I don't know who I am.

I had a whole thing written up, buuuuuut I'll slim it down. (S***, it's still long)

I'm a gay 17 year old male.
But I have an asexual mindset?
Like, guys can turn me on sometimes, but I wouldn't mind hanging out with a girl or guy. I don't want to have sexual relationships with either one. Just "extremely close" ones with either. Confusing. I told my mom, and all she did was laugh. And then asked for fashion advice on what to wear to work. Really?

Next, I'm possibly transgendered. I've always had the feeling that I was a girl trapped in a boy's body. I never have fit in with the guys at school and such. I've always looked at the girl's items, pretty jealous of the variety of things (hmm), liked girly things, the list goes on. The thing is though, is that I wouldn't want to get anything done when it comes to surgery. Like... it wouldn't feel right to know I was a "fake" girl. I'd rather be "working with what you've got" in a way.

I wouldn't dare tell anyone else in my family about either issue, as they're all hardcore Christians and hate on gays and such, but I might have to reach out to friends, though that seems a bit risky too...

Thus I confess anonymous.

What the f*** is wrong with me.

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  • Straights are on the ground, bis and gays follow the rainbow, but asexuals are somewhere over the rainbow. :)

  • Oh wow you sound just like my best friend! He has the same problem. Dont worry their is NOTHING wrong with you okay? Some people only like guys Some people only like women but that dosent mean you have to set yourself on oh I'm either straight, bisexual, lesbian, or gay. Its okay for you to want different things at different times. As silly as this might sound why try to limit yourself? You have a whole lot of love to give well then give it :)


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