Diapered by my wife.

I had been drinking heavily with some friends and came home blasted out of my mind. I guess I picked a fight with my wife before passing out and wetting myself. Now I have to wear diapers and plastic pants when ever I am at home. This has been going on for the past two years. If I disobey she told me she will leave me. I only drink a few now and then and only when I am with her. If we go out and I want to have a drink while I have to wear my diaper and plastic pants or no drink. Other than going to work I am in them all the time now.
Sad wetter.

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  • Are you still together and are things still the same ?

  • Yep...Only change is I get put in Chasity some times when she is displeased with me. I guess I have become more submissive to her now that I think about it.

  • Do you find yourself wetting with out knowing now?
    And do you change yourself or does your wife do it for you? Also what is the longest you have been locked up for?

  • I’m jealous

  • You need to be diaspered !!!!

  • That's sad...I would just let her leave.

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