I hate my sepsons

I hate my 3 stepsons. I have finally found the love of my life. They only problem is he has 3 of the most evil sons on the face of this earth thanks To Their Bio Mother And Her Parents. Thank goodness 2 of them are out on there own but the 3rd is saints spawn it doesn't matter what I do for him good or bad he lies about me all the time so I choose not to do anything for him anymore. He is a discussing. He is 15 and he still poops his pants and the sick thing is he has admitted he in joys it. I would do anything if his mother would get her act together and take him back. The one problem is that her boyfriend hates him to. The truth is nobody wants this kid he is a lot of work .

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  • The kid needs a series of beatings. And if you can't or won't give them to him, his father must. I don't recommend this for YOUR benefit. I recommend it for HIS. Otherwise, he'll never learn that -- regardless of what you or his dad do or don't do -- the world will never put up with his s***, speaking literally or figuratively. It's time he learned how the cow ate the m************ cabbage.

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