I want my girlfriend to get fat

I love how out of shape my girlfriend has gotten. She’s gained over 100 lbs since we got together and she can’t do anything without getting out of breath now. She has huge cellulite covered thighs and a nice hanging belly now. She used to go to the gym or run almost every day but I think it’s been about 50 lbs since she had workout clothes she actually fit in to. Most of the time she just sits on the couch eating junk food and watching tv. It’s such a turn on how completely un-fit she has become but I want more!

She started out at about 105 lbs (she’s 5’2”) and she has already doubled that weight but I want her to at least triple it. I cook extremely high calorie foods or get pizza for takeout every night and I make sure she never goes to bed without a bowl of ice cream. I love every new pound and can’t wait to see how big she can get.

Apr 13, 2020

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  • Feed her until she bursts... Super obese chicks are hot as f***. My wife is over 450Lbs...When we met she was around 160 and struggling to keep the weight from piling on... I hate skinny women so I made sure she had lots of fattening treats to snack on and I fed her lots of high calorie foods. Needless to say, she had blown up nicely and continues to gain weight... When she complains about being too fat, I just tell her that she is gorgeous and I f*** and feed her until she stops worrying about being fat. I can't wait to see how big she will ultimately get. I'm shooting for at least 600.

  • I couldn't wait to see how big my wife would get. She's now 565lbs. Keep fattening your girlfriend, positive comments about her size, show her lots of attention & love & she will continue to blow up.

  • Over a half ton woman?! That is impressive and you are a lucky man. What’s her mobility like at that weight?

  • She's now 627, so big & fat.

  • She has just weighed in at 611lbs. She is so fat.

  • She was actually heavier than when posted it, now she 581

  • She's still mobile, but she is struggling to carry all that weight around, but it's not stopping her from getting fatter.

  • I'd like a woman to reach about 235 pounds. I regularly see an escort at this weight and she is marvelous. She understands men and is intelligent and sexy, dressing in open crotch pantyhose and silky gowns, etc. Her make up is flawless and I love her red lipstick. Very smart with great conversation. She even keeps a discreet apartment for in-calls. Size has certain issues and she has a position to overcome them all. Oral is her best as she takes it all in deep and takes her time to make you happy, and swallows it all. I think sometimes there is a deep image in my mind that this large beauty is symbolically feeding off me and it really turns me on! I miss her so much during quarantine and I called to tell her I was writing this. Love you sweet woman!

  • I love a girl who's prepared. By "prepared," I mean she carries an extra 150 pounds of fluffy fat around her waist at all times, so she's always ready for a squeeze or an amazing cuddle whenever the mood strikes!

  • My kind of prepper :)

  • I starve my gf. I like her skinny as. I like to see her deal with the internal conflict of feeling hungry but knowing it's not her decision and if she is weak and disobeys that she will be punished. The welts from my whip usually last for several weeks.

  • Would be brilliant to have a fat lazy gf lying around to sink one in whenever you want. At least they cant get away. I would keep her naked with fat thighs open and just s**** all over when I felt like it. Fatties appreciate a hard co ck just for them.

  • Go for it. I have fattened my girl. Made it super easy for her to gain by always having good food around.

  • Yeah I’ve stocked the freezer with ice cream and the cupboards with chips and cookies. I also order pizza 2-3 times a week. It’s working so far!

  • Lucky you. I adore fatty po rn seeing all that rolls of delicious fat. Seeing them ma's ter bate their fat cunny thick thighs and ti titys bouncing around. Would enjoy spun king all over th e re massive fat body's.

  • You and me both

  • I love it. My wife of 13 years is exactly the same way. Couch potato, eating all day, no job, and does no housework at all. She is 5'9" and currently is 404 lbs. So deliciously soft and lovable. She never cared to exercise and is generally lazy and never learned any kind of job, so what she is doing now is just natural. Why did your gf decide to become a lazy fatty? You are so lucky.

  • She's only going to get bigger. Mine is the same and now weighs 581lbs.

  • I’m not sure it was a decision as much as me helping her natural laziness develop. I discouraged her gym habits by always taking her to happy hour after work and also encouraged her to start smoking a bit more weed. Her diet was always pretty bad but her daily exercise counteracted it. Once she got used to not exercising her weight started to creep up pretty quick and without someone encouraging her to eat better and workout she fell into the fat girl trap pretty quick.

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