Wonderful husband, wonderful surprise

I have the most wonderful, loving husband in the world! and the most amazing s** life but i often fantasize about having him and another man at the same time. its just something about having two big men groping and licking and having their way with me! i love it! and its probably because my husband is the only man i have ever been with! but my husband is very conservative and would never be open to that idea. this is why one night while we were having s** he surprised me with something he has never done before! i had bought some of that KY yours and mine lube that comes in the little tubes and i got it out as a surprise to him to use. well we put it on each other and laid it aside on the bed. well we were really getting into it and we decided to switch to a*** so i was on top and he put it in and i leaned back to enjoy my ride and i feel my husband playing with me and then he slid something into my p****! it was one of the KY tubes! i was so shocked i popped up and asked him what he was doing! he said just lay back and enjoy yourself! needless to say i came so hard we had to change the sheets! it was the most amazing s** we have ever had he has done this to me several times since and i love every single leg shaking minute!! the other day i bought a small d**** to use when he wants to DP me but i don't know how to suggest using it and i don't know how he would feel about it. i mean my husband's d*** is a LOT b***** than this thing but i don't want him to think he's not enough for me because trust me he definitely is! could i get some advice on how to bring this up or make him think it is his idea.

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  • Hi babe, I had a similar experience. What I did was: Get ready for him to come home be naked and as he walked in I slid the the d**** up me and he f***** me senseless up the a*** as the dido vibrated up my c***

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