. She was our classroom b**** and were planing to put her to sleep by mixing sleeping pills in her drink. I remember we stripped her in a room, dragged out and left her laid out naked in front of boys groping her and taking pictures of her. As far a we know, they told her she got drunk and did it herself. I guess the shame of having boys looking her naked pictures, is why she never came back to school.

  • Are there any girls who treat guys decently. Any girls left who would not want to see a guy’s p**** and testes and who would not enjoy seeing sexual violence being committed on a boy?

  • Highly doubt it.
    Femininity is so toxic they can't even stand each other.

  • So very true.

  • When I was in private school there were three teachers who used nudity as part of corporal punishment for just the boys. I remember in sixth grade our woman teacher made a boy stand in front of the class while she actually did strip him fully naked and hold his hands behind his back. some boys would have to be nude the entire day

  • Glad they were males and I hope a lot of girls saw them. Only males should be naked no matter how many girls are around. Girls should never be exposed to males

  • F*** you, you caustic b**** no one would wanna see an ugly scrunt like you anyway

  • No, girls should also be exposed to males equally. That's really essential to have equal treatment & respect for the opposite gender.

  • But when is a girl oh no call the police girls should be naked and get exposed

  • No, I feel girls should also be exposed to males. That's how you ensure justice & maintain the arousal in both genders.

  • Thats sexist but my kink won’t let me get mad, care to tell a story

  • Wow. Where was this?

  • In her warped and perverted imagination.

  • I went to a private school that used nudity as a punishment for the boys. they would have to stand at front of classroom in the hallway or even the gym fully naked for some period of time.

  • I hate to admit that my girl friends and I use to manipulate boys into forcing other boys clothes off. One way of doing it was by intimidating them into going some place where no one could see. The victim would usually accept out of fear of getting beaten, with no idea he was going be humiliated that way. It was cruel but very arousing to see boys naked. The best part was that none of them dared say anything out of shame that every one in school would find out. Now that I'm no longer a teenager, I kind of regret being a part of it.

  • It was cruel and you knew it, but you didn't give a damn because you were a heartless b**** who was thinking with her c***. The exact mindset of a rapist.

    If you end up raped someday, accept it and move on. You honestly deserve it.

  • Amen!

  • I used to make my 14 year old cousin take his clothes off in front of my girl friend to keep me from telling his Mom I caught him jerking his d*** in the bathroom. He gets all embarrassed about, but he likes it.

  • We were spanked with pants and underpants down in private school up to 12 years old by female teachers.

  • I went to a boarding school when I was 11 years old that used to spank boys with their pants and underwear pulled down. Embarrassing because it was done in front of all the boys and girl from school. I remember it was ment to shame students into behaving. The worst was having to stand naked in front of everyone as and example to others and later having girls telling you they saw your d***.

  • I read these storys and only one said the boy had a tiny d***. I can not believe that.

  • I can not believe it either i am 15 and my p**** is 1and a half ins. soft and only 4ins. hard. The girls would really laugh at that

  • Have seen many boys get pantsed. Sometimes only the pants or shorts were yanked down, but other times both pants or shorts and underwear. Some of the girls would lure the boy, then more girls showed up to help and he got pantsed. Used to laugh at the boys when it happened.

    The time that sticks out most was when a smaller boy was pantsed. His family was poor and he kept to himself a lot. It was different that time, because he seemed more terrified.

    When they finally got his pants down, I saw why he had been so afraid. Instead of underwear, he had on panties! They were old and faded, but at one time were light-blue hi-cut nylon panties. He started crying. A few of the girls laughed. Most were shocked. As he pulled up his pants, I noticed they were girl's pants too before he pulled his shirt down over them to hide that. He ran off still crying.

    With a single mom and only older sisters, she had him wearing their hand-me-downs. He must have been so ashamed and keeping to himself to keep anyone from finding out he was wearing girl's clothes. Then some girls were nice to him, but it had only been a trick to get him pantsed. I felt terrible for even being there. Never was part of that again

    A few of us talked about getting him some old clothes our brothers had outgrown and get him some new boy's underwear. We got a few things together for him, but he ran the first few times we tried to give it to him. We tried being nicer to him, but he seemed even more distant after getting pantsed.

  • U know what, u deserve to be pantsed and raped in public... to realise how it feels

  • No wonder he ran! What a bunch of stupid b**** rapists.

  • You should be ashamed of yourself for having a part in any pantsing. I was a boy who also had to wear hand-me-downs from my sisters. It was embarrassing. My biggest fears were someone realizing I was wearing girl's clothing or shoes, my pants or shorts would rip or fall down and someone would see that I was wearing panties, or I would be pantsed. I begged my mom for boy's clothes, shoes, and underwear, but was told no money for that and I could wear my sister's old clothes, since they were still nice and fit me. She always seemed to have money for nice things for herself somehow though.

  • Your mom is a selfish self centered b****, leave her for your own good

  • Love f****** little boys wearing panties

  • When I was 14 years old, I used to hang out with a guy whose mum used to work long hours and we had the flat for the whole of the day. Apart from us two, there were two other guys about the same age that one day. That day was particularly boring and we couldn‘t agree on what to do. Since I had thought about the days when my childhood days were boring and out of boredom and the fun my brother and his friend had humiliating me by stripping me naked and keeping me that way for a while made me think of doing that to one of the others in that situation. So I said „why don‘t we strip someone naked?“. This idea backfired. They instantly said, „yes, how about you?“ and threw themselves on me. Two pinned me down and before I could scream „no, not me!“ they already had taken off my sweater and t Shirt. They held my Arms and one started opening my belt and zipper, while one slipped off my socks. When I had finally freed my arms, they had already pulled away my pants and my fight to keep my briefs while screaming „please, leave me my underpants“ was futile. They ripped it from me and left me lying on the floor totally naked with me completely erect. „Hey, you got no pubic hair yet?“ they laughed and made fun of my childish body, because I had really no trace of hair at all. They then put my clothes on the backporch. When I grabbed my jacket to hide the worst of my shame and walk out to get my clothes back, they took away the jacket, pushed me out the back door and screamed „help, a naked boy!“ to attract the neighbor girls. Then they locked me outside completely naked. After a while, I reentered and tried to get dressed, but they just redid the procedure locking me outside.
    Even days and months later, they made fun of me, spread the story and mockingly reminded me by asking „hey, Nick, do you remember when we stripped you naked and you were completely bald?“

  • My embarrassment came in a public swimming pool in a water park. I was 16 when it happed. I was with some girls and boys from my school when the girls, that were sitting by the pool called me over. I was standing in front of them when one of my friends sneaked behind me and yanked my swim suite down. Almost died watching those girls saw me standing naked and God only knows how many other people in that park. Neved felt so naked and embarrassed in my whole life.

  • I was 15 when some bully boys tricked me into going with them behind tbe back wall of the eschool's grounds. When we got there they forced my clothes off in front of a group of senior girls that told them to hold me so they cold take pictures of my p****. They then forced me to j*** myself or they would show them to girl in school. It was the hardest and embarrassing thing I had ever was forced to do. Told me if I said anything about it they rape in the ass with stick. In that year I was sexually molested five times and never dared to tell anyone about it.

  • Too bad dude.. why did you let it happen again & again?

  • That's too bad man! What did you do after that?

  • That is horrible!

  • Yes being stripped naked in front of girls is hard to take---than smoothing up my ass was bad enough. I would much, much rather have had my pubes in front of them. Naked, tied, shaved, and seen in front of girls? Exactly what person are going to tell, a female teacher?

  • Who said they would rape you with a stick? The boys or the girls? And did they ever do that?

  • They forced you to do it again ?

  • When I was in grade11, I switched schools. The change shower rooms were down a hall off the gym. When changing or showering after gym class several guys would grab me and another new guy and throw is out in the hall naked because the girls would be coming for their class after ours. We would usually get an erection when the girls looked and commented. Luckily we were about same size but they compared his uncut c*** to my circumcised one and often commented how we must like being naked for them because we got hard. Even though I was embarrassed, it was true I got turned on.

  • My brother doesn't know I'm peeping on him jerking off in the shower. I'm 13 and the first time I see a boy jerking his d*** hard and shotting stuff out of it. It became one of my most garded secrets but kept peeping on him because it turns me on.

  • How big was his c***?

  • You are 13 year girl and gets turn on by seeing a hard c*** and cuming. You can look at my hard c*** and j*** me off. I will even f*** you if you want. I would like to f*** a13 year old girl!!

  • I wasn't the most popular girl in high school so I couldn't figure out why they invited me to their Saturday night party. They told me the parents of a girl from school had lend her the house for the party as long as they kept it in the swimming area. Bring some clothes your swim suite and told how to get there. It was in a deferent seccion of my housing development and only about five blocks walking distance. I remember there were a lot of girls and boys from school and some from another nearby school. Don't know when or how I fell asleep but remember waking up sprawled out on the front lawn totally naked with girls laughing at me and boys looking at my pravate parts. How long I had been laying out there horrified me. I remember girls having a great time watching boys looking at me doubled up on the lawn. "That's what you get for getting drunk and taking off your clothes" obviously enjoying the moment. I don't know how I had the guts to stand up to pick up my scattered clothes with everyone laughing at me. It was not like I had any other choice but to stand up and humiliate myself again picking up my scattered clothes of the lawn. I did it without making any eye contact with anyone and because I didn't have any choice. Remember I grabbed everything got dressed behind a car down the road and walked home in a daze completely humiliated.

  • I picked the lock of the bath room door while my brother was taking a shower. Sneaked in removed his towel from the hook slid open the glass door and grabbed his d***. He was so embarrassed he cromble into a ball when let my girl friend Sally walk in to see him naked. Told him there was no one else in the house. We dragged him out of shower pulled his arms awy and dicovered his d*** was hard. I remember Sally jerking his d*** saying " nice " as he laid on the floor blushing away with embarrassment. H**** as h*** and the best part was he never told anyone.

  • I once sneaked into the bathroom while my brother was in the shower and then told my girl friend to come inside. Never seen my brother so embarrassed while we sat there enjoying the show. So embarrassed he never mentioned a word about.

  • My little sister would have her friend over and spy on me showering and getting dressed or undressed. Her and her friend saw my p**** soft and hard. If you want to know more text me 937 244.9276. todd

  • Todd how old are you and how big is your p****?

  • Todd, would like to hear more. Should I text you or u can email me: lilbiboy@ Mark

  • I was 16 when a group of girls attacked me under a pedestrian highway under pass returning home from school. Didn't know any of them and after they kicked me and slapped me, told me to take my clothes off. They seemed to be doing it for kicks to humiliate me in front of boys. Ended up having my clothes stripped by force and and made to walk in front of them, pinning my arms behind my back. I remember them saying "show it all b****" forcing my legs apart before running away. I had never gotten dressed so fast y my whole life. Took me a long time to gather myself before going home. Wanted to make sure my parents didn't noticed that something had happed to me. Just told my clothes were dirty because I fell down.

  • My friends tied me to a chain link fence and embarrassed me by pulling my pants and underwear down in front of girls and ran away. Stood there half naked burning with shame in front of girls having a party watching my p**** getting hard. Took their sweet time to untie me to get an eye full. One of those girls was my own cousin that constantly remind me of that day.

  • I got stripped when I was 14 years old. My three friends did it because I wasn't as strong as them. They thought it would be fun to do it in front of girls that were willing to watch. It was embarrassing because my d*** was hard and sprung out when they yanked my underwear down. Never forget this girl leaning across my chest swing my d*** side to side saying pretty while the rest watched. I stuffed my d*** back into my pants when they let me go. So humiliating I wanted the death to swallow me.

  • This confession made me re live the time a kid form school got beat up and bully stripped. They did it in front of me and three other girls to humiliate him. I still remember them dragging him by his bunched up pants and under wear rapted around his akles with his p**** in full view. All though l knew what boys s** looked like, seeing it stiff and stuck up was a first. I was kind of embarrassed for him, but still thought it was arousing. Not much he could do against four older boys but kick and yell. I guess all that struggling and yelling stopped out of embarrassment once stripped. The whole incident happed behind de school's bleachers with laughing boys and peeping girls. I never could figure out why he never said anything and still went every day to school, face us and finding out everyone else knew about it.

  • And you were so kind and supportive, you continued to make that kids life worse, and everyone wonders where serial killers come from.

  • How old were you and that boy?

  • In my early teens I was bullied by boy who would regularly force me to strip in front of his sister. He was 14 and she was 12. On different occasions I was made to take off my clothes and then pe* and w*nk while she watched. On one occasion he even made me suck his c*ck in response to his sister suggesting it. The fact was though that I was actually turned on by being made to do these things in front of a girl.

  • My so called friend used to enjoy abusing me in front of girls just because he was older, bigger and stronger than me. One day we were hanging out in the back yard of his house and he forced my pants and underwear in front of his sister. I remember his sister playing with my d*** and threatening to tell my mom I was a dirty little boy. I was so embarrassed I would take my clothes off in front of her girl friends just so she wouldn't tell my mom.

  • Show your friends the. "Stripping Boys" confession that's here. If that doesnt work, show them your anonymous confession and make fun of "that guy." Overdo laughing about "that guy, " and they might like the idea and do it to you.

  • Yeah, the sheer hypocrisy here simply boggles the mind.

    Though I partially blame feminism for drilling into female minds from an early age that abuse is okay when it's on a guy.

  • Man, I wish I was stripped in front of other boys it gets me h**** knowing they'll see my d***.

  • I wish i was stripped in front of girls, i would get a h****** and they would see my p****. I would hope they liked what they saw.

  • I hope you did not tell the other boys you like it because you never have any pants on

  • That's gay

  • So?

  • Wow! I'v had the same thought my whole life, even as a little boy, and I always thought I was the only kid in the world who thought like that. Thanks for making me feel that I am not alone with that wish. I never told anyone. When I was 14, my older brother and about 6 or 7 of his friends were all in the basement. I was upstairs and I heard them laughing and acting goofy. I wanted to see what they were doing, so I crept down the first few stairs. One of the guys saw me and he said, "Hey, kid. C'mon downstairs and join the big guys." I was happy that the 'big guys' wanted me. So I bounded down the stairs. "Now I'm one of the big guys," I thought. The guy who first invited me beckoned me to come sit between him and my older brother. I smiled and sat down. I hadn't realized before that they were drinking . "Hey, little guy," my brother said. "Have a drink with us big guys." I never had any beer before. My brother handed me a beer. It smelled like the turpentine my dad used to clean the paint brushes. I wrinkled my face, and I pushed the beer bottke away. Another guy called out, if you wanna be with the big guys, you gotta learn to drink beer. I looked up at my brother to see if that's what I had to do, but before I could turn my head away, he shoved the beer bottle in m mouth. The guys roared with laughter! I swallowed one gulp. "Agghhh!" I yelled. "Atta boy!" one of them yelled. and they all laughed. "You're gonna be one of the big boys, now!" another one said in a loud whisper, like it was a big secret. "So let's see your big boy's d***," he added "C'mon, pull it out," my brother said. At first I was embarrassed, but heck, we were all boys. Nervously, I opened my zipper and reached my hand in, pushing away my underpants, and I pulled my shrunken-down d*** out. It barely showed through my open zipper. "Open your pants button, for G_d's sake!" one of them yelled. I was kinda glad he said that, because I wanted my d*** to get bigger than the shrunken little stub.(Part2

  • I am so, so shy, that being naked in front of guys makes, that always to try to cover, They the guys always want to compare my small thing to there big thing.

  • No gay stories please.

  • No gay stories? Who TF is this?

  • Too gay

  • Same!

  • Boys" confession that's here. If that doesnt work, show them your anonymous confession and make fun of "that guy." Overdo laughing about "that guy, " and they might like the idea and do it to you.

  • How old are you?

  • Why do you need to know?

  • I can't help wondering, do any of the girls who enjoyed a big thrill at the time ever feel bad about it years later, when it finally dawns upon you how painful and damaging the event was from the boy's perspective ? Or do you simply laugh it off without a care, like a sociopath would ?

  • When i was 12 my neighbor caught me peeking in her window when she had her friends there for a sleepover. They were all older than me like around 15 or so i think. She said she would tell on me unless i stripped naked for her and all her friends. So i stood in the middle of her bedroom and took off all my clothes. i remember them all giggling and pointing because i got hard. They had me walk back and forth so they could watch my bon*r bounce up and down from walking. they didn't j*** me off or anything, but they would push it down and then let it go, and watch it spring back up and bounce up and down because it was so stiff. They all watched and giggled. i was SO embarrassed!

  • I hope you did not see anything when you peeked at them but it is only fair ALL the girls got to see you totally naked and even to touch you. Serves you right for peeping at them

  • Once I was walking in the hallway of my rented house and a girl pulled me into the bathroom and a group a over holding me down and one of them striped me and they threw away my clothes and I was standing in front of them naked and started to swing my d*** up an down and put a dipper on me and kept me like that for a week it was so f****** imbaracing

  • I once saw a girl pushed out of the shower naked by a group of girls. I remember she had really nice t***, saw her p**** before she could cover it and run back inside. I still can't figure out why she is till in our school after such and embarrassment. She just tells everyone it never happed.

  • My girl friends and I once convinced these boys in school to strip naked the boy that had just arrived in school. Told them it was part of the school initiation. They did it under a highway under pass on our way home from school. I remember him standing naked with a huge b**** trying to get his clothes back with girls having a party looking at him. It was really h**** and later we were all worried of getting into trouble for doing it. Nothing ever happed, I guess because he was too embarrassed to say anything. We all got away it.

  • With any luck you'll have a METOO story of being raped by a group of people. That should put it all into perspective for you.

  • C****

  • I'd like to hear more stories like this

  • When I was about 12 years old these older buys would wait for me in the woods As soon as they cold, they would grab me and began taking off my clothes, never stoped until I was naked Got me naked, laughed and then spanked me. Always so embarrassing cause they saw everything I had

  • Okay the comments in this story are more sexual fantasy- bye creeps.

  • I never thought my girl friend would tie her own brother to the back fence of her home and strip him in front of me. She asked me if I wanted to see him naked and actually walked up to him and pulled his shorts and underwear down in front of me. Apparently she had done it in front of other girls just for the fun of watching him get a h******. I remember her little brother flushed with embarrassment and helpless to do anything about it. He was her little brother but old enough to get and erection and feel the shame of girls looking at him. I should have just walked away, but didn't because actually felt aroused looking at his hairless p**** stuck up in the air. Figured he felt so embarrassed about ,didn't want anyone to know and I sure wasn't going to talk about it.

  • How old are you, you looked at a small boys erection that did not have hair yet and and got aroused by it. You can look at my p**** stuck in the air.

  • Do you have more stories like this

  • I was 14 when I was at a party & I was dared to get naked in fro t of the other 100 or so 14 to 16 year olds. I did it because I thought if I didn't I'd be getting stripped. Two other mates were also dared about 10 mins later & it was a real turn on. I like girls but I couldn't help asking them to stand side by side while I got on my knees & sucked them both. After a short while I didn't even notice everyone gathered around us in a circle to watch as I blew each of my friends, swallowing every warm delicious drop of fun they had. It was a bit messy as a couple of other guys jacked off & come on my body while I was sucking them but I'd do it all again.
    It was a bit embarrassing at the start but once you're undressed for about 10 to 15 minutes you get kinda comfortable naked at a party.

  • Sounds great. How many guys did you suck off and what did the girls say?

  • Pt 3.

    still bothers me to this day & obviously i have major trust issues since my 'friend' partook in all of this. everytime i have an o***** i go back to that day..ive been to therapy over it & that's why im here...quite frankly i dont like talking about it

  • Pt. 2

    oh well, let's see it they said & stripped me bare f****** naked....i remember i was crying when they took off my underwear & the feeling of wind against my privates. they were hooting & hollering, calling me all kinds of names like 'baby d***, it's tiny, where are his b****, he has no hair, pathetic, etc..'
    long story shorted they jacked me off & it was my first time ever & i remember telling them 'i had to pee, please stop, im going to pee' & then i remember something strange felt so good, it was my first e********** & i remember feeling guilty about 'liking' that feeling
    they screamed in excitement & laughter when i 'did it'...'damn!' 'that was a lot for a small d***!' etc. they then put me into one of those little-kid houses completely naked & had girls come in & grope me all over & gave me bjs and hjs & i came again & was horrible.they finally whipped my d*** with an car antenna..i still have the scar.they told me if i ever told anyone they would slit my throat & kill my family

  • Did they have you do anything sexual to them? Did they sick anything up your butt or spanked you? And did you finally tell anybody

  • Pt. 1

    um...this is 100% true story that happened to me when i was 12 & i think about it pretty much every day since...
    long story short & i dont wanna make this too long but i used to have this friend that was a girl, she was a year older than me & one summer day we were walking back home & she told me there was a party going on & asked if i wanted to go...i never been to a party before...she told me there was gonna be older kids there..i was hesitant but she said she didn't wanna go alone, so i went-when we went to the back yard it was a group of about 12 girls, a majority of them older than me..i remember taking a few steps & they some of them got up and began to approach me...i remember getting a really bad feeling in my stomach & i bolted for the fence exit..."GET HIM!" was shouted & before i knew it was tackled to the ground...i tried to move but their combined body weight made me pretty much defenseless..
    they started with shoving grass & leaves & dirt into my face & mouth laughing hysterically all the while...i pleaded with them to stop
    they asked me how old i was, i told them 12, they asked me if i could c**..i honestly didnt know what that meant, i said 'come where?'

  • I was 14 years old when my 18 year old cousin asked me to show her my p****. It was the first time I had showed my p**** to a girl and so embarrassing about getting an erection in front of her. I remember her saying "nice" while she sat in front of me looking at it. Three day later she made me j*** myself off in front of her girl friend, telling me she would tell me Mom if I didn't do it.

  • This has never happened to me, if a bunch of girls striped me and i got a erection in front of them and they said that my d*** was nice, i would not be humiliated. I would ask the girl if she would go out with me and see if would like to j*** me off and see me c**! Maybe even see her p**** and f*** her with my nice c***!

  • I was stripped and videos taped in front of three girls from my class and threatened to show the video in school. I never told my parents I was letting girls sexually harass me so they wouldn't show it.

  • Had similar experience was initially held down at school by older boys when 16 years of age and stripped by female classmates over the playing fields. Totally naked and spreadeagled girls from my class fondled my b**** and d***. One of them m*********** me until I shot a load of c** in front of them. They used their cell phones to film the whole event. They threatened to show the whole school and post it online unless I obeyed them in future at all times. For over two years they made me do what they liked. Some of this included having to strip naked in front of one of the girls younger sister and her friends and m********* until c****** in front of them all. I was really stuck in a no win situation as this was filmed as well. They used to do things such as shave my pubes, b**** and a*** and spank my butt. Of course I had to spend ours round their houses totally naked when ever they wanted. On occasions when totally naked and tied up they would punch or kick me in the b**** to remind me who was in charge. For my 17th birthday they bought me a special present of a male chastity belt and locked me in it and a girl in my class kept the key. They only released me every 4-6 weeks when they would take it in turns to w*** me off. Only escaped at 18 when I moved out of the area to go to University and did not return to that locality.Discovered later that the girls had planned for weeks my stripping at 16 and the filming of it. Having me naked, helpless and obedient made them very h**** and turned them on as did having the power to kick me in the b**** and lock my p**** up so that I could not have an erection or c**. It made them very excited to have control of my sexual organs

  • Wonder how many girls and women like to have total control over a mans b**** and p****

  • I used to share a rental house with three college girls that I didn't get along with, because I was always complaining about them bringing in guys into the house. I was alone in the house one night when they walked in with the boy friends and caught me naked in the kitchen. I remember them telling their boy friends "come and see Cathy naked" I remember their boy friends making comments about my t*** and p**** as pushed through them and exhibited myself across the living room and up the stairs into my bed room totally humiliated.

  • Damn, I wish I could find a group of girls to strip me. I've always wanted it but just never got the chance. Not to long ago, I came up with a way to hopefully be left naked. I went to the beach, found a busy but secluded women's change room. I took all of clothes off and left them there. I slipped out to a wooded area that ran all along the beach. I walked as far as I could then back again. Over half an hour with my clothes laying there. When I went back to get them, everything was gone. I served all over and had no luck until I was going to leave, I found them in the garbage. I wish they had taken them but at the time I was scary. Girls could have walked in anytime and there was nothing I could do. I think I'll try again soon.

  • Why want to get stripped in front of girls

  • The sexiest thing I saw happed in the school gym. My girl friends and I were watching boys in their shorts doing chin ups on this cross bar. They were challenging each other about who could do more than ten. I remember watching one of them jumping up on the bar and getting his shorts yanked down. We all knew boys wore underwear less shorts and lucky for us that he hadn't bothered to tie the draw strings. I remember his face turning from white to red when he saw me and my girl friends looking at his d*** while boys laughed their heads off. I remember clearly seeing his d*** and b**** while he drop down, yanked them back up and ran into the boys bathroom with half his butt hanging out. Beats me why he stills shows up in school every day, when he knows what happened to him.

  • I would be verry humiliated if i got stripped naked in front of boys or girls, i am 17 years old and i have a verry small p**** its 4ins. hard and skinny. I look like my 11 year old brother. I do not like even like him to see me naked. He makes fun of me being the same size has him. I think he has told some girls that he knows about my tiny p****!!

  • !Yeah! I love boys track shorts because they are easy to pull down and they don't ware underwear under them. My girl friends and I were always on the look out for boys waring them and them telling boys to target him. Yo get pants in those and you end up naked with you d*** on show. In one year my girl friends and I got to see four deferent boys with their wellies in plain view.

  • You b****** pulled that me you'd be spitting teeth

  • More stories?

  • I once got my pants and underwear pulled down in front of girls by four senior boys. I remember this fat boy pinning my arms behind my back having my shirt held up while one of the girls hand jobbed me into a full h****** and her girl friends telling to j*** me off. I remember her rubbing my d*** really fast and asking me if I was getting there. I think if I hasn't been so embarrassed I would have shot my load all over the floor.

  • Same thing happed to a boy in my school. He got bully stripped in front of me and my girl friends and it was the sexiest thing I ever saw. It's arousing to see someone stripped against his will. I remember one of my girl friends saying "make him take his clothes off" I remember his underwear sliding down his legs and his hard d*** popping out into view. I guess standing there in front of us with everything on show was the only thing he could do. I remember we tickled his d*** and b**** and sure they were thinking of jerking him off. I think doing that was to embarrassing to do in front of other boys. The truth is every time I think about I get h**** all over again.

  • I know what you mean there is something very charged about somebody being forced stripped and particularly exciting for girls seeing a boy naked and helpless. I say this as a male who was stripped at 16 years of age at school. I was lured to the playing fields by two female classmates. When I got there we were joined by two older girls and two six form boys 18 years of age. I tried to run and fight them off but it was hopeless. I ended up totally naked just my watch left on. They spread my legs wide so that everybody could see my d*** and b**** clearly. All the girls felt my b**** and the two older girls pulled my d***. I was so embarrassed but still got a full h****** and one of the older girls Sally j***** me till I shot my load . The female classmates photographed the whole thing and threatened to make them public unless I did everything they and their friends wanted me to do over the remaining two years at school. Which I did as I was so afraid of the whole school seeing this. At the time I was so embarrassed but now thinking of being naked and helpless in front of these girls makes me feel very excited. I know that the girls loved it at the time.

  • No trace of mental damage or resentment or anything after such a traumatic experience at the time ? How is that remotely possible ?

  • This is also humulation y u touch tht boy p****

  • Why u tickled his d*** it also to humiliation to him

  • Wish that happened to me in school,I'm 13

  • Interesting

  • Hear more pls

  • I remember these three girls telling the boys that were bullying me "don't beat him strip him so we can all see his d***" They merciless yanked my clothes off and held my arms while girls flick my d*** to make it go hard. I'll never forget the names Ashley, Vicky and Helen and the shame of practically getting jerked off by them. I was 14 when it happed and so embarrassed I kept it to myself.

  • You should have let them j*** you off

  • I got stripped in front of a bunch of girls in camp shower. I had stepped out of the shower and was walking rapt in a towel toward the locker to get dressed. Got half way there when these boys carried me outside, ripped the towel off of me in front of crowd of girls and dropped me on the lawn. They were all there because they knew what was going to happed. The next day two girls came up to me telling me "we saw your d***" because they had taken naked pictures and were all looking at them.

  • I was 14 years old when my mother punished me by locking away my clothes and keeping me naked in the house. She did it to prevent me from sneaking out to the street to be with my friends not even caring if my sister was in the house. I remember being locked out of my room, embarrassed about her seeing me naked and teasing me about my d*** creeping up on me. We went to the same school and almost died when I found out she told her girlfriends she saw me naked with a h******. After that girls in school used to slip me notes with drawing of penises with my name on them, just to make me cringe with embarrassment.

  • I used to beat my cousin at wrestling. He used to get so p***** off about a girl beating him in front of other girls and teasing him about it. It was easy because he was 14 and I was 16 and always ended up losing. He once called me a b****, so I wrestled him down on the ground and told my girls friends to strip him to humiliate him . I remember he turned bright red when they yanked everything down and his hard d*** popped out of his underwear. It's true what they about skinny boys having big d****. His was pretty big for a 14 year old boy and have a picture of it to proof it. Know his goes out of his way to avoid me and my girl friends. Revenge is sweat.

  • Can we see the pic

  • Awesome

  • I'd like to jar more

  • I'd like to hear more*

  • That's hot

  • What kind of a f*** are you? I'd gladly call you a b****, but get stripped for that? F*** you and f*** your parents that obviously didn't raise you well

  • You need to learn how to spell

  • He's correct though.

  • I remember being terrified of going to school because a group of senior boys had threatened to beat the crap out of me. Leaving school one day I saw them hanging out with girls in the hallway and trying to avoid them, hid in the second floor bathroom. I remember everyone leaving, peeping out on empty halls and helplessly getting caught in the there. I remember them forcing my my clothes off, holding me up naked in front of them and threatening to run away with my clothes. "Show these girls how you j*** off" and rather than going through the humiliation of exposing myself all the way home, started rubbing myself. Remember dying of shame, boys laughing and girls saying it was true skinny boys had big d**** as they watched my p**** grow into a full erection. It was the worst bullying I had ever suffered in school and so humiliating, I never told anyone about it. I knew those boys were bagging, girls having fun spreading the story around from girl to girl and couldn't do a damn thing about it. I got stripped and all I could do was keep quiet and hope that parents would never find out.

  • These storys gets my p**** hard. I would not like this to happen to me but i am 14 and i would get a h****** in front of them

  • My most embarrassing moment was getting spanked in my birthday suit in front of girls from my school. I remember them telling them to strip me naked, hide my clothes and stood watching my underwear come off and my hard d*** popping out. I remember getting laid across the back of a sofa getting my bare bitt paddled with my legs spread apart and giggling girls pulling my d***. Got 17 painful slaps, cake smeared on my b**** with a birthday candle stuck in my butt and practically getting jerked off. I also had shower off all that sticky mess and trying to play the whole thing down laughing along with them. Got a birthday card with "cute ass" "nice d***" written on it and signed by bunch of girls.

  • It sounds like the best birthday party ever.

  • Wish that happened to me

  • My friends stripped me in front of three girls that used to hang out with us, because a I was the youngest and the easiest to take advantage of. I'll never forget the names Helen, Vicky and Nancy watching them yanking my pants and undies off and running away with them. I remember the embarrassment of getting a b**** at the worst possible moment, "Don't bother to cover it" while they stood there laughing and saying "we've all seen that happen to our brother's" I was in a rock and hard place situation and the only way out, was taking off my t shirt while they watched my p**** swigging side to side totally naked trying to stick my legs through the sleeves. How I got back home without my parents seeing me, is whole deferent story and one that only those three girls and their other girl friends still laugh about.

  • Girls usually are the ones that entice boys to strip other boys. Saw it happen once and girls went crazy looking and grabbing his d***, while held spread out so everyone could get a clear look. Sexy part is, once they find themselves naked you can get them to do anything. I remember the one I saw got forced to publicly m*********. Remember girls telling him to do it faster hoping to see him c**. He never did, but it was still h**** to see his hard d*** in his hand beating it back and forth shinnying with pre c**. Damn lucky he got his clothes back, because he could have easily been forced to walk back home wearing his birthday suite.

  • Girls were certainly behind older boys holding me down at 16 and getting me stripped totally naked at school. Totally naked not a stitch on, spreadeagled d*** and b**** exposed. Helpless as female classmate fondled my b**** and tugged at my d***. Although embarrassed I got a full h*** on and a female classmate Sally tugged until I shot my load, the boys laughed and the girls screamed with delight. Some of the girls had recorded the whole thing on their phones and said they would make it public if I told anyone or did not do everything they wanted over the next two years at school. I was terrified and agreed to all their future demands and became very complaint after being naked once. I was so worried that they would show the whole school the recordings. On one occasion I had to strip naked in front of one of the girls younger sisters and her friends and m********* in front of them for her birthday there was no way they would let me stop until I c**. I got completely trapped in a loop as this was recorded as well. The four female classmates who planned my original stripping with older boys had complete control of me and got me to do anything they wanted over the next two years. It ended when I moved away to University and never returned to the area where I went to school.

  • Guess you could say the girls had you by your b@lls but then every girl should learn how to have males by them

  • I was tricked into going to the beach with boys and girls from my school to gather shells for a school project. The intentionally walked far enough so no one could see then taking off my clothes. I remember girls asking them "do it hear" when they began stripping me and telling them to take it all off. Ended up parading myself stark naked, with screaming girls waving my underwear pointing at my p****. As embarrassed as I felt, I was more scared of being left there with no clothes than covering myself. It was the next day when the shame set in walking into a classroom were most girls has seen me nude and the embarrassment of not wanting anyone to know about it. I had no choice but swallow my shame and convinced myself it never happed.

  • I saw a boy get a birthday spanking and my girl friends telling boys to do it naked. Watched his clothes coming off right down to his underwear. Remember him being held and exhibited in front of everyone with his d*** hanging out and girls going crazy looking at it. Watch him getting his 16 swats on his bare butt and the best part, totally unable to cover the fact he got a very embarrassing h******. I know because I was one of the girls that walked up to him and gave him a couple of good yanks. I bet he'll never forget his 16th birthday for a really long time.

  • That's how I got stripped. My birthday was the excuse to do it. I was 15 when I got a birthday spanking by a group of boys from school. The embarrassing part about it was they did it behind the baseball bleachers in broad day light, with my pants and underwear pulled down and in front of bunch of girls. Got my 15 slaps on my bare butt with my p**** hanging out and girls squatting under me to look at it. I remember they also pulled my shirt up to my neck so it wouldn't cover my p****. Those 15 swats were nothing compared to the humiliation of being publicly exposed stark naked.

  • I remember boys running up to us with a bunch of clothes in their hand, telling us they had left a boy naked in the water pump room of our building. Of course me and my h**** girlfriends went down and found him stuck stark naked behind an electrical cabinet. Told him we would bring him some clothes if he came out and showed us his d***. He wasn't about to face the shame of walking home with no clothes on, so he came out and let us check out. It's true what they say about skinny boys having big d****. He looked so embarrassed standing there with a rock hard d*** while we went crazy looking at it. It was so damn h**** we wouldn't have missed it for the world. I guess he never said a word about it out embarrassment and being the laughing stock of every girl in the building.

  • My girl friends and I used to play with boys from the neighborhood. As usual there is always a bigger and stronger boy that abuses younger ones. That boy was a 15 year old boy named Tim that usually got the short end of the stick. Well Mike being the dominant one convinced the others to help him tie Tim. I remember we were at the baseball field, tied Tim's hands to a cross bar at the back of the bleachers and threatened to strip him. It was Mike's idea to strip him and embarrass him in front of me and my girl friends. Although we didn't say a word about it, we were all hoping he would do it. The next thing was two boys holding Tim's legs, Mike unzipping his pants and sliding them down his legs along with his underwear. I never forget Tim hanging naked from that bar, my girl friends looking at his p****, watching grow hard and nothing he could do about it. Deferent strokes for deferent girls, but personally I had a good long close up look at it and a real turn on to see him with a full erection totally on show. I was 16 and Tim was the first boy I saw bare ass naked and loved it. Some things you never forget.

  • My brother once came home stark naked because a group of boys had stripped off his clothes and ran away with them. It happed in a park two blocks away and had no choice but run back home with no clothes on. I remember him saying they did it in front of a bunch of girls, most of them from his school, just for the fun of shaming him. Spent a week refusing to go to school and in the end enrolled him in another school. In a way he lucked out because it happen at night time and hardly any neighbors saw him.

  • What country are you from?

  • A similar thing happed to me in a school field day. It was in another school because ours didn't have sports facilities. Got tuck in the shower with four girls looking at me totally nude. Got and uncontrollable h****** and had to show it in order to get my clothes back. Didn't know any of them, never saw them again and at least no one in my school knew what happed to me.

  • How old were you and if you had a nice size d***. Nothing bad about that i wish that would happen to me. I would j*** off for some time to come thinking about that.

  • I got caught in the shower by two girls that sneaked into the bathroom. They just stood there giggling and making comments about my private parts. Only thing I could do was step out of the shower and exposed myself all the way to where I had left my towel. I see them every day in school and know they are talking about it with other girls. I feel like I have no clothes on every time I walk pass them and even get notes with dirty drawings on them. It's something I never dared to tell anyone.

  • Yes, I feel like that no clothes every time saw girl that saw me stripped naked too. I wanted cover myself even though I fully clothed.

  • I know how it feels to be left stranded nude with nothing at hand to cover up. Removing clothing and anything else that could be used to cover up, ensures the fact the victim is left stuck in a public shower with no way to escape his fait. I was dumb enough to take a shower when there was no one else in there and walked right into the trap. It just took seconds to realize the towel was no longer in the place I had left it and everything else had been cleaned out. That day was the most humiliating day of my life when two girls walked in for a cheap thrill and other decided to do the same. I could do anything else but stand there letting them have their fun and hope it would end soon. It did end soon, but it felt like ages an only left when the saw what they came in to see. It funny because shame and embarrassment set in after they all left and faced with the fact that everyone would be talking about it for days and months to come. The worst was having to keep quiet and horrified that it would turn into a scandal and become public news.

  • All you guys need to tell. Maybe it would stop.

  • Trust me it wouldn't stop. I was bullied all my life. Telling a teacher or parent never made it stop completely.

  • How effective is reporting bullying incidents to parents and authorities ? You said it never made it "stop completely", so I assume it at least reduced their occurrence to an appreciable extend.

  • It only would make it worse. Even if the teacher or somebody caught it happening it wouldn't stop. Only when the bully grew the h*** up did it stop. I strongly believe these anti-bullying campaigns are bullshit and don't help one bit. Just defend the victim. As long as the bully sees that he has to go through somebody he might stop.

  • When I was fifteen I got stripped at school by the older boys and girls, I had to run home naked. I told my Dad what happened and he gotten really mad that I had exposed myself in front of the neighbors. That night he gathered my new stepmother and stepsisters together into the den and once again I was stripped of my clothes. When my Dad ripped off my briefs, much to my embarrassment, I was hard as a rock. He took me over his knee and gave me a really bad spanking. My new family saw all my private areas when I got off of Dad's lap and I was humiliated beyond belief. So much for telling on the kids who originally stripped me. After that, I kept my mouth shut.

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