My biggest and only problem now.

I'm a bit depressed right now. School.. just isn't learning for me anymore. It's 7 straight hours of horror. Before, it used to be learning something that would obviously assist you in life. But now, it's just tests, tests, and more tests. You don't learn because it will help you. You learn simply to pass a test.

I'm pretty mad at the world for putting me through this. It is completely unnecessary, yet no one speaks up. No one with influence, at least. Children are the only ones that will speak up. But when we grow up, we'll probably just forget about it while we're worrying about paying off our debts because we never learned how to handle money in schoool — 20 years learning how to pass every test except the test of life.

I'm not going to let my anger take control. But I've been playing a lot of video games lately. It lets me forget about all my troubles and move on. A game is bliss; you can run around and have freedom like you can never have in real life. I've watched Steam's F2P documentary, which pretty much discusses the future of gaming. But it means more than that for me. If it's right that gaming will be considered a sport — well, that just gives me hope that all my hours now might not be completely wasted.

I mostly play Minecraft and other open-world games. Like I said, I feel trapped in reality, so that's why I like games that give me maximum freedom. So if you know any good games, tell me. Also, I want Far Cry 3 because I heard it's generally a good game, and it's plot revolves around being kidnapped on an island. It gives me something to relate to. If anyone wants to get it for me, gift it to ( Many kisses if you do.

I feel better now after writing this post. I don't know why. Maybe it's that there's a chance that someone will know how I feel. Or maybe it's that it'll be contributing to a better future. Either way, it's good to let my thoughts flow out. You'll probably forget these words soon after you've read it, but it matters to me. Thanks.

May 4, 2014

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