I want a divorce

My husband and i haven't been married for even a year yet and ive been wanting to break up with him since a month or two in to our dating relationship. (3 years we've been together) i rarely fell like he cares for me, ive very rarely felt wanted, and i hardly ever feel loved. To be honest i married him because i didn't see him enough id be the one going to his place all of the time, he wouldn't come see me though we were only 8 minute drive apart. He's lied to me about stupid s*** like saying he's never seen p*** and denying it multiple times. Even after i told him that i watch it. Then i found all the p*** he watched. He will not let me keep the passwords to our -joint- bank account and has only shown me how to put in the multiple passwords once. He was once refuseing to tell me the passwords at all every time i asked he would get defensive and ask why i wanted to know. Then i demanded that he show me and i had to demand that multiple times before he would.

May 23, 2014

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  • Please, please, please do the world a favor and don't have children. You had some half-assed reason for marrying someone that you wanted to break up with then you're all miffed because it's not working out.
    I know it's hard for those on the left side of the IQ bell curve to understand, but choices have consequences and decisions like getting married made without thinking them through generally don't end well

  • First of all, i dont want children. Second of all the post was written in high emotions and i just needed to let it out. Obviously this isnt a safe place to do that. Please do the world a favor and dont comment on peoples posts.

  • If you don't want to read comments you don't want to hear, don't whine on a site that allows comments.

    Looks like yet another precious snowflake is learning the hard way that the world does not revolve around them. Dry your tears and learn from this.

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