So Guilty

Ive been dating this guy for a while now. He loves me so much. He wrote a song for me and beat a guys brain out for calling me a hoe. Weve dated in the past but he has always broken up with me over something stupid. Today we went to the pool together and it was the first time we saw each other after school ended. He had to go home about three hours after we got their so i walked him home and told him to meet me at the elementary school that was real close by once he changed and ate something.he said he will. so i was waiting at the school for a long while and felt as if i was stood up. when i was about to leave, my closest friend came by and we talked and walked over to a creek where no one could see us.we talked for a lil bit and we played sexual truth or dare.and he dared me to hold his hand. i dared him to scoot real close to me. he dared me to behind the head hug him, i dared him to put his arm around me, he dared me to kiss him and...i did. i dared him to let me sit on top of him. and i sat on him and we just hugged and talked for a long time. he said he loved me and was happy we were so close. and i said the same thing right back. adventually he walked me home and i hugged him goodbye. I went inside and got on facebook and a message was waiting for me from my bf saying he got in trouble and was sorry he didnt go to the elementry school and that he loves me so much. i felt guilty more than i ever have :/

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  • You have a boyfriend who beat someone's brains out because of you and you think that is cute? He walked away from you in just a few minutes and was already in trouble? Next time,it may be you getting your brains beat out because you looked at another guy in a way bf did not like. He better not even find out about your dare friend.You have VIOLENCE for a boyfriend.

  • This is a troll. The giveaway is when they do not even know that the word "I" is capitalized.

  • Not necessarily. It's very trendy right now to pretend to have no idea what spelling, grammar and punctuation are because people are 1) stupid and 2) addicted to texting.

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