Giant Eagle - Pittsburgh

That many dozens of employees steal from the company on an almost daily basis at numerous locations. Let me use their second busiest location as an example, it is located in Shaler, PA

On each and every shift numerous employees are able to steal from the company and get away with it. Not at all difficult to do. Take numerous products from the shelf, place them into an area that the cameras cannot properly see to, then make off with it later.

Managers and security not able to monitor this one effectively, because after all, employees use text messages and other signals to alert to management activity.

Naturally employees also help their friends get away with all kinds of items. Help friends bypass to the doors, bypass items through registers, and all kinds of other methods.

Bypassing to the doors by again sending texts to alert to the managers locations. Bypassing registers typically by: equal weight items, replacing tags, etc.

Able to use cashiers to basically memorize credit card data. Because any properly trained person can easily remember a sixteen digit number, then adding the expiration data and also the three digit number on the back of the card.

Did I mention card skimmers?

In other words, It is very easy for most any customer or employee to steal from Giant Eagle with very little effort. I'm surprised they are ever able to catch any customers

May 14, 2014

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  • I live up the hill from that giant eagle store in shaler pa lol in glenshaw

  • I used to work in retail security, so let me tell you a secret: No one is watching the cameras. The typical chain store has 20-40 cameras. Those cameras are usually wired in to a central site for all stores in the chain. So, for example, if a chain has 100 stores, that means the feeds from 2,000 to 4,000 cameras are all going to a single location. There are not 2,000 people at that location watching them. There is NO ONE watching the cameras. They are only recording them, so they can go back to them if there is a problem.

    If your store has an unusually high amount of "shrink", then you will get the attention of central security, and they will start reviewing the tapes from your store. Typically, we liked to make sure we caught everyone at the same time, so we would let the stealing continue until we had enough proof on everyone involved, and then it's off to the police with the evidence, and they come to the store and get everyone at the same time.

    I was involved with several of these operations. The best was when we had the police go into an auto parts store and arrest all 8 employees who were working at that moment, and then arrest the other 12 at home. They ended up closing the store for a week until they could get another crew in.

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