Crazy Nurses Bachelorette Party

I had a wild and crazy bachelorette party with my coworkers last summer. I work as a L and D nurse at a hospital and this party involved me and 8 of my coworkers. We had the party at one of the girl's houses and it involved a lot of alcohol.

We first started out sending pictures of our b**** and butts to some of the doctors we worked with and made them guess who they belonged to. Then, I opened my gifts, which were mostly s** toys and lingerie and we had a good time posing in provocative positions with them and sending them to our boyfriends/husbands. I even put on the naughty maid outfit they bought me and they sent pictures to my fiance.

The real nastiness started when the girl's husband came home early from the bar and brought two of his drunk friends. They all gave me lap dances in their boxers and posed for pictures in s** positions with me while my coworkers took pictures. I still had my clothes on at this point.

As the night wore on, the girl hosting the party and her husband went to their bedroom to f*** and the other girls commented that it should be me getting laid since it was my last night to do what I wanted. They egged on the two guys to give me a naked lapdance so I at least got to see some strange d*** at the party. They both led me downstairs and gave me a very intimate show.

They both stripped naked first and rubbed their bodies and d**** all over me. I lost control then and started to j*** and suck them. They let me suck them hard as I alternated between them before my clothes were removed and I gave in to what they wanted. I sucked one while the other licked my p**** and then they rotated between my mouth and f****** my p**** until they were satisfied. I don't know how long they f***** me for, but I must admit I really enjoyed it. I know I acted really slutty (most of you prob think I'm a w****) and do feel guilty now, however it was def the best sexual experience of my life.


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  • You poor cuckold finance. He a chump to marry you.

  • Can I join you for a long f*** session I promise I will satisfy you for at least a couple of hours at a time. My c*** is nearly 8 inches and is 55mm across the head.

  • It was a bit of fun! It's good to be a w**** sometimes as long as its not really often and especially not when your married unless you can get your hubby involved with it :p x

  • You enjoyed it, I know the guys enjoyed it, so as long as your future husband doesn't find out what is the problem? I hope there are no pictures.

  • She cheated on she fiance, that's the problem. He don't want no sloppy seconds ho. A girls past is her past, yeah. But once you fiance with you then it ain't you past no more.

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