Spanking Bare

One day, about 12 years ago. I got the spanking of my life. It all happened with my boyfriend, Patrick at the time. He told me to ditch school and meet him up at this really cool nightclub which was open all day today for a special occasion. My parents were both serious about school, but they hated this particular night club; so when they found out I'd ditched and it'd be put on my record, plus went to that nightclub, they weren't happy. They stormed into the house and sat on the couch in the living room. Then, my dad pulled me over his lap and started spanking me. It wasn't too hard and when he stopped, i thought he was done, but nope. Next, he pulled my jeans down and took off the lacy shirt I was wearing. Thankfully, I had a cami! He grabbed the paddle from the kitchen and started. It hurt and tears pricked my eyes, but I wasn't done yet. My hairbrush was retrieved from my purse and my underpants were pulled up so the seat part looked like a thong. He took off my cami leaving me in a bra and kinda-thong. He started smacking me with the hairbrush and then took off his belt. He took off my panties and lifted me off his lap. Then he told me to put my hands on the arm of the couch and he started belting me! He then found his old strap and started strapping me. Then he took off my bra leaving my b**** swinging and pulled me outside. we had a bench out there and he started paddling me naked out there. Kids from all over had gathered around. My butt was very red and I was then sentenced to sitting in the grass, my legs spread apart while my dad spanked my inner thighs and then touching my toes so my dad could whip me with the hairbrush again. And then facing the audience while my mom brought out my clothes. kids were able to come in and see me naked close and personal. It was the worst day of my life!

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  • I would've never forgiven my father!!

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