Im a nypho

Ive never had multiple relationships. I wont lie though i have flirted with other men, showed one guy my feet, showed another guy a pic of me after the shower through a fogged mirror couldnt see me just the outline. Flirted with guys online.. and kissed my girl best friend. But i have never and will never f*** another man. Im a flirt, not a complete w****. My husband inst adventurous in the bedroom at all... so i do fantasize about being with another man with his permition, or having a threesum with a man or woman.... Gosh i wish my husband would tie me up and choke me and smack my ass bite me just tie me down and do whatever he wanted to my body.... i love it when he gets so excited when i give him a b****** he grabs my head and controls how deep and how fast he goes... i cant breath and i love it... i want to be controlled sexually.
He also refused s** from me and refuses to adventure with me in the bedroom..he hasnt gone down on me in month...gosh im so sexually frustrated ive started watching p*** again though i promised him i wouldnt i feel terrible for it and i told him he said he knew but said nothing else. I just wish my husband would be willing to try sexual things with me but he gets so frustrated that i ask for s** every day multiple times if the first time wasnt good enough..


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  • Wanna share some pics ?

  • Where do you live? I'd love to do all those things to you!!!!!!

  • Texas

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