I've Been Unfriended By Someone on Facebook

Like title says, I am no longer friends with someone on Facebook. I'm upset by it but only because I no longer have access to her posts where she whines about having social anxiety and that no one understands her. Reading them made me feel better about my own life and to not have them anymore bums me out hardcore.

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  • What did you do? Think about it! I recently I friended someone I really was into because his neighbor told my some f'd up s*** he said about me!

    There are usually 2 sides to every story!

  • That just seems really strange to enjoy reading people's pain . I know when I read someone's pain like on there I want to so badly help them not sit
    and joy it there trama .

    Find a hobby sounds like you have to much time on your hands . If if you
    really like hearing people sad story , so you can feel better then join some
    group that helps abused woman I am sure you will get an ear full .

  • People suck, don't they.

  • F*** Facebook...it has caused more harm than good.

  • I use to have FB and people would want to be my friend so I got excited then , I notice that when I message them they would not even read my mail yet I can see they are on posting stuff yet they can
    t take 2 min. to open my mail ?
    WTF why did you ask me to be your friend if your not even going to talk to me . I hate that it reminds of myspace the same s*** . I think! I was just a number to how many friends they have .
    Oh I got 200 f****** fake friends , bull s*** you got nothing !!

    And when I post something nothing no one reply's and yet when the so called friend post something they are doing they get people always saying something I don't get it so I said f*** it and deleted my account .

    I hate those chain letters they post a message like if your a true friend you will send this back to me ! really how sad is that !
    Now I feel like if I don't then I am not a true friend talk about pressure thought I was done that back in HS !
    When I delete my FB account not one person who had my e-mail address e-mailed me and said where did you go .

  • There's plenty of sadness and misery in the world. You'll find someone else you can get off on pitying.

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