Ok I'm the enemy of the Jehovah Witness faith

I'm sure you've seen my anti-JW rants on here and while I've said a lot I haven't said everything by a long shot. Of course, I've reminded you that Jehovah Witnesses refuse to take blood transfusions even if one of their children will die if they don't receive one. They claim that the bible says that you aren't supposed to consume blood by eating it or any other way.

Here's what my Rabbi a former prominent physician says and we should know because the injunction against consuming blood is in our Torah.

You aren't supposed to consume animal blood in order to gain the characteristics of the animal whose blood you have consumed. For instance, you aren't supposed to consume bull blood to gain the strength of the bull.

These days nobody believes that. We have discovered that transfusing blood into a patient who needs it can be life-saving. My Rabbi witnessed the death of many Jehovah Witnesses including children who refused to take the blood.

Thankfully here in Georgia, we give them the transfusion if we have to tie them down and make them take it.

If a Jehovah Witness comes to your door please do not let them in or talk to them. Becoming a Jehovah Witness may cost you your life.

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  • I call them Jon Bon Jehovies

  • You seem to think that's pretty clever. I pity you.

  • Nobody cares dude! Get a life, do something productive. Frankly no sane person would ever join the JW. Those who do have it coming.

  • Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R_hlMK7tCks

  • The world is over populated anyway. If they die because that don't want to do something that's their decision.

  • What if one of their young children need a transfusion?

  • People are really starting to get tired of the "but the CHILDREN" dog whistle. Like the person below me says, if they die they die. The parents will just squeeze out another one anyway, because stupid people love to breed.

  • And so they die.

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