Now she is mad

So a week ago my wife stepped outside her box and now she is mad at me.
We go to a company Christmas party which i am not going to give any details about or everyone will know who she is but we had booked a hotel room and her parents took the kids.
We had fun, Got drunk and it was her that had initiated the whole thing, We had a hot tub in our room and she invited two other couples to our room, One thing led to another and we all ended up in the hot tub in our underwear, after one girl that she works with passed out on the couch and one couple left me and the other girls husband tag teamed her.
My wife would never normally do anything like that but we were messing around and i talked her into taking off her bra then soon after we were all naked, I talked her into grabbing his d*** under the water and after that she just kept going. He sat on the edge of the hot tub and she stood up, I stood behind her and bent her over, She sucked his d*** while i f***** her then we spun her around and switched.
she stood up and stepped out of the hot tub and laid on the bed and we f***** her for about half an hour or so then with her saggy little t*** flopping while he f***** her i came in her mouth and then leaned back, He pulled out and came in her mouth and she went to shower. While she was in the shower we went and checked on his wife who was still out like a light and he had no problem pulling her top up and letting me play with her t*** and pulling her skirt up letting me rub her then he stood and watched as i stroked a second load and dumped it on her big floppy t***, I rubbed it in with my hands and he covered her back up but not before my wife seen me playing with her t***.
Now a week later my wife finally confesses why she has been a total b**** since and she is all of a sudden upset that she f***** her coworkers husband and i played with her coworkers t*** (She doesn't know i came on her). How is it my fault that after 19 years of marriage she finally decided to let me tag team her, Not my fault she had a lapse in judgement and i took advantage, Not my fault she got carried away and swallowed another guys load. In my opinion she needs to take ownership of what she did, You feel stupid, You feel like a w****, You feel like a s***, Not my fault.

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  • Do you wonder what the olds think when they look after the kids. When my wife and I look after the grand kids, my wife gives her daughter a lecture about making sure she gives her husband a good time. She is so overt and matter o fact. Says things like make sure you shave down there. Get him to lick you and I'm sure he'd like a b******* you can do that anywhere.

  • Yeah right

  • Sorry to hear about that dilly-kron, just brave it out and pretend.

  • She's p***** because now she's in her right mind and it's something she normally wouldn't have done. She did it because she wanted to, end of story.

    This same thing happened to me and my wife. We were on vacation, and you know what they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Well, she got drunk and h**** and we ended up having a threesome with another guy we didn't even know. She was p***** at me afterward because evidently I shouldn't have let her do it. I told her she was big girl and I wasn't her father. She's still p***** at me to this day about it, and that was 13 years ago.

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