Mixed up emails of wife and sons teacher

I use gmail and click C and a list of names pop up. I click the one I want and enter the message.
My wife and I send nice messages to each other all the time. We have a very active s** life.
Morning after a very hot night, I was thinking of her coming home early for more of the same.
I told her how nice it was last night, how I like the special o***** she had when she nearly feel off me onto the floor. She just got weak when it happened.
Told her I had plans for her tonight, would see if I could nail her to the bed.
I clicked send and waited for an answer. She called later and I ask, did you get my message?
NO, what message? about s** last night and tonight?
NO, what message?
I checked and found I had sent this to my childs teacher. Same first name as my wife. Pure accident.
I fired off a message and apologized for the mistake. ask her to forgive me.
She sent back a message of excitement. She thought I wanted to come over and see her. She is a single woman, she thought my wife and I were divorced. I don't wear a ring due ot my type of work.
We got it cleared up, but she let me know the offer was open if my situation changed.

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  • What a waste. You oughta be tappin' that ass.

  • Have to much respect for my wife. She gives a ride this teacher could not touch. I got a lot before my wife, and she is amazing in bed. She is ready to go when I ask. Hard to risk that.

  • If your wife finds out...that teacher may end up dead

  • Well that is awkard, please do not cheat or think about cheating on your wife-just saying and always remember when sending private/especially dirty stuff to double check the person your email or texting!!

  • So what you gonna do about the offer?

  • Nothing,

  • Damn shame. Crying shame. Horrible shame.

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